Saturday, August 6, 2011

Perceptions of a Stay-At-Home Style Maven

I have customized my career as a MOMpreneur writer AND owner/stylist of an on-line Vintage eBoutique. I spend my days multi-tasking; making fashions past my clients fashion futures, changing diapers, writing and domestic diva duties. My wardrobe must be fashion flexible and have enough variety to adapt to my fast paced mommy-hood mosaic. Working from home is no excuse to swap your skirt for sweatpants or trade your stilettos for sneakers. You daily perform the ultimate balancing act; work of a full time mother and MOMpreneur. You must therefore be able to balance your style between functional and “Fashion”. You don’t have to work from home or even have children to feel the rush of panic wash over you as the sun rises, peers through your binds as you quickly contemplate the day ahead with its tight schedules, deadlines and responsibilities.

Tips to trump the “I have no time” AM dilemma:

•On your way out the door jump into a colored pump instead of a ballet flat to add that extra element to your look. The pop of color and extra height can add another dimension to your look.

•Always have Style Staples on hand should you find "nothing to wear" as you enter your closet. A wrap dress, black pencil skirt, well fitting white shirt, tailored blazer, a wide legged trouser, a dark wash jean, and your go to comfy but chic shoe. Functional mix-and-match items that fit you and are ready to wear.

•Add accessories to enhance your “I over-slept and don’t want to be late” look. A fab cocktail ring or a great statement piece necklace is a quick way to CHIC.

•ALWAYS have a pair of stylish sunnies available in your rush out the door or carry a backup pair in your purse. Being chic en route to your office, school or meeting is an important element to your overall look.

The stylish working mamma maven’s I know utilize a wide range of accessories to complement their style staples and create their own unique looks. One sticks to a demur color pallet of black’s and grey tones but uses her choice of fabulous jewelry (layering and mixing) along with her love for shoes to maintain her personal style in and out of the office. Another always opts for elements to take her from corporate to cocktail hour. Ditching her “day” bag in the car and opting for a clutch, losing the blazer and adding bangles is a fast way to transform and be ready for whatever life has in store during the day or night.

In my personal attempt to maintain my style and taste level while working in my home I have been known to have what I call "deviation days". Ever felt like a human blotation device and opted for yoga pants? Thought that the baby barf on your FAV bed time tank could be the new must have print for fall? I have and am thankful that the majority of my latest wardrobe malfunctions and fashion faux pas take place within the walls of my home office and are not the public displays they once were. Gone are the days of the cubicle coffee stained dress or my blown blazer button in the boardroom.

My personal style is a direct reflection of my personality, moods and multi-tasking mommy status. I express emotions through fashion and feel dressing is an essential part of my daily routine, like eating or brushing my teeth. Although my office is in my home I feel it is essential to always stay true to my personal style even when it is only my 9 week old and my 3.5 year old looking. I do after all have to face by biggest critic every day; MYSELF. Your perception is your reality regardless of your circumstances, employment status, job title, salary, office location or field of expertise. Do you want to be successful? It all starts with making your style vision a reality, looking the part and THEN getting down to business.

Photograph by Mario Testino

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