Monday, June 5, 2017

Gratitude Gifts

We are in the home stretch, the final week of school and summer is literally days away. At the end of another year I have time to take pause and reflect on everything that has happened. My son with Down Syndrome was included in a General Educational classroom setting with the proper behavioral and academic supports and my daughter spent an amazing year in the third grade, achieving countless awards and spreading her wings performing in the school talent show.

It was a great year of ups and downs and delightfully more ups! The end of the year is a great time for "Gratitude Gifts" for all of the teachers and staff who had a hand in my children's education this year.

This year I chose special, bright colored and delicate Orchids for my son's main teacher and his para educator or aide.

The homemade cards say "Thank You for helping me grow" - Love Blake 2016/17 with images. I created them on my computer, printed and laminated them.

For the service providers (Speech & Occupational Therapy) I purchased locally made bath bombs from Babylonian Soap Company in Morro Bay, CA. The bath bombs were freshly made this past Friday and ready for these ladies to relax in a well deserved hot bath. Self care as a woman in any occupation is so essential.

I also made their cards that say YOU ARE THE BOMB!

I also purchased a Japanese Plum Blossom VOLUSPA candle from the soap company as well for my daughters teacher.

Signed, SCENTcerely, Kaleigh. 

The VOLUSPA scented candles are my personal FAV now! (I purchased a Sugar Plum scent at Christmas from Babylonian soap company).

Sharing gratitude is something we should do everyday to everyone we encounter. At this time of year it is hard working teachers and support staff who deserve the recognition!  Don't restrict yourself to just a purchased gift if that is not what is available to you. There are so many amazing DIY crafts, homemade cards and more that you can tailor to your teachers!

Check out these Apple Themed Gifts from "Teacher Appreciation Week" that you could create for end of the year gratitude gifts! Tori Spelling share's some great ideas on EdiTORIal HERE (I love the tote bags and apple stamps)

How will you share your gratitude? 

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