Saturday, November 26, 2011

Behind The Lens: Hayley Marie Photography

Hayley ~ Self Portrait (wearing Evolution Vintage t-shirt)

I love beautiful images of all kinds; editorial fashion, landscape, interesting people or just random or ordinary things in life we take for granted. But when a photographer captures it in that moment it becomes amazing again; like a tree with changing leaves. In my "Behind The Lens" series I want to highlight some photographers who are visionaries and who are creating beautiful images from the world that surrounds them.

My first feature is Hayley Blackburn of Hayley Marie Photography. She is a local photographer here on the Central Coast of California but hails from the Gold Coast of Australia. She specializes in the use of nature and natural lighting to create her beautiful images. She loves fashion, nature and personal portraits.

I had the pleasure of working with her on a few jobs/shoots from a styling perspective as well as having her shoot my family and images with my new son Blake.
I had a chance to chat with Hayley about her business and passion;

LISA: Where did your love for photography come from?

HAYLEY: Ever since I can remember I have loved taking photographs of everything and anything. As a little girl growing up I loved to spend my pocket money on those little disposable cameras and snap away.I have aways loved Art....I love colors, shapes, textures but mostly I love to see the way the sun radiates and lights up objects and people so individually beautiful. But I have never been able to illustrate my art very well on paper or canvas. Photography gives me that avenue where i can express the beauty in life that I see.

LISA: What/Who inspires you?

HAYLEY: I am fortunate enough to live in a beautiful part of the world here on the Central Coast of California. I am definitely inspired every day I step out my front door and see the sparkling blue Pacific to the west and the rolling green hills to the East. There are a lot of people and amazing photographers who inspire me.The late Herb Ritts would have to be my all time favourite photographer. I am in awe each and every time I come across a shot of his. My 3 year old daughter is also a big inspiration to me. I love trying to capture her fun, carefree and innocent nature.
LISA: What is your favourite subject matter to shoot? and why?

HAYLEY: At the moment I am dabbling a little bit in everything. From model portfolios to fashion catalogues, family portraits to landscapes. But I must say my favourite type of shoot would have to be a fashion shoot. I love the freedom of imagination that can be expressed when concocting up the theme that best showcases the style of fashions to be photographed. I like to get a bit adventurous, and the models I have been working with lately are always up for the challenge....and that is FUN!!

LISA: What's next for Hayley Marie Photography (H.M.P)?

HAYLEY: Well being a relatively new kid on the photography block, I am looking forward to what the future holds for me and excited to find out which way the tides will take me. I have just brought out my debut calendar, "Seascapes of the Central Coast", it is a 12 month collection of my favourite Seascapes near my home. Proceeds from the sale of my calendar will be donated to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. I am also heading back to my beautiful homeland of Australia for a couple of months in the New Year....where I plan to expand my portfolio.
But all in all, I am hopeful that 2012 will be a year full of exciting new beginnings, opportunities and advancements for H.M.P.

LISA: What piece of advice would you give any creative entrepreneurs?

HAYLEY: My advice for any creative entrepreneur is (and funny that you ask me this) but the other day when it all just seemed too overwhelming with all the demands that creating a new business involves......a fabulous wise woman said to me....."It sucks when you work so hard and it feels like it's all for nothing; but remember it's the price of doing business and building your business. If it was easy everyone would do it. Hang in there and keep on moving."(Lisa G, Evolution-Vintage)

LISA: How can my readers reach out to you to book your services?

HAYLEY: You can find me ON-LINE

LISA: One DIY tip for all the aspiring photographers out there - can you tell us something about getting a perfect photo? OR any other tips for the lay person who takes lots of personal photos?

HAYLEY: LIGHT is EVERYTHING!! I find that I get my best shots about 20min before sunset. This beautiful golden light is very complimentary for everyone! Shooting at midday in broad daylight is a No No unless you are going for the squinty, shadowy eyelook thing.
I always try to look for that unique shot that no one else has taken. Yes it may be a beautiful sunset right in front of you, but try and make it a little different to the average sunset shot by trying different angles and compositions. Sometimes by adding an unexpected object in the frame can make it all that much more exciting. Just don't be shy....SNAP SNAP SNAP away!! Sometimes the best shots are the least expected ones!

GREAT GIFT IDEA: Her latest project is a beautiful calendar featuring 12 stunning images from the Central Coast of California. 10% of the proceeds from each calendar is going to the ‘National Breast Cancer Foundation’. EXCLUSIVE to Evolution Revolution readers enjoy FREE SHIPPING! just mention Evolution Revolution in your e-mail to Hayley!

Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving (and other holidays)always makes me stop to take a life inventory; count my blessings and share my gratitude with everyone in my life. I'm left wondering why we all don't do this all year? It literally took me a few moments to tweet, update facebook status, send a group MMS and make a few calls to say "Thank You" and "I Love You". During the holiday season I really do take time to look around. I have observed that people are much more polite, courteous, thoughtful, expressive and kind. I wonder why it takes a Hallmark holiday to make us all become human again (this includes the Christmas holiday season which I guess in America officially starts tomorrow, Black Friday style!).

Today, again I am going to take this digital opportunity to say THANKS to everyone who has blessed my life; my beautiful children Kaleigh Rain and Blake, my amazing husband who loves and supports me like no other, my family and friends spread throughout North America .... The Canucks and Yanks. I am also going to make a pledge to be more aware and expressive regarding my gratitude. The best gift I was given; this amazing life I have (thanks mom). I am completely guilty of letting my fast paced life sweep me away in a sea of responsibility, work and obligation with perceived little time left for expressing my appreciation to those who are a part of my universe. This also extends to random strangers and 'the little things'. There are really no excuses not to be present, slow down and say THANKS.

