Monday, April 25, 2011

STYLE Never Takes Maternity Leave

I have about 5 weeks to go until I get to meet baby #2. I am bigger and more uncomfortable than ever but I have yet to sacrifice my personal style and hit perma-yoga-pant status. Many women's body image and view of themselves start to go south with their expanding figures, stretch marks and weight gain as their bodies are hijacked by the most amazing miracle. On my less than fabulous days all it takes is an amazing outfit to make me feel a bit better. It's like a confidence boost and energy via "Style Osmosis" ~ what's on the outside get's inside!

I wanted to share some celebrity maternal style inspiration's. If you are sitting at home reading this, pregnant in track pants, if you are not a mom-to-be yet let is serve as future Mamma Maven motivation AND if you never intend to be a mommy style maven then you can marvel at these women who do it all; spend their time building their empires, growing a person (or two) and still maintain themselves and their personal style.

I'm not suggesting to copy or strive to style yourself after them - just embrace your personal unique style and maintain it no matter what maternal phase you are in at this point in your life. It takes every ounce of energy I have left to put my best foot forward and dress to fashionably face the day - MY WAY!

My mommy must have for the 3rd trimester: The MAXI Dress. It can be worn a million ways. Dressed up or down, in a print or solid with various accessories! LOVE!

P!NK Rocking a Maxi @ Farmers Market in LA




My ultimate MATERNAL MAVEN is stylist Rachel Zoe. She worked all levels of Glamour during her pregnancy!

No matter what your size, shape, or budget you can maintain your personal style or even explore it while pregnant! A little effort will produce a beautiful result as Style NEVER takes Maternity leave!

SHOP EVOLUTION VINTAGE for my great selection of baby bump friendly fashion ~ Dresses and Maxi's fit for any Mommy Maven!

Don't take my word for it: Fashion Designer Michael Kors told me via twitter The S/S 2011 Maternity must haves: Chic caftans, empire waist dresses, great Grecian sandals!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

What Doesn't BEND .. BREAKS!

This blog was originally posted in a guest capacity for Loren's World ( ). I wanted to re-post and share the actualy SONG that inspired the piece. See video @ the bottom and ENJOY!!

I was driving the other day and a track I had not hard in a long time came blasting through my speakers, called “Buildings & Bridges” by folksinger Ani DiFranco. I have always loved her music and how she, through her lyrics has given intelligent women a voice since the 90’s. The particular lyrics of this song struck a chord with me (pun intended)

“Buildings and bridges are made to bend in the wind to withstand the world, that's what it takes All that steel and stone is no match for the air, my friend what doesn't bend breaks what doesn't bend breaks”

The message was so obvious and clear (to me); it is those who cannot compromise, be flexible or embrace change in life that seem to have the hardest time and eventually, break or break down. The ability to compromise in life at work, in relationships and friendships is the foundation for success. Imagine a world that was so rigid, stubborn and unmoving when change is presented or anything that conflicts with its ideals.

Well that is the world that some people live in, sadly. I am not saying that you should not hold your position when there is something that you really believe in or feel strongly about but choose your battles. Many of what we perceive to be challenges or negatives in life is just change wearing a different cloak and it ends up not being worth our energy to resist or maintain our foothold in our current position.

Try taking a look at a situation from another’s perspective; it makes the opportunity to be flexible a little easier. Never underestimate the power of creative negotiations, there can be 2 winners you know! I think it would be fair to say that we all have our breaking points as human beings but I know I would like to extend mine by trying to be more flexible and open to compromise.

Change is the only guarantee in life (with the exception of death and taxes of course) so why be so resistant to it when it knocks on your door? Be open and your life transitions will seem a lot easier. We all have tough exteriors to be able to withstand what the world throws at us and to be able to live in a world that can be harsh at times, BUT to actually be successful in it we must find the flexibility that lies just behind those walls.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day! Be ECO-Fabulous

ECO-CHIC – Movement? Or Marketing? (Previously Posted, now expanded)

The term Eco-chic represents a current trend merging the concepts of high-fashion, global responsibility and sustainability. This term has been circulating in main stream media for a few years now but I have often wondered if it is just a genius marketing ploy for large corporations to ride on the heels of scientific information and the global concern for our planet, to capitalize on the demise of the earth as we know it; Or is there really something to the whole Eco-chic concept as a mind set or a movement in the right direction? It seems that the latest must have fashion accessory is a social conscience and I say it’s about time! Eco chic to me is a lifestyle. To merge global awareness and living green into your lifestyle in all that you do, including how you dress.

