Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sunday Style: Disney Edition

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Gregory Masouras of Greece

I have been enraptured by the fantasy and imagination behind the characters of Walt Disney for many years. I also have been hypnotized by the art form of fashion and personal style as you may have noticed if you read this blog at all or if we have helped to meet for even a micro-second.

When the two worlds collide I am left to imagine how the Disney Princesses and characters may dress if they lived in the here and now, with no footmen, servants or graphic designers hand to craft their signature looks. So many fashion houses and brands have also shared my dream of these princesses and characters stepping into our world as I've seen several collaborating on official merchandise over the past year or so including Marc Jacobs, COACH, Irregular, Unique Vintage, and more. Of course I have purchased pieces from them to add to my collection.

 Here is my Character chic curated vision when High Fashion,Vintage and Disney collide.



Minnie 2.0

Shoe: SJP Collection Fawn in Ochra Satin

 Dress: Vintage LANVIN
Hairband: Evolution Rewind
Shoe: SJP Collection Fawn in Ochre Satin

Cheshire Cat:


Wicked Queen

Shoe: Manolo Blahnik X Vetements

Cruella Deville
Dress/Cape: Evolution Vintage

Belt: Vintage Metallic Braided

Dress: Vintage Gown with Train (wear on front or back)

Dress/Purse: Both Vintage - Evolution Vintage

Dress/Belt: Evolution Vintage
Arrow Cuff: House of Harlow

Dress/Gold Necklace:  Evolution Vintage
Shoes: Miu Miu
Knee Socks: Uniquely Vintage

Skirt: Vintage
Tee: Evolution Vintage Burnout
Shoe: N21

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Let There Be Light

Evolution Vintage High Waist Skirt and Shoes

 Let there be light indeed. My blogspot has experienced a black out of sorts, off and on over the last year or more. We have been in darkness more than we have been illuminated in this digital space which sadly is a combination of my poor time management skills and prioritization. It certainly wasn't due to a lack of content, ideas or inspiration so buckle up, I'm back.

The concept of light and dark has also been a theme in my life lately as I have been crawling my way out of the darkness and back towards the glow from a series of superficial relationships in disguise, a social justice fight for my son and engagement with many other energy and time thieves. It is so cliche but so true that everything comes to light eventually; true characters, true colors and truth in general.

Seeing a light at the end of the tunnel is something specific to my day today as I prepare my son for his first day of his academic life in a general ed setting after a long summer of negotiations (for those of you know don't know my son has Down Syndrome). I am back to creating again at the keyboard and easel.

This quotation resonated with me when exploring the concept of light and illumination that IS a person and that surrounds a person.

"We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light" - Plato

It really made me contemplate how we as adults drift away form our authenticity; in both desire and deed. How we let societal pressure and darkness dull and shroud our natural luminescence . Can we then step out into the world and let our inner lights shine, bask in, be unapologetic about it and really enjoy it? You may have to pass out sunglasses because the reflection may be off putting and too much for some to handle but the right people will let that light help illuminate their path and help you celebrate your personal shine. Remaining in denial of your own light you may miss opportunities to help another light up their path.

The images shared in this piece are from a photo shoot I styled at the Greystone Manor in Cambria, CA in the late spring and they just scream LIGHT to me. The model Lakin is wearing Evolution Vintage Skirt and Shoes, House of Kat Swank Capelet, Makeup by Hanna Fisher, Hair Valerie Myers and images by Thomas Fowler.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Cake a la CoCo

I love giving unique and custom gifts, throwing themed parties and dinners and expressing myself creatively in all that I do. Have you ever heard the saying that "your vibe attracts your tribe"? I certainly believe this to be true as my creative spirit has attracted some amazing complimentary creative energies over the years. I had the pleasure of recently assembling a team of creative women to help me create a custom gift for my sole sister CoCo.

CoCo and I share an affinity for fine footwear and I was so excited to learn she was to become a mother for the first time, a blessing I have had the pleasure of two times over. I wanted to celebrate this amazing event by creating a custom diaper cake for her and her daughter Chanel Nicole.

I enlisted the help of my favorite baby cake baker Erika of 'Erika's Kreations". We have worked together before when I commissioned her to co-design a custom cake for Tori Spelling's baby Hattie and she sent me a beautiful cake for my baby boy Blake.

This cake a-la-CoCo had to have specific elements (along with the traditional diapers).
Chanel Inspired Black and White Elements (faux pearls for example)
Sparkle / Bling
Custom Baby Accessories
LOTS of shoes!

I enlisted the creative team of Erika to "Bake" the cake masterpiece,

April of HairBowAPlenty for some custom baby headbands. I chose these for the cake creation.

 and Christina of Pink Sugar Crystals to create my cake topper, a white pair of baby booties with hand set Swarovski crystal elements bottoms.

and voila our Cake a la CoCo was "born"

All of Erika's Kreation's Diaper Cakes are baked with usable elements. Baby wash cloths rolled and attached to a baby feeding spoon with a dash of sparkle have the appearance of a lolly pop for example.

Chanel Nicole's Cake Ingredients

2 Custom Bloomers (Black & Pink) to cover diapers

3 Pairs of shoes

1 pair of baby boots

9 washcloths

9 baby spoons

2 Soothers/Binkies

5 Custom Hair Bands

and over 100 DIAPERS

We are so thrilled that CoCo and her baby girl Chanel Nicole are enjoying all of their goodies! I can't wait to see her in the crystal bottom shoes!

