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Stuck in the Middle with Chris Stillar

In life we all have experiences that are thought provoking, make us question our belief systems and rock us to the core. These experiences are generally connected to a person or people. In my case the person is Chris Stillar, a Spiritual Medium and author.

Chris Stillar undeniably has a gift. It is not something that can be scientifically measured or quantified but only felt to be confirmed, like love. His purpose is not to provide lottery numbers, advice or be a Whoopi Goldberg style conduit (from the film Ghost) – a place where one can come for conversations with a loved one who has crossed over. He is there to provide validations that the people who have passed are still around you. It is not a guaranteed resolution to grief, but it can be. It can also be a great point to start healing. Beyond this purpose it is a great place to open your mind to the possibility that there is something more happening then we are physically aware of. You can start to remove your egocentric ideas that we as physical bodies are the only thing that inhabits our physical space. It could be received as a test to your faith and belief system, no matter what the depth and nature of it. I am not a religious person and I don’t believe in or subscribe to organized religion in ANY form for more reasons than I wish to state here. I am however a spiritual person who now believes that there is something beyond this physical life we lead, that we are not alone and when our loved ones leave us, they don’t really, they just change their form.
Chris & I

Let me tell you though I was a SERIOUS SKEPTIC when I first met Chris. But through my experiences with him I could honestly put to rest any misgivings I has about Chris' authenticity.

He does LIVE seminars in both intimate and large group settings, one-on-one consultations, telephone readings, works with MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Driving Canada and television appearances.

I had a chance to sit down with Chris and ask him a few questions recently.

LISA: What is your definition of Mediumship?

CHRIS: To me a medium is a person who acts as a channel or go-between an earthly (physical) life and that of the spirit world for the purpose of communication. Mediums act as a connecting link between physical consciousness and the consciousness of the spirit world. All of life, no matter whether here on earth or in the afterlife, is simply energy. The vibrating movement of energy varies depending on which plain you reside on; the earth plain vibrates slower compared to that of the spirit plain or Heaven which has an accelerated vibration. A medium successfully interprets and discerns conscious thought, images, words and feelings (all of which is energy moving or vibrating) from those residing in the spirit world passing on said messages to loved ones here on earth coping with loss and bereavement.

LISA: What do you feel is the purpose of your gift?

CHRIS: First of all, I would like to clarify that what I am blessed to do is not seen as a gift in my eyes. I choose to view what I do as an ability or skill-set. To me something is only a gift when it is given or shared with another. So once I have used my skill-set of spirit communication to help another, the recipient may view the end result of my attempt as a gift, I can never allow myself to see it as a gift, though. Simply because I can connect with spirit, does not make it a gift; until I have decided to pass on the love and healing intent from spirit, no gift has been given. I am no different than any other person reading this, I simply have a distinct ability to interpret thought, feelings and emotions from spirit in perhaps a more decisive and literal way than most; but make no mistake about it, each of us can and do connect with spirit daily. My level of awareness of this very basic skill may be simply more heightened than most. The purpose as I see it for my ability is to bring forth awareness, healing and the truth to mankind (or at least to those willing to listen) that love and life is truly eternal. I have found after fifteen years of doing this incredible work; that people’s lives can drastically and profoundly change for the better after experiencing my talent for spirit communication.

LISA: Can you explain how you receive your messages: what do you see? or hear?

CHRIS: Explaining how I receive and interpret messages from spirit is not a simple request. I receive messages in several different styles. The first type of communication is classified as Clairvoyance or Clear viewing. Clairvoyance is the ability to receive visual images from spirit. They usually appear to me as mental pictures and moving images like watching a movie, only the images are internal. The simplest way to explain to you what I mean would be to ask you to close your eyes and visualize your wedding day, or birth of a child, I am sure you have full color video memories playing in your head now. This is clairvoyance; the only difference is that a psychic or medium can’t control the content and delivery of the messages or images.