Try these facts on: The U.S. generates approximately 9 billion pounds of used clothing each year and only a small fraction of that is recycled.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Council for Textile Recycling, used clothing and/or textile waste (which is also includes shoes, household linens and accessories) represents up to 5% of U.S. landfills.
How can YOU make an impact on the environment through fashion?

1) Buy Vintage, Used or Resale clothing. Purchasing vintage clothing and taking a look into fashion’s past is a wonderful way to recycle fashion. Choose vintage pieces and style them with the clothing and accessories that you already have. You can visit your local thrift, consignment, or on-line boutiques for vintage and contemporary, previously loved clothing, shoes and accessories. Having a passion for the past and styling vintage current is also showing your respect for the future by limiting your consumption.

2) Re-Style what you already have. Take a stroll through you closet, drawers and storage facility and put your creativity to the test. Re-style new looks using the clothing shoes and accessories that you already have, thereby avoiding acquiring more. It IS possible to revamp your own wardrobe, be gentler to the environment and your wallet.

3) Donate clothes from your personal collection and pay it forward. Give someone else an opportunity to style your used clothing into their Eco chic wardrobe. Take your clothes to a consignment shop or a donation center and recycle them the same way you recycle your cans and bottles. Many organizations like women’s shelters or other social programs can always use clothing.

4) Re-purpose and re-design your clothing buy making minor alterations to make the garment new and fresh. You love your black long sleeved tunic what about removing the sleeves to give it a new appearance and style it with accessories, a bag and/or shoes you have never worn before.

This is not to say that you will never purchase any “new” clothing or accessories, that notion would obviously be unrealistic. Perhaps consider choosing selectively the new articles you bring into your wardrobe and try to merge, in a multi-purpose way with your other items. Also consider for every new item, donate, re purpose or pass an older item along to a friend or organization where women/men need it.

The concept of Eco chic should not encourage more consumerism but inspire a lifestyle change and adaptation to a new view of your wardrobe and all it’s possibilities. Give those creative muscles a work out and try to recycle, re-style fashion and respect the environment. Let’s face it, fashion is one giant business based on the premise of recycling; new designers use the past as a point of reference and recycle past silhouettes and ideas into something “new” – YOU can do it to!!

Be Eco-Fabulous today. Step outside of your usual fashion confines and try something unique AND Eco-Chic = VINTAGE SHOP:

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children." ~Native American Proverb

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sustainable Fashion ~ Put Your Best Foot Forward

Earth Week is upon us (Earth Day April 22) and in honor of that I would like to take a look at a revolutionary new idea ~ Footwear as Fertilizer??

The concept of sustainable fashion encompasses all fashion products (clothing and accessories) that have been created and constructed from materials that contribute to a more equal and balanced world, reducing your impact on the environment. There are many companies who by innovation, creativity and a common love and respect for the earth we all share are creating products that are usable and fashionable. I want to focus on my favorite fashion accessory; SHOES! We all know how fabulous a great shoe collection can be but what do you do with them when they are damaged beyond repair and you are forced to dispose of your tired old soles? There are many programs that do exists who “recycle”, repair or re-use shoes but for the most part there is a cost to you to ship them and it can be a time consuming and inconvenient task to research, pay, package and send them. We want to minimize our footprint on the environment and try to avoid the discards ending up in the landfill, right?

There is a company called OAT shoes ( ) that has come up with a resolution to your shoe sorrows. They have created a biodegradable shoe that leaves no footprint on the environment except the ones you have made by walking, dancing or running in them. They are merging attractive style with a green concept that until now has been unheard of in the shoe industry (at least by me). How does it work? Once you are ready to bid farewell to your shoes you bury (or plant) them in your garden, woods, or compost, water regularly and watch flowers bloom from your old sneakers. Watch your shoes go from footwear to fertilizer. Their vision: “The future of fashion lies in a reconciliation between nature and industry. OAT Shoes strives to lead the way to that future.” So far they have 2 different, high and low top sneaker styles in 4 colors (Green, Blue, Red, Yellow). The company is based out of Amsterdam and these sustainable sneaks go for approximately 149 EUROs ($215 USD). Regardless of the cost of the shoe the environmental cost is much higher when dealing with the disposal of their conventional counterpart. I am sure that they will be available in the US soon as we are a nation concerned about our planet AND fashion! I wonder how long the shoes last in comparison to a conventional sneaker? You can contact the duo of Sustainable Sneakers (Dirk-Jan Oudshoorn & Christtiaan Maats) via their website ( to inquire if you want to take your future flower pots for a spin or have any questions about their products. The site looks new since I first discovered it a few weeks ago.
They also have Facebook and twitter pages! and a section for frquently Asked Questions.

