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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Take The Pledge

Today we bring awareness of the R word.Yes people still say it. Stop. It is offensive, hurtful and reflects only your lack of intelligence. I will happily distribute thesauruses to those who need assistance in choosing another word to express dislike over something. To those who say it to hurt another person or to insult them I will happily dispense my disgust. The R word is as unacceptable as the N word and other rude words. Keep your BS excuse about your First Amendment rights to free speech to yourself also. I have my rights too as a mother, advocate and human being, hence this post. Show compassion, respect and love to others. Show yourself respect by expanding your vocabulary and eliminating this word. People first language in ANY situation is always a more appropriate alternative. Many people say "It's only a word" as if it is no big deal. If that is the case it should not be a big deal to stop or refrain from using it either.

Blake and I Thank You.

Will you take the pledge to put an end to the R word?

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Eileen Kramer: 100 Years Of Creative Energy

Eileen Kramer in 'Indian Love Song', 1952.

I have recently become familiar with the name Eileen Kramer. She is a 100 year old dancer and creative artist who refuses let age or vision/health limitations stop her creative process or cease her creative energy. She is trying to get her newest show ("The Early Ones") to the stage and has started a crowd funding page to do so. With 6 days left and $14,072 dollars to raise to reach her goal of $26,000 she has totally inspired me to share her story and make a donation toward her dream.

I see so many women, myself included making excuses for things we did not do or won't do. Eileen is a shining example of someone who has let their passion fuel their life and not not let excuses, like age for example stand in the way of her creative process or her dreams. She is also a beautiful link to the history of dance, choreography and costuming in this genre.

Watch Eileen and learn about her project here:

At 100 years young she maintains creative control of her vision from the choreography to the costumes. The funds raised will go to pay the fee of the 9 dancers in her show, provide costumes, pay musicians and composer in charge of the music.

As an original member of the Australian Bodenwieser Dance Company, a pioneer in contemporary dance she has been performing for the past 75 years. She shows no sign or intention of stopping or even slowing down and and from her creative soul to mine I am left in awe in completely inspired. 

She has even written an autobiography about her journey of self realization as a creative artist.
Back ground image: Photo of Eileen Kramer and Jean Raymond in Bodenwieser's „Waterlilies“, around 1940.

Can you help?
Make a Donation and/or Share This Post! 

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Be Our Guest: Princess Belle

Disney - Beauty & The Beast

Yesterday I broke down my Disney Princess party with all it's DIY craftiness, menu and entertainment. Besides my lovely birthday girl our special guest, was indeed the Belle of the Ball.
Prior to Kaleigh's party I reached out to 'Magic Moments Princess Parties' who service the Central Coast of California and beyond, spreading magic and enchanting party guests of all ages.
Her Royal Entrance Escorted By Prince Charming

I could not resist choosing Belle from their diverse list of Princesses (Currently 7). The costume is truly on another level. I am a stickler for details and accuracy when it comes to wardrobe and this gown was perfection, exactly what I would picture Belle to be wearing in 'reality'.

My daughter was literally rendered speechless which is not an easy task. Belle arrived with her magical enchanted Rose. 

She made a charming introduction and addressed each of us properly in costume, I got a fabulous "hello Snow white" as if she knew me, the girls were astonished.

She took her place under the canopy and addressed her captive audience by reading the girls a story, Beauty and the Beast. The birthday girl got to hold the magical rose for her.

She went on to share a virtue from each princess and give an etiquette lesson. She showed the girls Rapunzel's braid and talked about bravery. She shared a bird and asked the girls what princess it belonged too. She shared Snow White's love and kindness toward animals.

Snow White's Bird while Prince Charming Looks On. BEST Dad EVER! 

Cinderella's Slipper

Next it was time to dance like a Princess. Belle shared tips from each princess and led the girls in a round circle dance. Tip: Make sure you have Kleenex on hand for the big kids at the party. There was not a dry eye in the house as this moment was so beautiful. The guests commented that it felt like being a kid again at Disneyland! 

She also taught the girls a proper Royal Wave and Courtesy.

It was time for the Birthday Girls Coronation Ceremony. Belle crowned Kaleigh Princess for a day and led her around to wave to her Royal Subjects (accompanied by music).

 Finally Belle took the time to pose with the birthday girl and all of the party guests.  Special thank's to Hayley Marie Photography for capturing many of the amazing images of the Royal Celebration.

Want to make your child's birthday party a truly ROYAL and MAGICAL Event? 
Book Magic Moment Princess Parties. Choose your Princess and let the highly professional and skilled ladies handle the rest. 