The second form of communication is called Clairaudience or clear hearing. This is the ability to receive audible thoughts and speech from spirit. Quite often a person may have heard someone call their name, but in reality no one from the physical plain did and yet you know what you heard, this could be considered clairaudience.

Clairsentience is the third style of spirit communication, meaning clear feeling. This is an intuitive knowing of facts and details that are as clear and precise as if you were told the information by a living person. Clairsentience is felt in the pit of your stomach. You don’t know why or how you know, you simply do. This is your gut response talking to you, please always listen to this inner voice.
Not all mediums share equal strength in each form of communication. For me, the best results occur when all three forms blend together creating a balanced form of communication. When this occurs lives are changed forever.

LISA: Do you believe in coincidences in life? or the "everything happens for a reason" cliche? and why?

CHRIS: I truly and whole-heartedly believe that everything happens for an intended and multi-level reason. We; all of us are connected and regardless whether something great occurs or perhaps an incredible tragedy takes place in our lives; the events in life unfold just as they need to and are meant to. I do not believe even for a second that God blesses some and condemns and judges others. I believe that each person who has been born and everyone that will be born in the future have picked their lives, family members, friends etc. We pick the greatness in our lives and we pick the challenges and tragedies. I believe we do this from a soul level of awareness. We pick the precise and perfect events so our souls (each of us) can experience growth and progression in an experiential way. In accepting this as my truth, I end up taking responsibility and ownership for every aspect of my life. In doing so, I have total control in changing any aspect of my life I do not enjoy, thus I never feel like a victim. The word victim is not a characteristic in my personal life.

To believe in coincidences, is a chaotic thought process that I simply can not wrap my brain around. To experience authentic peace in my life, I have come to realize EVERYTHING happens (or doesn’t) at the precise and perfect time. When confronted with a personal tragedy, this concept and belief can be challenging to accept; but truth is truth. And with enough time, I know I will look back on any event and see perfection and harmony in it.

LISA: What inspired your book?

CHRIS: My book ‘Pennies from Heaven’ was inspired by the events in my life as a medium, as well as a genuine need to give back and help others. I always say; in living one’s life, if we can positively impact or change someone’s life for the better, then life is worth living. I am blessed to do this almost daily through my work as a medium. I see my book as an extension of my daily work, reaching, touching and ultimately impacting countless lives in a positive way that I could not do on a one on one basis. The one thing the human race can use at any given time is ‘healing’. It is my intent to help facilitate as many people’s recovery from grief and loss as possible. I believe Pennies from Heaven can and will do just that.

LISA: Can you comment about what is outside this physical life? Some people fear death. Can you speak to this fear through your experiences?

CHRIS: Even though I am a medium and have been for the past fifteen years, I need to make it perfectly clear that neither I nor any other person can definitely declare what the ‘After Life’ is like. Human being’s personal beliefs, teachings and experiences come into play whenever someone tries to clarify what ‘Heaven’ is like. What I can tell you is that my experience and the experiences of thousands of people who have had a session with me is that there is definitely some form of consciousness of life after what we call physical death and one day each of us will experience first-hand what that reality is.

I have come to realize that we humans sure fear a lot of things about life. What I can speak to is that all fear (with the exception of 2) are taught and applied onto the human psyche. Only the fears of loud noises and the fear of falling are instinctual born to every soul. Every other fear has to be taught to us. I always say that my death does not, nor has it ever scared me. The path or chain of events that will lead to my death may not be too appealing to think about. But in actuality no matter what form my death shall come in, I do know that it is but a blip on the time wheel of eternal life. The one thing I have discovered as a medium is, regardless of the physical manner of death, every soul I have ever communicated with was in a state of unparalleled well being once they resided in spirit. Regardless whether a person passes from cancer, homicide, suicide or accidental causes, all souls are renewed and healed regardless of their earthly experiences.

The acronym for the word fear is:

LISA: What would you say to your detractors? or the "non-believers"?

