Friday, December 30, 2011

2012: Bring It On

Another year is upon us, ripe with possibility and promise. Are you and your perspective ready? I truly believe our happiness and level of personal success is directly correlated with our perspectives and attitudes. It is less about WHAT happens to us or what we experience and more about how we perceive it and what attitude we adapt.

I personally perceive 2012 as a grand opportunity. Some people that I have talked to are happy to see 2011 go and are not very optimistic about what lies ahead for them (more stress, etc).

The most positive thing about the dawning of a new day is the chance to turn your perspective and consequently your life around. CHEERS to that!

How I'm going to prepare for the New Year:

* Set realistic goals and expectations for 2012 so as to not set myself up for failure or disappointment.

* One Day At A Time - it is great to look down the road to see what is ahead but I want to work harder to be more "present" and enjoy each day as it is presented.

* Put myself back "on the list" - I cannot be a good mother, wife or business person if there is little or no time for SELF CARE.

May 2012 bring EACH of you LOVE and TRUE HAPPINESS. May you work to realize your goals and dreams no matter how big or small. Bring it on 2012!!! I know you have a lot of excitement in store for us all.

Happy New Year and thank you for your continued support of Evolution Revolution!! I look forward to providing some amazing content in the new year and BEYOND!



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Style Maven Series: Niki Taylor

Niki Taylor was one of the defining faces of fashion in the 1990's beginning her career at the age of 14. Literally you could not pick up a magazine in that decade without seeing a cover, editorial or advertisement featuring Niki. She has had hundreds of covers, walked some of the worlds most famous runways and appeared in the ad campaigns of the leading fashion designers and largest brands in he world. She is also a classic beauty, wife and mother of four.

5 Fashion Facts:
* Taylor's first magazine cover was an issue of Seventeen (August 1989) at 14.

* The following year, at 15, she graced the cover of Vogue.

* In 1996 Taylor appeared on the cover of the six major American women's fashion and fitness magazines in the same month: Allure, Vogue, ELLE, Marie Claire, Self, & Shape

* She was the first spokes model under the age of 18 to sign with a major company - Niki was signed to Cover Girl Cosmetics in 1992

* Holds a Guinness book of world records for being the youngest model to sign a 6 figure deal.

I remember and LOVED her cosmo covers shot by Francesco Scavullo,
her work with Gianni Versace and her shout out in the RuPaul track "SuperModel" (Yes, I had the cassette" - Sashay - Shante). Besides being a busy mom Niki takes time to give back to organizations such as Victory Junction a camp that enriches the lives of children with chronic medical conditions or serious illnesses as well as the American Red Cross. I had a chance to ask Niki my Style Maven questions;

LISA: Can you describe your personal Style aesthetic AND attitude about fashion?

NIKI: Simply functional and eclectic depending on what day it is and what I am doing but always within those boundries regardless of relaxed or formal.

LISA: What are the key components / pieces in your closet?

NIKI: Jeans definitely, Sue London flats, a great pair of boots, flowey blouses, men’s t-shirts, Chanel jacket & Lauren Hutton suit.

LISA: How do you feel about Vintage Clothing and Accessories?

NIKI: Since I have small children again I don’t wear as much accessories but do love them. So great to go hunt for those amazing vintage pieces for your wardrobe. I personally love to do it and enjoy wearing them.

LISA: What are your favorite Vintage pieces (Clothing and/or Accessories)? Do you only wear designer vintage?

NIKI: Love vintage, cool blouses, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s shirts & jackets and Chanel Cardigans.

LISA: What are you wearing this Fall/Winter? Tell our readers the key elements for your F/W 2012 wardrobe

NIKI: Lots of cardigans and scarfs this year. Main focus is grey, black and pops of color and of course a great pair of jeans.

LISA: If you could give women 1 piece of STYLE advice, what would it be?

NIKI: Don’t put so much thought into it and make sure you are comfortable before you leave the house. Also don’t worry about what other people think about what you are wearing.