They need to contact ME when they make the first sustainable stylish stiletto or botany based boots. I would love to take a sneaker for a spin and write a review! I'm a size 9 and I'll take the low-tops in red please ;) *All Images courtesy of*

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Today marks the 85th year of life for one of the most interesting lives of our time. Many people have many preconceived notions about Hugh Hefner but I'm not sure everyone has the whole story.

Hugh Hefner has done much more for our society than Publishing a Magazine with nude centerfolds, cartoons and intelligent/thoughtful articles.

He was a trailblazer for the Sexual Revolution

An Advocate for Women's Rights ~ Contraception, Freedom of Choice and MORE! His magazine was intended to celebrate women and their beauty, not objectify or disrespect them.

A Friend and Fighter for the Civil Right's movement. He defied segregation laws to allow black and white patrons to socialize in his Playboy clubs. He promoted and employed African American musicians, comedians and entertainers at his clubs and on his TV show. He ignored society's racial taboos because they did not exist in his mind. He stood for and Stands for EQUALITY on all levels.

A Challenger of ideas and ideals about sex, and sexual expressions

A Vanguard for freedom of the press, freedom of speech and expression .. Personal Freedom PERIOD.

A Teacher who has lived an honest life. A life that had many detractors but he owns it. He has created his own fantasy and lives it publically and privately. We should all take a page out of Hef's book, custom design our lives and be HAPPY, closer to our authentic selves.

For this and MORE I raise my glass to you Hef. May you be FREE to enjoy this day and all the rest. You are an inspiration, a right fighter and a self made man who I respect.

Got a free 2 hours to educate yourself? Rent/Buy the Canadian Documentary: "Hugh Hefner: Playboy, Activist & Rebel"

Friday, April 1, 2011

Who Do You LOVE?

Upon the release today of Kimora Lee Simmons 6th fragrance: LOVE ME it brings up the very important topic of self love. Self love being the foundation for everything in your life; your self esteem, your other relationships and how you conduct yourself in the world. In my experience I feel as women we have issues with taking time for self care and self love. We have big "to do lists" for our daily lives; work, caring for our children (biological, step and/or adopted), taking care of our homes, extended family members, school; whatever our life circumstances may be. What we often forget is to put ourselves on that list. Sometimes we confuse self love with selfishness. I think it is a bi-product of how society has compartmentalized women and our vast roles. In my view taking time for self love and care is essential to our development and growth as human beings. We could not possibly perform at optimal levels in all other facets of our lives if our foundation, self love is not a strong one. I subscribe to and identify with much of what Kimora represents with respect to the empowerment of women. The notion of self acceptance and the concept behind this fragrance of self love. On the packaging for the scent she has a message:

"LOVE ME for the essence of who I am...

Admire Me for my strength and spirit.

Cherish me for my passion and drive.

Respect me for my aspirations that DARE ME to dream.

What's most important is that you LOVE ME... for me."

"Love yourself" ~ Kimora Lee Simmons

The scent itself is comprised of the following components (notes): An oriental musk fragrance including apricot blossom, tangerine, passion fruit, frangipani blossom, jasmine petals and tiger orchid, along with vanilla blossom and sandalwood.

I personally had an opportunity to be a tiny part of this fragrance planning process via a meeting with fellow "fabs" and the perfumista herself for an episode of "Kimora Life in the Fab Lane" (Season 4, Episode 2 :The Bling Sale is available for download on iTunes).

Cleverly we were asked to describe (in 200 words or less) How Fragrance enhances your Fabulosity. Here was my reply: "A fragrance enhances my Fabulosity by giving me an instant spritz of confidence. It is about making an impression without words. I can exude my fabulousness without a single phrase as the scent I choose is a reflection of my mood, feelings and personality. Fragrance does to the nose what fashion does to the eyes; Intrigues, inspires and reflects your inner goddess. It is a splash of sass and class before I step into the world. My scent is a part of my Fabulosity that I can leave behind. As I breeze through my life my scent is what I will relinquish along with a lasting impression. It will serve to inspire men and women that I come into contact with, each in a different way. It is an inspirational message for one’s olfactory senses. A mist of my fragrance creates a memory for those around me as smell evokes memory in a way that no other sense can. My scent is my first and most important accessory of the day!"

CHEERS KIMORA for spreading your message of self love and acceptance though every avenue ~ twitter @OfficialKimora,, your book and now through your scent!

Ladies show yourself some love and pick up LOVE ME: for $17 for 15Ml ($28 for larger size) how could you not? Raise the glass to your self; for being who you are ~ FABULOUS and WORTH IT!