CHRIS: I don’t have much if anything to say to my detractors or non-believers. Who am I; to try to convince anyone else that my beliefs are for them. That is the problem with the world, each country, religion, organization or individual person believes their way is the only and right way. God gave us Free Will and how conceited and self-indulgent would I be, to believe my truth is for anyone else. I simply do and share with those who are interested and want healing. To the rest, I simply wish you all well and say have a nice life. I have met many a skeptic and am proud to say when they left following their readings, their concepts and concrete beliefs had been rocked somewhat, causing them to re-analyze their beliefs. My goal is never to convert anyone; I simply want to be a voice for those without one. For those who choose to listen to what I and others like me have to say, that is wonderful.

LISA: Where does your client base come from? What is the farthest distance a client has reached out to you via phone? or came in person?

CHRIS: My client base is very diverse. The majority of my in-office clients travel from within a 2 hour radius of my office. The large majority come from the Greater Toronto area. I have had clients drive up to six hours one way to sit in-person for their private session. One lady took a train from Montreal, Quebec early one morning to Toronto and drove the rest of the way to my office. This particular lady had lost her daughter and following her session she told me she would have gone to where-ever I was to have the experience she had just received from her daughter.

My client’s literally come from all over the world. Thanks to phone readings, I have clients from all across Canada, throughout the Unites States of America, including the states of Ohio and California. Clients call from the Netherlands, Switzerland and one young man who lost his wife called from the Ivory Coast of Africa.

LISA: How can my readers reach out to you? How can they connect with you for a reading?

CHRIS: For any of your readers who might be interested in a private session they can reach me by calling my direct line at 705-424-2189. People can email me at . All appointments must be booked via the telephone. For additional information on my services and my life as a medium and to access over 1600 questions I have answered from anonymous bereaved readers on my website, log onto Right now my waiting period from time of booking one’s appointment is approximately two months. My fee for a private session for the past eight years has been $150.00; that fee is changing as of November 1st, 2011. With every in-office reading the client receives a recording on CD that they take home with them. For clients who have a telephone session, their reading is recorded on cassette tape and mailed to them the same day. There is absolutely no difference in quality between an in-office session and one conducted over the telephone with a client half a world away.

Connect with Chris on FACEBOOK

I have had the honor and privilege to write the forward for Chris' soon to be released book "Pennies from Heaven" which is due to be released from Balboa press (a Division of Hay House) August 2011. You can purchase a copy NOW

The details of my experiences with Chris are included in the forward and the book itself is a very emotional and inpiring read.

In my opinion this phenomenon must be experienced and felt in order to be accepted and truly comprehended. Reading this book is the first step and will reinforce what I just shared. Even if the only validation you receive is that your mind is open to possibility it is a wonderful place to start in your personal evolution. Skepticism in life is a very healthy way to approach new experiences and certainly enhances them, especially if the outcome is the polar opposite of what you expect or initially believe. Expectations also play a role in what you take from an experience such as this, so release them. Expect to have an experience and let anything beyond that become an additional gift.

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Perceptions of a Stay-At-Home Style Maven : Lucky Magazine

I have recently stumbled upon a fabulous opportunity .... to become the next contributing writer for LUCKY MAGAZINE!

Starting tomorrow is the voting round for the first challenge! Please read the challenge and my submission:

Perceptions of a Stay-At-Home Style Maven : Lucky Magazine

Take two minutes to cast your vote and share the link with all you fabulous friends. You are already reading this BLOG, how about me in the pages of LUCKY mag?? I need more than LUCK to get to the next challenge I need your votes!

My sincere gratitude and love in advance.


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Immortality .... in Pencil

So you can print any photo with the touch of a button now, enlarge, crop, color and "edit" takes you seconds. CLICK, upload, CLICK order and pick up at your local Walmart store.

What about the dying art of portraiture? and the days of putting pencil to paper?

I was honored and surprised recently by being forever immortalized in pencil in all my Vintage splendor by artist and friend Marty Parker. His pin-up artwork was featured by EVOLUTION REVOLUTION recently. See his feature HERE

He chose this photo of me taken by photographer Heather Millenaar April 2011

VINTAGE GIRL (Lisa H) byMarty Parker
11"x14" Pencil on Bristol Board
July 2011

Purchase a Signed, High Quality Art Print of this piece for $150

Want to try something new and be forever immortalized in pencil? or get a unique and personal gift for family or friends?