Various price levels and packages available.  I chose Party Package #1
Note: There can be a travel fee depending on your event's location!
Contact Anna (EMAIL)
Call: (805) 710-1745

Thank you Belle & Magic Moments for a truly enchanting experience!  We can't wait for you to Be Our Guest again!

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Party Like A Princess

I love theme parties. I love to plan them, host them and attend them. When my children have birthdays I always ask them to choose a theme. For my daughter last years was Monster High, the year before that Mermaid/Under The Sea, this year it was Disney Princess as she turned 7.

I was thrilled and immediately knew costumes were in order. She chose Princess Tiana from "The Princess and the Frog" and, Sister as Queen Aurora a-la live action Maleficent film.

 Snow White was my choice and Daddy threw down as Prince Charming. 
Snow White's Princess Magical Slippers
SJP Collection - Ursula in Aqua Foil (also avail in Silver for Cinderella)
(Ursula was the appropriate choice for the theme and Snow White's look)

Big brother as Aladdin (and his girlfriend a Rapunzel/Jasmin Hybrid) 

and little Blake was a mini-Prince, as seen here being crowned by "Elsa". 

This sweet Prince Charming Shirt I had made on ETSY


4-Step DIY Invitations:
Foam Wands from the Dollar Sore (3/pk) = $2
Created and printed the info in Word
Hot Glue

Be Our Guest
Each guest was asked to dress as their favourite princess. I was thrilled to see all of Kaleigh's sweet friends in costume.

All of my friends came in costume too ... Cinderella, Tink, Ursula and The Queen of Hearts.

Even the villains turned it out. Ariel & Ursula!

Guest Favors
I purchased pastel colored paper bags from the dollar store (2/pk) = $6
1 Roll of Pastel Ribbon = $1
Tulle = $4/roll
Print Photos of Princesses, Cut & Glue

 I loaded the bags with items the guests could use that worked with out theme. Disney Large Plastic Cups, Disney Kleenex, Princess Mini-Chalk Boards, Coloring Pages, Princess Lip Gloss, Feathered Snap Bracelets, Frames, Hair Bands and ONE princess themed candy; edible jewelry of course (bracelets and rings)

I layered the tulle piece over the skirt and glues down the ribbon bow at the waist for a 3-d effect.


DIY Rapunzel Braid in honor of her 7th year!

Yellow Yarn: $2
Faux-Flowers: $1/bunch
Elastics, Scissors, Hot Glue
Printed Cut Outs

 Covered in Princess plastic table cloth is my Antique barn table with colored mis-matched chairs. Mylar balloons and plastic back drop set the scene for the Royal Celebration.

The white mesh canopy (intended for a bed) was a perfect place for photos and to host our special guest (MORE about Belle's visit in tomorrow's blog)
I used costumes that we had on-hand and hung them around the house. I also purchased a Disney Princess 2015 Calendar ($1) and used the large portrait squares as decor around the interior/exterior of the house. This Pink princess dress and DIY sign greeted guests as they arrived.

Pink Princess Lemonade, Cinderella's Chips, Princess Pop Corn, Plastic Horse Drawn Coaches filled with candies (Ex: Ariel's Swedish Fish). We sued Princess books and figurines as decor. I had small metal Princess Coaches as place card holders for food labels.

 These Snow White chocolate Foil Apples were served at the end of the party and sent home with each guest.
 Princess Flavoured Water - 0 sugar. Displayed in an Ariel Clam Shell.
Snow White takes a break while Prince Charming serves the Princess Pizza
 Princess glove removal. Every princess needs an assistant.

 I served Royal Fruit Wands instead of ice cream when it was time for cake.

 I baked 6 cakes.
Each Princess dress required 2.5 (2 for the skirt using a mold and 1 cake = 2 x 9" rounds for the bottom)

The center slab cake was one cake for a grand total of 6!

 ~ Make A Wish ~ 


We Crafted Crowns which really kept the girls busy until the enchanted entrance of our special guest Belle! 

She was escorted in by Prince Charming naturally ...

She greeted the girls, Danced, Read them a story, taught them Princess Etiquette and officially crowned Princess Kaleigh. Kaleigh also took her for a tour inside before she had to get back to the castle. 

MORE about Belle and Magic Moment's Princess Parties in the "Be Our Guest" Blog coming tomorrow!

Everyone had an enchanted time fit for a princess!

Do you throw theme or costume parties? 

Post a link below in the comments. I would LOVE to see and/or hear about them.

*Let me plan your party: Bookings/Requests/Info. Contact me: