Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Chatting With CoCo Part 2: Shoe Freak

CoCo LOVES fashion and in my opinion is a Style Maven in her own right. She has given her heart to dressing, styling and designing for her new line LICIOUS, but she has given her soul (or SOLE in this case) to her SHOES! I have to say I completely understand her obsession. Shoes are a transformational piece in your wardrobe; they can take you from day to night, make you feel taller, walk more confidently and give you pure joy. Ladies, those of you who have had that "shoe experience" KNOW what I'm talking about.

She ALWAYS has a great pair of shoes on to compliment her look. Out of all the images I have seen of COCO on and off the red carpet I think I have only seen her in 1 pair of FLATS. If you step into CoCo's World she posts photos of her "Shoe of the Week" on her BLOG. Some of my FAVS:

Mauve(Lilac) Mesh & Patent Leather Christian Louboutin's

Orange Patent Peep Toes (Raport Signature)

Black Tom Ford Mesh Heels w Silver tone Metal Stem.

Versace Boots!

She even expresses her obsession with her shoes in the catchy dance track "Shoe Freak" (available to purchase from iTunes)

We talked all things FASHION and of course we talked about CoCo the self proclaimed Shoe Freak:

LISA: We all know you LOVE SHOES! How would you describe your feelings?

COCO: "It is definitely addiction for me. It is like people collect baseball cards, or cars, I collect shoes; it is a collection. Once you get addicted to it is hard to stop, especially when you know when you put on a pair of hells you feel Fabulous. Your legs look longer, they look shapelier. You just feel all around sexy. Even when you are having a bad body day, put on a pair of heels and you feel better. If you are having a bad hair day It makes you feel very womanly. I can transcend a bad day by putting on a pair of heels and now I feel good. That’s just how I feel inside."

LISA: Where did your love of shoes come from?

COCO: "I was a Tom-Boy when I was little, when I grew up I played sports and had more guy friends then girl friends. I wasn’t really into the girly thing. I didn’t own a doll. I was just that type of girl. Now the shoes … I always had every single colour of Keds that you could find, hot pink, yellow, green through high school and even before. I might be a tomboy but I was looking good with my shoes. My shoes were my everything. Every body always complimented me. I was having a hard time when I was growing up I had a thicker athletic type of body and back then that wasn’t "it", so I felt weird and strange with the other girls in the class. I felt like I was odd and I think maybe that to cover that at little bit I got some pretty damn nice shoes on.

So it progressed through the years from my different coloured Keds to wearing heels.

I had my first heels when I was 12 years old. They were little like 2 inches high and patent leather little pumps. I fell in LOVE, I put those things on and loved I how my legs looks. I always felt a little too big on the bottom and felt like they balanced me out a bit. I put them on and after that day I was hooked forever."

LISA: Do you recall what your first pair of designer heels were?

COCO: "I don’t remember the first pair but I do remember a story when I first got with ICE. I got with ICE around age 22 and I had never had designer shoes before then. To me I was more into shoes and they didn’t have to be designer. If it looked hot I would get them. I didn’t get into designer shoes until got older of course. You don’t really have the stamina or the money to invest until later or even knew what designer shoes were. The first gift I got from ICE was a pair of Louis Vuitton. They were little black pumps, they weren’t really high heels because he didn’t really know my style, but to him they were high heels (they were about 3 inches). The thought of him giving me shoes and they were designer shoes was really the sweetest thing he could have done. When you buy shoes that is a woman’s heart right there. I still got those shoes right now. I will never let them go because they were the first."

LISA: Do you have a FAVOURITE pair?

COCO: "No! because every time I say this if my favourite then I see another pair and this is my favourite. When people come to my closet and we do interviews in my closet it is very hard to pick out one from the other."

LISA: How many pairs do you have at last count?

COCO: "Well, I last counted at 500 and that was a while ago, so maybe by now it is about 600. Problem is I don’t have enough room so now I have to get rid of a pair for a new one. I hate that! But what I am going to do is start giving them out on my Blog. Giving them away to people who cant afford them. I wear a size 6, it is going to be a little hard for people because the size is small"

She also shares a cute shoe story with me about a newspaper clipping ICE brought home for her to read.

COCO: A story that just happened the other day. Ice knows of my collection and I have another one in Arizona. Ice knows I am pretty into shoes so brings home this news paper clipping about a poker player who is 41 years old and it is a big closet with her in her shoe closet.

So I said, "why did you bring this home to me?" he said "I read the article

and she says she has over 1200 pairs of shoes. I thought I was doing good"

I replied "Thanks honey now I have to go shoe shopping".

Coco I'm free to shoe shop with you any time sole sister if you need a partner who can keep up and marathon shop the Manolo's. I may not have the budget you do but I could sure use a pair of Loubies in my life!! (with studs please)

Denim Studded Christian Louboutin's from week 12 of CoCo's Shoe of the Week Series

Take a peek into part of CoCo's NYC Closet ... (Don't forget she has a satellite shoe closet in AZ too!)

SHOE STYLE: Click on Images to ENLARGE

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  2. Thanks so much! CoCo is FABULOUS! xoxo Stay Tuned for more great features.