Commission Marty:

Commissions start at $300, but can be more if the image includes multiple
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He requires a good quality (hopefully hi-rez) photo either emailed or an actual copy of a photo mailed if that's available.

Contact Marty:

PAYMENT: check or money order

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Think outside the big box store this coming holiday season, your next birthday or anniversary celebration.

Immortalize someone in pencil!

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It's Showtime Synergy

With those three words the world of a little girl is transformed much the same way that the character Jerrica Benton is transformed into her 'Truly Outrageous' alter Ego "JEM". I used to sit in front of the tv every morning and watch JEM and the Holograms and dream of the day when I to would take my place among the Outrageous, Rock Star, Fashionistas. The show had helped inspire a lifetime love of fashion and music and being truly Outrageous(the 80's Version of Fabulous); that and the VOGUE magazines I started reading at age 9 (Thanks to my big sis), and the music of Jim Morrison and the DOORS I began discovering at age 12. I had all the JEM gear, my parents were sucked into the commerical and consumer vortex associated with a child's program. I had the dolls, the t-shirt, the posters, the cassette tapes, the stage set, the JEM wardrobe, even the Rockin Roadster.
I had THIS exact poster in my room!

Flash forward 24 years and my daughters (bio & step) now watch JEM at ages 3 and 8. They love the music, the fashion as I did so many years ago. Now as a mother I appreciate the messages that are embedded in the show, like very subtle public service announcements and lessons.

I had the cool opportunity to chat with the VOICE of JERICA/JEM Samantha Newark (the singing voice of JEM belongs to Britta Phillips). For those of you who have watched the show as I have since childhood or rediscovering it via re-runs on the HUB I'm sure you have wondered what happened to the people who were behind the characters.

LISA: How did you land the voice (singing/speaking) of JEM/Jerica? Did you have experience doing voice over work?

SAMANTHA: I auditioned for the speaking roles of JEM and JERRICA at Wally Burr Studio's in Burbank California. My family moved to California from the Washington DC area, I'd moved from a pretty big talent agency that represented me for film/tv/commercials and also my solo music career. When I moved to Los Angeles I was represented by a more boutique agency who had a voice-over department as well as on camera commercial department. Back then not too many agencies were handling voice-overs, it was a very niche area, not like it is now being almost totally celebrity driven.

I'm pretty sure JEM was only the second voice-over job I had ever auditioned for and I booked the series. I had relatively no substantial experience doing voice-overs besides one Public service voice-over I had done. I never auditioned for JEM's singing voice - all the music related side of the cartoon (Singers, Musicians, Composers) was already cast in New York before the actors were hired in California so each was recorded separately on the two coasts.

I think all my years growing up in the business as a singer helped prepare me to expand my performing possibilities and I ended up loving the craft of voice-over as it was all to do with my voice and my ears and listening and feeling and being on a mic with headphones in a studio and conveying emotions which is what I do as vocalist. What an amazing opportunity I was given to work with one of the top directors and some of the top voice-over people in the industry, I learned so much during the run, it was wonderful.

LISA: What was the most rewarding part of being the voice behind JEM?

SAMANTHA: I think at the time I did the show, I was amazed that I was having all this fun and they were paying me to show up, that was pretty surreal. The true rewards didn't come really until much later because I had no idea at the time what a huge show it really was and how many people were watching and growing up with JEM.

It's not been until early 2000 really that I started to see online the incredible fan base for JEM that was still very much buzzing and in love with the cartoon. I was at a fan convention in Atlanta a couple of years ago meeting the JEM fans and the guy next to me after watching the fans approach me all day to talk to me about their love for JEM said "Oh my God, You have the LOVE job!! People come up to you and pour love all over you and you give it right back, it's amazing to see"! He really did articulate what I experience at these fan conventions and that has been the most humbling and unexpected reward of all. It's not been until the past few years that I started to understand the levity of JEM's impact and that I was a part of something that has really touched so many people in such a genuine lovely way, It's just really cool.

LISA: How has your career evolved?

SAMANTHA: The voice-over world changed considerably after JEM ended it's run and the jobs were being snatched up by lot's of celebrities, I guess they started to see what an awesome gig it really was and the industry knew there was power in having someones voice out there selling product that was somehow familiar to people even though they may not know who it it was they were hearing, they knew the voice and it is clever from a marketing standpoint. I still did commercials and print jobs and some radio and tv voice-over stuff but I began to focus again on my music and learning the craft of songwriting. I've been a published performing songwriter for quite a while now with my music featured in lot's of tv shows like "Gossip Girl" "Americas Next Top Model" "The Ellen Show" and lots more - I've had the opportunity to sing on a few really cool playstation games like "God Of War" and "Twisted Metal Black". I performed for years all over LA with different incarnations of solo projects. One of the pinnacles for me back in 07 was getting to work as a back up singer for Leonard Cohen, someone who I admire so deeply as a writer. I am about to release my second album of my original music Pop/Electroncia vibe with my friend Dave Polich producing. He was the keyboard programmer on Michael Jacksons "This Is It Tour" and we have always wanted to do a record together. It's a very sexy, fun album and I'm really proud that I wrote everything on it. It's due out in September of this year sometime, no official release date yet but I hope that people will sign up on my mailing list at so I can keep everyone posted on my happenings with JEM and my music. I'm really looking forward to putting a great live show together and getting out there there to share my new record with these amazing JEM fans and say "It's Showtime Synergy"!!

Were you surprised to see JEM's return to TV via the HUB? Can we expect the rest of the series on DVD (Season 3 part 2)?

SAMANTHA: There were rumors online for years that JEM was coming back but it was all speculation and no one could say for sure what format it may take, I just had to wait and see like everyone else. I knew that it should come back because I had been experiencing this fan base in a really amazing way and had seen first hand their total devotion to the show - I'm not surprised it back on TV and I'm of course thrilled now so many little kids are getting to experience JEM on "The Hub". And yes JEM is coming to DVD in October of this year. I shot an interview back in May to be included in the bonus extra footage (Cast, writers, musicians, fans et...) for "Shout!Factory" who is releasing the whole 65 episodes I think October 11, 2011. Rhino stopped short of releasing the whole series back in 2004 so this is fantastic news for the JEM fans!! They have been screaming for this for years.

LISA: Are you surprised by the shows relevance and longevity?

SAMANTHA: Yes and No, I am of course kind of floored to be here all these years later talking about my work on JEM but I see why people love something that made them feel so happy as a little kid. I think as adults we reach back sometimes to connect with things that directly connect us to a time when we weren't so stressed and overwhelmed with the weight of the world. I've gotten alot of fan mail over the years from people that said they didn't have the best childhoods but JEM was the one thing that would make them happy and give them hope and inspire them, It gave them something to look forward to in their day and they loved the characters and the music. So many JEM fans were inspired to become singers, dancers, designers and choreographers I think It inspired a lot of creative kids to do what they love. The stories were fun and the show had a real moral compass that fans have shared often that it really made a difference to them growing up.

LISA: Are you still in touch with any of the cast? where are they now?

SAMANTHA: I have been so happy to be able to reconnect with some of the people I worked with on the show and meet some of the music cast too. Jemcon which is an entire convention dedicated to Jem and the Holograms that happens once a year in a different city has done an amazing job of bringing us all together again to meet the fans all over the country. Fans fly from all over the world to participate in this once a year celebration. I think getting to see Wally Burr the director and give him a hug again was so cool and meeting Christy Marx the writer for the first time and Rodger Slifer another writer/producer on JEM and Patricia Albrecht the voice of Pizzazz who actually lives in Nashville like me and Michael Sheehan who playes Rio - all of that has just been the coolest thing.

LISA: Jem's style was "truly outrageous" how would you describe your personal style aesthetic?

SAMANTHA: I love fashion, obsessed right now with this short lace cape I saw and I'm having it made it in a different fabric for my new album cover if all goes as planned. I'm such a high heels girl, Platforms yes yummy!!! love love love boots the higher the better and I love tights, the look of a cool A-line shift dress with black tights and great boots and 3/4 sleeves (my favorite) just simple and flirty and fun. I used to wear alot of black but I'm experimenting way more with color now. Then there is always favorite jeans and a comfy sexy off the shoulder t-shirt. I don't like too much pattern or fuss, I like elegant but a bit edgy and funky. I'm not that into jewelry, but if I wear anything I like some sort of cool cuff or bracelet or fun oversized cocktail ring. I love the bigger bed hair look too, kinda wild and effortless and sexy.

LISA: What advice would you give to anyone aspiring to be a voice of an animated character? any tricks of the trade you could share?

SAMANTHA: I'd say first you have to really love the craft- I would also say since It's such a competitive field right now get involved in some voice-over classes and get your sea legs and get something on tape, a voice-over reel. You can learn so much from folks that have been in and are still in the industry that teach classes and workshops. I think Sue Blu in LA had a workshop for ages and she is Stormer on JEM. There are two routes Union where you join SAG and AFTRA and get an agent and go on auditions or there is the non union where you just would have to network and meet people. There are some online sites that voice-over work is offered on like My voice-over story is unique but I did have years and years of schlepping it out at cattle calls auditioning as a child performer and paying my dues in that regard. If It's something you love and you don't mind working nights so you can audition during the day and you have a real talent for it (not just your Mom saying you're great) I say you could be the next voice-over sensation, hurry up and get out there and go for it!!


I loved the fashion component of the show. Who did not subscribe to the "Glamour and glitter, fashion and fame", line in the theme song and quite frankly I still dream of a pair of Jem Star earrings that could project any piece of clothing or accessory at a moments notice for me and all my friends!

I was always more of a "MISFIT" when it came to my fictional fashion.

Truly Outrageous offerings from EVOLUTION VINTAGE ~ unlock he Rock Star in you with these looks:

Vintage Pink Sequin Mini

Vintage 80's Sequin mini dress

Vintage 80's Acetate skirt & top set

Vintage pink/orange halter gown

GUESS Metallic Pumps

Vintage 80's Silver Sequin Bomber Jacket

80's Gold Tone Bomber Jacket

80's Black dress w Sequin shoulder detail


I have since traded my Rockin' Roadster for a Denali and my dolls for real children but I have retained the dream of one day reaching Rock Star/Fashionista status. I think I have the fashionista part down, guess it's time to start singing lessons??

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What's YOUR AUNTitude?

While performing my daily ritual of tweeting and reading of my busy timeline from those tweeters "I Follow" I came across an amazing article in the Huffington Post called "The Truth About Childless Women" written my Melanie Notkin AKA the Savvy Auntie.

"My circumstances have left me infertile but they have not left me non-maternal. I love the children in my life with boundless adoration. If I was not meant to be a mother to 2.1 kids, then perhaps I was meant to be motherly to many more."
Read the entire article

There is an entire community of women who feel the same way as Melanie and perhaps their circumstances have left them without a child of their "own" but they own the love they have for a child or children in general. Many of these women are childless, some by choice and others by circumstances, but deserve respect, love and support.

According to Melanies article "Nearly 46 percent of American women through age 44 are childless. That's up from 35 percent in 1976." This is a BIG issue for women that needs to be part of our dialogue.

I dug deeper into the world of the "Savvy Auntie" and discovered an amazing on-line resource for women who love children and the important roles these women play in the lives of children around them. I myself have a circle of Aunties who have been a wonderful support and source of love for both myself and my 2 children.