Monday, December 19, 2011


As we evolve and age we should expect to see some evolution in our wardrobes, taste in food & drink, hair styles as well as skin care regimes. I for one was ready for a change for my skin when I had to FACE IT: RAW! Model/Actress/Author Carol Alt has a new line of skin care that is RAW, all active ingredients never heated above 115°

I have been vegetarian for almost 4.5 years now and as I age care more and more what I am putting in my body and on my skin. When I heard about her new line I was so EXCITED to try it! Carol has spread her love and enthusiasm for raw food by educating people over the last decade via her 2 books and her lifestyle. Carol says "I decided to take action by creating my own skin care products out of the same raw ingredients I eat."

RAW ingredients retain all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants providing maximum nourishment to the skin. Carol Alt is proof to me that there is something behind the RAW food & skin care movement. She is still as beautiful as she was in the height of her modelling career and I know she attributes her aging so gracefully to a combo of raw food, exercise and fabulous skin care. I had to investigate and try the line.

I am currently using:

1) The All Day Eye Cream
2) Radiant Face Scrub
3) Night Time Firming & Nourishing Face Moisturizer
4) Nourishing Face Serum
5) Clarifying Pore Tightening and Face Toner
6) All Day Eye Cream

In 3 words: I LOVE IT!
Why I love it:

* My skin feels AND looks amazing
* the line is cruelty free and not tested on animals
* the price points are AMAZING ($15-$30)
* I feel really good about what I am putting into/onto my body
* The products smell like fresh citrus
* My skin does not feel oily
* Available in both Canada (at all Shoppers Drug Mart locations) and the USA (FREE shipping on all orders over $75)

When I had a chance to talk to Carol (Check out her Style Maven interview HERE) she said "Your skin will never get oily because the oil in our product is “raw oil”. It is in a form that the body can understand and utilize immediately."

According to the RAW ESSENTIALS WEBSITE; "Many chemical-based traditional skincare products may provide short-term superficial results, but did you know they can also encourage long-term damage and premature ageing? This is because your body absorbs up to 60% of what is placed on your skin. It doesn’t discriminate between beneficial or damaging ingredients. By feeding your skin with raw ingredients, instead of synthetic chemicals (that your body was never designed to assimilate), your skin becomes nourished, naturally healthy and balanced. RAW ESSENTIALS skincare incorporates an abundance of super-nutrients, nature’s vitamins and minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes and proteins."

I however need to get used to using a serum as opposed to a moisturizer so I may try the RAW ESSENTIALS moisturizer for day. Now that I love the line I am off to get the body wash and the body oil.

I have used several skin care products from high to low end and this is by far my FAV! Don't take my word for it though. Give it a TRY! Literally while I was composing this blog my cousin is down the hall using the face scrub and the night time moisturizer. Her thoughts after one try? She's going to Shoppers Drug Mart Tomorrow.

Have you already tried the line? Post your thoughts and/or comments. Let me know if you do give it a try and your feedback. Also check out the FAQ page for RAW ESSENTIALS.

Got a question that needs an answer? Tweet it to Carol @ModelCarolAlt

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: The Motherload

Painting BRUNI Gallery

I am obsessed with inspirational quotations. I love how just in a few lines my spirit can be lifted and how I find instant motivation in someone else's words. I read this quote and wanted to share it.

The motherload of positivity, altruism, caring and giving .. Mother Teresa

“May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us."
― Mother Teresa

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Female Evolution: Holiday Edition

We've come a long way baby... I was looking through some Vintage advertisements and it made me think about how much women's roles have changed over the years. Our hopes and dreams are bigger too, but not big enough in my opinion. I still see women who are beautiful, capable, and fabulous still falling into the roles that other people in their lives have for them (namely men but parents, friends, etc.)

We have swapped our Hoovers for iPad's but have we as women really evolved out of the gender specific roles of the past? or have we just piled more onto an already full plate? Maybe it is not the roles that changed just the perception of those roles. I still have to push my "Hoover" around, make dinner, laundry, school drop off, bathing kids, grocery shopping, WORK (building my business), and maintain something that resembles a social life. I help bring home the bacon, cook it in the pan, serve it AND clean up after.

I'm also proud of some women's evolution as mothers into multi-taskin mammas and MOMprenerurs too.

I honestly believe that we can have it all and do it all; it just depends on how much we want it ALL! I also believe that the concept of "balancing" it all is totally deceptive and non existent, created by an over worked woman to give her peers hope of achieving this allusive balance to hold on for one more day and give her the strength to keep going.

I'm thankful for my husband as he picks up some slack with the children, cleaning and other household duties out of pure love as I build my business and multi-task. Maybe we have evolved to share our roles in order to make the full plate palatable?

I wanted to acknowledge how we in today's society have made our full plates functionally FABULOUS!

Take pride ladies on how far we have come, how much we do and how far we can go! This holiday season is one of the busiest as we trim the tree, shop, bake, and entertain on top of our regular daily grind! Take pause this holiday to reflect on everything you have accomplished this year ... and what amazing things await you in 2012

Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas: Decking The Halls

This Christmas season I have been very busy juggling all of my roles and responsibilities; planning Christmas for 2 households, preparing for a trip to Canada and business too. There is not too much time left over to deck the halls in my usual, "over the top" manner. I wanted to share a few quick recipe's and tips for decking your halls in an efficient but unique manner.

The Music:

I love an eclectic mix between the past and present. Holiday music in the background is essential to keep me motivated (since I now live where there is no snow). I have my go-to iTunes playlist of my favourite Christmas songs including; Mistle Toe & Holly (Frank Sinatra), Santa Baby (Ertha Kitt), The Christmas Song (Nat King Cole), Silent Night (Lisa Marie Presley) I'll be Home for Christmas (The Carpenters), Happy Christmas (war is over) (John Lennon), Rockin Around The Christmas Tree (Brenda Lee), Holly Jolly Christmas (Burl Ives), Silver Bells (Bing Crosby & Carole Richards), Christmas Eve in Sarajevo (Trans Siberian Orchestra) and several songs performed by a full orchestra!

The Food:

I had an early Christmas celebration with my family here in the USA (before I depart for my Canadian Christmas). I had to pull it together in a flash.


Red Velvet Cupcakes & mini-cake: Good ole Betty Crocker supplied the quick and easy mixture for the red velvet cupcakes. I used the cream cheese frosting in the can by Pillsbury. It gives you the capability to create designs on the cupcakes/cakes. I bakes a dozen and wrote the word CHRISTMAS, and used the others to "sample" ;)I used the excess batter to make a mini-cake, which I monogrammed using the frosting and arranged on a try with a Christmas napkin and a tray I had on-hand.
Melting Snow Man Cookies: I have seen these quick and easy cookies on-line and thought it would be a really fun activity to share with the kids. On-line all the recipe's call for sugar cookies, which made no sense to me. I thought; If a snow man was really melting in the heat he would be on sand right? So I made Peanut Butter Cookies instead. Use white frosting to create the "melting" effect on the cookie. Soften the large marshmallows for a few seconds in the microwave then stick on the cookie. Use a decorative gel to create the face, arms, and accessories of your snow men/women.
Snacks: I picked up a bag of Mission festive Tortilla Chips in Green & Red, placed in a Silver metallic salad bowl on the table. Cadbury FINALLY has created a Christmas edition of my FAV chocolate treat "the mini egg" - they now come in red, white and green candy coated balls. I fill Martini glasses with these mini pieces of heaven for my Christmas Table.

Quick Dinner Plan: I quickly pulled together a FAB dinner with Buitoni Cheese Tortellini (boil and serve), Garlic Marinara sauce (I add veggies to the canned sauces if I don't have time to make a sauce from scratch), top with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Garlic bread with cheese (I grabbed one from my local grocer, scraped off all that nasty excess butter, add my own garlic and cheese - freshly grated Parmesan cheese) and don't forget your veggies. I served a giant garden salad; mixed greens, tomato, onion, cucumber, green/red peppers and garnish w avocado slice. My daughter skips the salad and opts for cucumber slices instead (Served in a festive Rudolph plate of course).
Always add a little bit of bubbly .. champagne, sparkling water, cider or pop(soda) will do too. No matter what your choice bubbly beverage, always serve in a flute!


I use a mix of Christmas decor in my home during the holidays. I use scented pine cones and Christmas balls to fill large glass vases. I use silver chargers (commonly used for plates) as bases for displays of pillar candles. I also made my own tree topper!

