Friday, December 7, 2018

Meet The Cast: Martha May Whovier

Annually I have the privilege of creating a fantasy world for myself and my family to disappear into for an afternoon. This year I chose an iconic holiday film to celebrate in our holiday card.

Martha May Whovier was my character because she is in love with the Grinch, who my husband David graciously stepped into the character of. Martha is the glamour girl of Whoville so I naturally welcomed the opportunity to pay homage to her in the card.

I created her wig and curated her wardrobe so it had the air of Martha May with my own personal spin and details.


Sadly I have constraints for my budget (Imagine the production if I didn't? ) So I inexpensively purchased the base wig from Amazon, HERE

I used synthetic hair that I had on hand from one of Kaleigh's past Halloween Costumes  and I purchased Miniature Assorted Holographic Foil Gift Boxes from the Dollar Store and used the Gold and Red packages. I wrapped the other packages with Christmas paper and then with the hair. Hot glue required and some patients. I finished it off by tying off the packages with red ribbon. 
 I glued the finished packages together and started to stack and pile them. I also used bobby pins to secure them. I knew I was doing a second look with the wig down so I didn't want to glue the hair wrapped packages to the base wig.
 She also has a waved bang so I set a foam roller and dampened the wig and sprayed it in advance.

I also had Strep throat (as did my kids) during the wig process which made for an interesting project! For extra holiday drama I left the ribbons long and let them hang down along with some tendrils. 


The character of Martha May Whovier had a total of 6 costumes in the film. I chose to have 2 looks for the shoot. The first being the iconic red and green look.

She wore it with and without her bolero jacket.

My look is a two piece to give the feel of a gown. For the bodice I used a corset (order here ) It comes in literally all sizes. Ignore the "size" and order by measurements. Martha's bodice is trimmed in green tulle and to save trimming my skirt hem (which was the perfect length) I used an old holiday themed tea towel I had on hand. It was the perfect color and texture for the trim. No room in the house if off limits when I am creating! 

I used fabric glue to affix the piece to the top of the bodice.

The Bolero was sourced from the 55,000 Dress Collection and from my own closet. 

Skirt: Comes in all sizes and has an elastic waist!

Shoes: SJP Collection "Gelsey" flat in red metallic "poison" color. The silhouette can be found on Amazon but not the color. Contact the SJP Store for more info.

Jewelry: It was a costume jewelry set with matching bracelet, earrings and necklace. Similar in shape to Martha's

I did a costume change for the end of the shoot. I sourced a gorgeous baby blue chiffon, feather and sequin gown from the 55,000 Dresses Collection. The choice was inspired by the two baby blue looks Martha May wore in the last scenes of the film.


Prosthetic FX Nose made of foam latex: SHOP
Large Front Teeth: SHOP
Hanna at work ...

Hanna Fisher did an amazing job on the Martha Makeup! She painted the prosthetic appliance to get it as close to my skin tone as possible, lashed me up with a full gorgeous set and even make a gorgeous Martha Mouth drawn onto the bottom of the prosthetic.


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