Check out the amazing resources, experts, gift suggestions and information. Join the community to connect with other Savvy Aunties too

If you are a Savvy Auntie on the go grab Melanies new book SAVVY AUNTIE: The Ultimate Guide for Cool Aunts, Great-Aunts, Godmothers and All Women Who Love Kids (HarperCollins)-April 2011

I had recently had the opportunity to discuss the Savvy Auntie concept with Melanie:

LISA: Who is a "Savvy Auntie"?

AUNTIE: A Savvy Auntie is one who understands that Aunt-hood, just like parenthood, doesn’t come with an instruction manual, and seeks to discover how to be the most Savvy Auntie she can be and inspire other Aunties in the same way. She’s savvy in every other aspect of her life; now she can be savvy about kids too.

LISA: Where did the original concept of the community come from?

AUNTIE: When my nephew was born, I realized that there were no modern resources for the cosmopolitan aunt. Aunthood felt like an old "auntique" and not representative the fabulous kid-friendly women I knew. Where were the rest of this nearly 50 percent of American women? Where was my tribe? I couldn't find one, so I launched in the summer of 2009. And now there's a growing Auntourage.

LISA: What do you hope to accomplish through your on-line community?

AUNTIE: I hope that aunts learn from experts, find activities to do with their nieces and nephews, indulge in gift ideas and ask for and share in the savvy with each other.

LISA: What is your favourite aspect of being a Savvy Auntie?

AUNTIE: I love that my influence is different than that of my nephew's and nieces' parents. I give the children a different perspective on life. They learn from me.

LISA: What has been your most rewarding experience from your on-line community and/or publishing your book?

AUNTIE: Every day is a rewarding experience big and small, the good and the bad. It's all about building something spectacular for these women who deserve it because they give so much of themselves to children not their own. I'm so happy for and proud of Savvy Auntie.

LISA: What advice would you give any women who loves children but has yet to have any of her own?

AUNTIE: She should remember that aunthood is a gift. It's a gift to the children who never suffer from too much of her love, for the parents who know their children are loved without condition or obligation by another responsible adult, and it's a gift for her - a legacy she inspires. Every boo boo she kisses, every little hand she holds, every hug she gives is a gift. Being maternal is hers to own. So own it.

Did you know? Aunties Day is JULY 24th ~ Don't forget to celebrate the Aunties in your life. Shower them with the love and gifts they so richly deserve and bring to the lives of your child/children all year long.

Savvy Aunties are a mothers best resource for love, fun, and support for yourself and your child or children. It's about time we all change our AUNTitudes.

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Yearning For Yellow

There is no color that says SUMMER more to me than YELLOW. The brighter the better.

It is a fabulous choice for a sunny day or a HOT summer night. Not bold enough for a solid Yellow look?


A girl always has options if you don't want to follow the Yellow Brick Runway in a traditional sense ...

Shade Sharing:
There are so many shades of "Yellow" in the spectrum that you could also try Shade Sharing and mix yellow tones and shades.

Prints and Hints: Chose a print with a splash of yellow or a yellow hint.

Rachel Zoe

Tori Spelling

Chanel Spring 2011

Add A Splash: Add bright yellow accents to your looks; Shoes, Bag, Scarf or hair accessory would do the trick and instantly brighten your look.

Marc Jacobs

1980's Mustard Clutch (SOLD)


Can't afford to buy a new yellow piece? or feel wearing a yellow garment a YAWN? At the very least brighten your digits with bright yellow polish in matte or metallic. Polish is an inexpensive way to brighten your day!

What was rocked in the 80's by Madonna is fabulous again today ~ Just ask KLS!

Pregnant?? No problem. Yellow for day or night, short or long is always an option for the stylish Mamma Maven.

Some of my FAV Yellow Celebrity looks and EVOLUTION VINTAGE PIECES

Mariska Hargitay (2008)

Vintage Mustard Grecian Dress w Gold Leaf Pattern

Dita Von Teese

Vintage late 40's Yellow Brocade gown w rhinestone belt and train

Rachel Zoe

Vintage 1970's Polyester floral pattern in yellow (white) tones

Marilyn Monroe

Vintage late 70's swimsuit embellished front & back with crystals

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