Sunday, December 30, 2018

Meet The Cast: Whobris

Wardrobe/Props: Lisa Graystone
Hair: Brookly Truderung

The littlest of our Who's who of Whoville is the character of Whobris, played by my son Blake! Blake has Down Syndrome and that didn't stop him taking on this character by storm. His sensory integration issues also didn't stop him from getting his hair done in a similar style as his character of Whobris, not to say it wasn't a challenge for the hair stylist on set.

In Blake's costume I captured the essence of Whobris without replicating his look. My son does not like a lot of layers so we had to skip the vest over the tie and when I purchase wardrobe I try to buy items my son can wear again, beyond the shoot.

 His Pants, shoes, and Grinchy green scarf are his own and I purchased a yellow dress shirt, beige trench coat and holiday themed tie to match the Mayor who his character worships and copies.


Saturday, December 29, 2018

Meet The Cast: The Mayor Of Whoville

Mayor's Wardrobe/Props: Lisa Graystone
MUA: Hanna Fisher
Hair: Brooklyn Truderung
Photo: Kori Savoie

The Mayor of  Whoville, also known as Agustus May Who, had a few wardrobe changes in the film. I chose to combine his two major looks into the look for my Mayor. My step son took up the roll and did great as the Mayor.

Vintage Vest: Castaways Thrift Store
Christmas Tie
Vintage Red Brooch Pin  - Evolution Vintage ($28)
White Dress Shirt (My own)

Vintage 1960's Red Velvet Coat + White Scarf from my collection

Sash was made from red velvet stretch fabric, draped and pinned to the shirt and vest.

I used an array of Vintage brooches, all available for sale via Evolution Vintage

I pinned the brooches through the sash into the vest so all would stay in place during the shoot.

I used different ribbons, Christmas and grosgrain with a variety of colors and textures that were cohesive to my color pallet.

The Mayor's head-to-toe look!

His final accessory was Men's grey dress gloves, available HERE.

I created the Book of Who prop for our Mayor also using a custom made front and back cover with spine over a Vintage book of a similar size/thickness to the movie prop.


Once again Hanna Fisher used a latex FX appliance for the mayors nose, painting it to match his skin tone and to give the effect of cold weather (shop it HERE). We used dentures for the front teeth (Shop) as well as full Who-Style lashes. His hair was colored grey after curling it with Loreal Colorista Spray

The Mayor with Cindy Lou and Betty Lou Who

He and the Grinch have a complicated relationship!

 The Mayor with his side-kick Whobris


Friday, December 28, 2018

Meet The Cast: Betty Lou Who

Betty Lou Who
MUA: Hanna Fisher
Image: Kori Savoie
Wardrobe/Wig/Props: Lisa Graystone

The looks for each character for our shoot were carefully curated. I wanted each character to look like the characters from the film but not exact replica's. My Betty Lou Who character, played by my step-daughter was a great example.

I created her wig from THIS rock'n'roll 80's wig + 2 toilet paper rolls, hot glue and bobby pins. T I trimmed the wig into a Betty Lou Bob and used the excess curly hair to cover the toilet paper rolls to create her unique hair look.

Betty Lou and Martha May DIY wigs

I also DIY her plate/eggnog fascinator. See Details and list of supplies in my Cindy Lou Who Blog

Her costume in the film had a matching red cape and dress to Cindy Lou but I wanted a little more diverse color pallet in my family photo so I opted for a Vintage green cape instead of red and a Black and White Vintage checkered dress.

Dress: 55,000 Dresses (from my collection)
Belt: Evolution Vintage (Stretch Belt - $15)

Vintage Petticoat: 55,000 Dresses (for sale $35)

Vintage Green Cape (From my collection)

Faux Fur Collar with pom pom's (from my collection)

I added the plate to the front of the dress, similar to Betty Lou's 
I used real cookies that I painted and hot glued and a candy stick. I pinned the plate to the dress.

Because Betty Lou loved lights in the film I purchased Vintage light bulb necklaces in bulk. We used them for the shoot and them my family enjoyed them all season long! 

*The Flats also came from my personal collection*


Our Makeup artist Hanna Fisher used a latex FX appliance for Betty Lou's Who nose (Buy here), Who long lashes on the corner of her eyes a long with a full set and Holiday makeup complete with a red lip and a painted Rosy nose tip!

She also had a gorgeous set of front Whoville over sized teeth! (Shop)

Betty Lou and Martha May Light Fight

 Betty and Cindy Lou Who
Cindy and Betty Meet the Mayor of Whoville