Thank you to Erika, April and Christina for helping my vision come to life.

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

You Say You Want A Revolution? Start With Sanders

I have been wanting to write here about the current election for some time. I needed to mentally strip away and process all the BS, corporate media bias and all other forms of propaganda and spend time researching the candidates.As my husband can attest I have had my eye on Bernie Sander's from the beginning of the Primary coverage. Anyone who reads this digital space should know that the things I value are authenticity, equality, service to others, the environment, and disability advocacy. Today I want to digitally give my endorsement to the Democratic candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders for president.

The primary election is at what people have been referring to as "half time". Half of the states have voted and now it is time for the other half to stand UP! I hear the non stop complaining of the people around me about the current climate of about every sector in this country. If you want CHANGE you have to facilitate CHANGE, get out and vote, educate your neighbors and declare your support. Sen. Sanders is ready to make the changes that I would love to see in this country. I have never been inspired about politics in my entire life and the Sanders campaign has inspired me to stand up!

This campaign has been the most authentic and dynamic grass roots campaign calling for accountability, supported by solid plans and experience. Sen. Sanders has spent  the last decade in the senate and the previous 16 as Vermont's sole congressman in the House of Representatives. He has spent a career devoted to public service and a life devoted to social justice (red more about his accomplishments HERE). He has also never been afraid to stand up for the MANY and not just the privileged few. It is a campaign paid for by the VOTERS, THE PEOPLE, YOU and NOT the wealthy establishment. Sen. Sanders has only the agenda of the American people to push and not that of the rich campaign contributors in exchange for their money to fund this election. I have made several contributions and have joined nearly 2 million people who have made over 5.7 million individual contributions to date.

There IS power when we STAND TOGETHER.

These video's capture the essence of why my household will vote Sanders (but we have to wait until the California JUNE primary which is also Closed. be sure to register Democrat by May). Please take 6 minutes to watch.

#FeelTheBern from Chris Lockett on Vimeo.

"What We Can Be" By Chris Lockett

I spent 27 years of my life living in a socialist nation north of the American border. I have first hand experience with a nation built on community, service to others and sharing what we have, universal health care for all and paid maternity/paternity leave. Nothing was FREE, we all paid into a system that when we needed it it was available for us and our families. Sen. Sander's knows the benefit of such a system and I wish all American's did too. 

Arizona, Utah, and Idaho are next ... are you ready for a revolution?

What can you do? 






Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Total Communication

I was considering the visual world that we live in. How everyone at a glance makes snap judgements about people based only on one piece of information, their appearance. Having a son with a disability and being a person who dresses authentically I see the judgements cast our way rather frequently. I also make judgments of my own, we all do.

We have all done it and at the end of the day it is a waste of time and serves no purpose but to lower our energy especially if the judgement is negative. I read this quote once that said something like, "You don't see me as I am you see me as you are". An interesting thought and inspires me to take pause and reflect.

Thinking about this topic I was reminded of the concept and social experiment of "Bagism". On March 31st 1969, John Lennon and Yoko Ono gave a press conference at the Sacher Hotel in Vienna, Austria. This was the first announcement of 'Bagism,' which they describe as "total communication." John clarified by saying; "Because when we were in Amsterdam doing Bed Peace, halfway through the week we sort of realized a tag to put on what we're doing which makes it easier for us and you to recognize what we're doing, by calling it Bagism. That means, if we have something to say or anybody has something to say, they can communicate from one room to another, and not confuse you with what color your skin is, or how long your hair’s grown, or how many pimples you’ve got."

John Lennon and Yoko Ono exhibit one of Yoko's art forms, called Bagism, at their Bank St. home in the West Village.

According to Wiki, Yoko said that bagism was inspired by the theme of Antoine de Saint-ExupĂ©ry's The Little Prince, which was "One sees rightly only with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes." She hoped that the bag, by hiding her and John's physical appearance, would make their essence or the essence of their message visible.

I am in an industry that is based entirely on the exterior, the fashion industry. For me, I personally look at fashion as an outer expression of who you are inside, a second language. But of course I can only guess or assume what one is trying to convey by the way they choose to adorn themselves, merely one part of the human puzzle. If you dress authentically the world can see who you are without having to speak on one level or make a false judgement based only on your appearance. Total communication concept turns this all brilliantly upside down. Imagine if you were left only to judge based on words alone? no preconceived notions about who you are and what you are thinking in that moment, not based on your clothing, color of your skin, weight, gender or other physical features? I think this was a very important social experiment and social message that still a powerful concept today. It serves as a reminder of how we let our physical world impact us and how much we rely on the appearance of others to formulate opinions about that person. It forces us to take a look at the human social illness of judgement and why we continue to participate.

In my almost 37th year of life I try to look past appearance and even language now and 'judge' someone on what they DO, their actions as opposed to sometimes empty words. 

I do 'Imagine' a day though where as humans we can have what John and Yoko refer to; total communication. A dialogue that is genuine and free from judgements and preconceived notions. Conversations where we choose to listen before we look and truly hear before we hurt the other person. Can preconceived notions ever be set aside in honor of "total communication"? or should we just get back in the bag?