Friday, May 4, 2018

Reference This: 1987 X 2018

I love when I spot a reference or nod to fashions past. Let's face it, the industry is a cyclical one. Knowing this I am always baffled when someone would pass over vintage or look at pieces from fashions past as something less than and clamor to grab the newest cheaply made garment from a sweatshop from a foreign land or anything with a designer label on it.

I took my daughter to her first ever concert for her 10th birthday and we saw Katy Perry on her Witness Tour. Check out my gratitude post to her HERE.

My daughter was captivated by the music, lights, props, choreography, dancers and most of all the costumes. This was her absolute favorite

So much so that she chose to sing the same song Katy sang wearing this costume and asked for a replica for her school talent show. Remember me mentioning she is 10? I being the frustrated costumer living in a stylist and writer mom's body I agreed to make her one, in a 10 year old appropriate way. Stay tuned for that DIY tribute look and talent show video coming soon.

After studying the costume elements for my own upcoming creation it struck me that I have seen this before, or the spirit of this before in 1987.

This is an image of supermodel Linda Evangelista wearing CHANEL in 1987 in VOGUE UK (Photographer: Hans Feurer)

The texture of the dress in this photograph, the side sleeve ruffles and cascading leg ruffle made the connection for me. Not a replica obviously but it has the same spirit in my mind. Elements of her Witness tour was VERY 80's and I wouldn't be surprised to know that this image was part of the mood board of Katy's costume designer, Nguyen Cong Tri. This plus two other pieces were custom made in Vietnam in conjunction with the designer and Katy's stylist.

Do you see the reference?

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

All Aboard The Blake Birthday Express

All Aboard ... Here is your ticket into Blake's 6th Chuggington Train Themed Birthday Party!

All of my DIY parties and events begin with s custom created invitation. This year it was a ticket to board the train.


To me the wardrobe for my themed parties are my first consideration. I design and create my parties around may families wardrobe. This theme was a little more laid back and let's be honest, all "Train Themed" parties call for denim, stripes, bandana's and a fun hat or two.

My husband in pin stripes and a conductors hat and I in my overalls, Rail Road tee and scarf

The man of the hour in full force denim overalls and a white dress shirt. He did have a white/blue train hat on but with his sensory issues hats don't last too long.

 Hi sister had her own take on what she would wear on the Rail Road, Pin stripes, pink and a denim overall style romper!


 Gluten Free Pizza is always a big hit for Bake!

 The food was displayed in train cars, with a train in the front and being pulled down the train track table cloth used on the counter top.

Mini rail road pop corns in themed boxes

"Chugga Chugga" time at the Fueling station for both child and adult - Champagne and fruit infused water! (I created the sign using the Chuggington logo)

His cake was GF chocolate adorned with all edible elements, all except the train. The tracks were made from sour licorice and GF pretzels. The little pond is blue sugar crystals surrounded by chocolate chips.


The outdoor tablescape center piece was colored gumballs and old school hubba bubba in mason jars surrounded by Chuggington train characters and vintage wooded train whistles.

The plates were RXR Railroad signs and each of the guest received a wooden train whistle with their place setting (and Gift Bag).

 I used a Railroad crossing decal and added black paper board and gold plates as lights for a themed train crossing wall display.

A total staple at my events is some kind of photo back drop!
 I created a train car prop for photos. I used large cardboard boxes and wrapped them with table cloths. The interior has images of buttons and dials much like the inside of a train. It was a windy day but I attempted white balloons / "Steam" coming from the front stack. Of course it is train car #6

I used apple boxes and created single train cars in the colors of the different Chuggington characters. I had set up an outdoor theatre for a film but has to take it into my garage due to wind and lighting issues. The kids used the carts as drive in movie seats!

Movie Time! 

Then playing in Disney train tents!!


Guests could cruise by the Baggage Claim and grab their gift bags - Themed train cartons that contained: Train Conductor Hats, Bandana, Train shaped crayons, and more ...

Blake had a traintastic day! 

Monday, April 30, 2018

KACHOW: Disney Car's Party!

I printed 2 card driving masks, put Blake's face inside, laminated and added a ribbon as they are in a similar shape as a balloon! They  and paired it with a Cars themed Happy Birthday banner as a great backdrop to the table!

After yesterday's Paw Patrol PAWty Post in celebration of my son's 4th birthday, today I wanted to share the DIY details of his high octane, Disney CARS themed 5th birthday party! 

It all starts with a custom created Invitation!


Being a wardrobe stylist by day and a frustrated costumer by night wardrobe is always my first consideration when I select a them for a party. My kids birthday parties are certainly no exception. All of the grown up guests (close friends and family) were asked to wear black and white. As the announcer of the race track I converted a child's prop headset into a wearable one for an adult, paired it with pearls, a red lip and a vintage inspired black and white checkered flag dress! I even used a Lightening McQueen decal and created a belt for my look!

 The Birthday Boy was decked out in a Lightening McQueen Pit Crew Jumpsuit! his sisters of course in the themed black and white.


As with every other aspect of the party I always try and serve food as themed as possible!
Crispy "Cone" Chips

I created Veggie "cars" to serve as edible containers for displaying fresh veggies. I also used Blake's actual CARS as part of my counterscape (like a tablescape but better and more practical for a 5 year old birthday!)

 The little Guido character has a stack of cucumbers in place of tires like he does in the film. I paired this plating with some Race Track popcorn! 

My son if Gluten Free and I plated GF brownies in the shape of a 5 and had Tow Mater, with licorice towing part of the 5 off the  plate.

I served Apple Juice in a juice dispenser as Fillmore's Organic Fuel ... it has the color of Gas/fuel and is perfect for a Cars party!

With the decor I got to creatively utilize toys as photo props and set them out to play for the party.

I love a themed photo backdrop so I created a "winners corner" for guest big and small to enjoy.

I reused the ball put and tunnel from the previous party and brought out his car and Cars Mat with all of the dye cast cars that were not part of the counterscape with the food inside.

This blinking traffic light was a perfect edition to our cars party. Shop it HERE. It would also be amazing in a Cars themed room or man cave!

A giant box of checkered flags were in order for decor and some went home in the gift bags!

The Cars mat was a sweet prop tht the kids could crawl and play on. A rug replica of Radiator Springs!

As part of my drink table I re-created oil and fuel cans from the film by cleaning and wrapping various cans/jars from around the house. I printed the logs and did a quick DIY prop.

I converted Blake's outdoor playhouse into our version of the Cozy Cone Motel by using real car cones and a laminated sign from the fictional hotel. The kids loved paying inside.

I carefully curate guest gift bags at all of my themed parties, usually stuffed full of themed items, minimal or no candy but items the guest can use.

This party I create custom place mats for each of the kids attending, Vanity California licence plates dates May 2016, Custom California Drivers Licences, Disney Cars Spoon/Fork set, themed Cars tissues and a checkered flag.

Turning 5 at the Racetrack was a real gas! Tomorrow I will share the details of his 6th Birthday ... another mode of transportation.