DIY Tree Topper:

I re-used the pewter H monogram that I had atop my wedding cake in 2008 as the focal point of my tree topper. Use a monogram for your family or take some sentimental piece from your collection of keep-sakes to use. Try a framed photo of your family or an item that represents them, a memory you all share or a memento from a family vacation!

Each year I add something to the piece. I purchased a small wreath that was made from branches with faux-snow, plastic pine and faux-snow dusted cranberries. You could also go for a fresh topper and collect fallen branches and twist them into a wreath (fasten with thin wire) and dry real cranberries. Using silver ribbon from the dollar store my mom (a few years ago) added a giant bow. I have since found the same ribbon and added the long pieces that are attached to he topper that cascade down my tree (in lieu of traditional garland). This year, also from the dollar store I added red sparkle sprays of festive foliage. No matter how you deck your halls Christmas is all about FAMILY, FRIENDS and spending time. I hope you are able to spend time with your loved ones and enjoy the last moments of 2011 with them.
HAPPY HOLIDAYS from my family to yours

Friday, December 9, 2011

The Story of STUFF

We all "know" that we live in a world of consumption and destruction. I LOVE this video (The Story of STUFF). It is a simple educational tool to really make you take pause and look at the consumption in your home/life. They make their points using a very simplistic format so everyone can understand. As we approach Christmas I wanted to share this video.
I wanted to provoke some thought into this issue as the more we ignore it, the more damage is being done to the planet we will leave for our children.

I have done my shopping. I have purchased recycled items, vintage clothing & accessories, items up-cycled and re-created by crafters and also items from the big box stores. It is unrealistic in the world we live in that we do not shop and consume. Our world is designed this way. We however have the option as to WHERE we consume and WHAT we consume.

Let's be honest and take accountability, we are ALL consumers. We are ALL part of the problem; but we ALL can be part of the solution too.

Consider these questions:
Are you a buy, use, throw-away person?
Are you a buy, use, re-purpose, re-use?
Do you buy previously loved items? re-purpose and re-use them?
Do you shop big box stores only? or from small businesses, crafters, artisans, and/or thrift stores?

Do all your items have to be NEW? or just NEW to you?

What do you do with your STUFF when you are done with it?

Take 20min to watch THE STORY OF STUFF. "From its extraction through sale, use and disposal, all the stuff in our lives affects communities at home and abroad, yet most of this is hidden from view. The Story of Stuff is a 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled look at the underside of our production and consumption patterns. The Story of Stuff exposes the connections between a huge number of environmental and social issues, and calls us together to create a more sustainable and just world. It'll teach you something, it'll make you laugh, and it just may change the way you look at all the stuff in your life forever."

My business (EVOLUTION VINTAGE) is recycling fashion; re-styling clothing and accessories. The re-use of these items and styling them current keep them out of the landfills.

In 2012 I want to become more creative than I all ready am. I want to make a commitment to Re-purpose and re-use more and consume LESS! and in turn become a great example for my children. What about you?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Anniversary David

3 years ago today on a Central Coast beach was the day my life changed. I was blessed with the opportunity to marry and commit myself to the love of my life and soul mate.
I used to think that terms like "soul mate" were a total Hallmark Cliche, until my wedding day.

David and I met randomly in Nashvile, TN in June of 2006 and the rest, as they say is history. We had the Canada/US border between us and several other factors which did not dissuade our destiny. As I live and breathe I KNOW David is who I am supposed to spend my life with. He is the most amazing husband, friend, business partner, co-parent and person, period. I could not have asked for a better father for our 2 love babies; Blake & Kaleigh Rain. After a long road we were finally able to face each other, Dec 8, 2008 at Spooner's Cove; and make our lifelong promise to one another. The day still seems like a dream.

David, I truly love you. You have made my life come to life and for all that you have given me I will be forever grateful. Your love, support, kindness, respect and generosity mean more to me than words could ever convey. My angel, my all, my other self. CHEERS to 50 more years!! I sincerely look forward to each day as we walk our life path together ...

~ Lisa


Professional Images from our wedding were shot by ERIN of Studio 317 (