Life is full of struggle, tough times, disappointments and not so amazing moments but it is the thankfulness and appreciation for the great ones that makes life a truly extraordinary experience! NONE of us navigate this life alone. So THANK YOU to all of you who have loved me, helped me, laughed and cried with me, supported me and those who continue to travel with me down my path!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Can you believe it? 38 days until Christmas. I am 99% done my shopping because for me on top of my baking, home decorating, tree-trimming, wrapping, pre-school participation, and socializing yuletide duties I have little time to shop as the actual holiday approaches. I attempt completion by Dec 1st (at least that's the goal). This year I also get to go home to Canada and enjoy my entire family in the snow too; 2 kids on a plane from LAX to Toronto with all my Christmas gear in tow .. Good Times. Yup, I'm going to be "that person" on the plane this time.
So for the stressed and time crunched, or just for those who have no idea what to give this year I wanted to offer a few suggestions that may help you check the shopping portion of the Christmas program off your list.

LOVE is obviously the BEST gift as is TIME spent with love ones but let's be realistic. We ALL have people on our list to BUY for.

1) EVOLUTION VINTAGE GIFT CARD - Give the gift of FASHION! The card are electronic (emailed - you can print & give!) in $50, $100, $150, $200 denominations. You can use this toward shipping too. If you know someone who has unique taste and loves high quality Vintage this makes a great gift!
2) PICNIC BACK PACK - A gift that makes you want to explore the great outdoors, with some comforts of home dining. Cruise the site too: Red Envelope has a lot of unique gifts (some you can customize!)

3) Book: 100 Unforgettable Dresses – by Hal Rubenstein Fashion. Eye Candy with Great information about each dress.

4) Vestige Jewelry Recycled Vintage metals and jewels. All the pieces are unique!

Read her Evolution Revolution Vintage Feature HERE

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6)Decades of Style – 60’s & 70’s How to Hair & Make-up. Great information about the decades and the looks along with quotations. EXCLUSIVE for my readers: message the author though her website and SAVE 50% before Thanksgiving and 40% until Christmas!!

7) Dreaming of Chanel & Dreaming of Dior: Vintage Dresses, Timeless Stories Travel though one woman’s inherited Vintage Collection of over 3,000 pieces from her godmother in these 2 books! Great illustrations too.

8)Dragon Voice Software Great for writers, bloggers, or people who can speak/think faster than they can type. Also good for people who have sustained injuries and have a hard time typing or navigating with their mouse. Let the Dragon do the work! Special Christmas sale for home computers on now!

9) Central Coast Sea Scape Calendar Enjoy the beauty of California’s Beautiful Central Coast, with amazing images and quotations. The bonus is 10% of the proceeds are being donated to Breast Cancer. Mention Evolution Revolution and get FREE SHIPPING!! 10) Custom Portrait – Marty Parker ART! Be forever immortalized in pencil by the hand of a great artist. It is a unique and custom gift for friends or family. You can also purchase an existing print from Marty’s collection to be framed for your gift! Mention Evolution Revolution and SAVE $20 on a fine art print of your choice and if you live in the US SHIPPING IS FREE on all items!

11) Raw Essentials Skin care line. If you care what goes into your body give the RAW line a try (the price is right too)! Model Carol Alt has created a line of skin care products that use Raw ingredients that are better for your skin because they are never heated above 115° and retain all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants providing maximum nourishment to the skin SHOP: (FREE Shipping over $75) also available at Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada

12) Kam Bey Jewelry - Scott Kam & Andrea Bey collaboration combining Kam's Vintage Native American Jewelry along with Bey's Contemporary Jewelry Designs. There are some unique pieces in their collection. EXCLUSIVE to Evolution Revolution readers: Buy a Kam Bey Piece and get another piece for 50% off (of equal or lesser value)

13) Pennies From Heaven: A Medium's Two Cents on Life and Death by Christopher Stillar. Not only did I have the pleasure to write the forward to this book I have also witnessed the impact Chris has made in the lives of others by providing them with validations from the other side. Don't take my word for it ... READ IT and GIVE IT to those who believe and the skeptic's too!

I hope this guide will help you get ready for the holidays!!

The real joy of this and ALL seasons comes from giving. Your time, love, service and of course a gift or two!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Stay in Sequin's Ladies

My pre-holiday obsession? Embellished garments: Sequin, Beading & Rhinestones ... OH MY! We (by WE I mean YOU because I wear sequins to the grocery store) all make excuses that we/you have "no wear to wear" a sparkly, or heavily embellished item(s) for fear of being over dressed. But never fear; HOLIDAY SEASON is here! Trim your Thanksgiving table wearing beads, have Christmas cocktails in sequins and welcome 2012 is rhinestones! Get your sparkle on this holiday season in an embellished top, dress or accessories!

My FAV accessory for Every Day is the SEQUIN BERET! Available in a wide variety of colors they are inexpensive and totally Fabulous to dress up or down. I love sporting this for Pre-School Drop off and grocery shopping.

Other Embellished Accessories





Colored & Printed Dresses

The "not so little" Black Dress


Partial Embellishment

Classic Silver


The ULTIMATE Vintage sequin gown - Tori Spelling in her 1970's Gold & Black EVOLUTION VINTAGE dress!

Carrie @ The Playboy Mansion (Sex and the City Scene) - Sequin SWIM

And the HOLY GRAIL of Sequin/Embellished Jackets - CHANEL:

Gold Sequin trimmed in glass pieces - $39,000

So Can you GET YOUR SPARKLE ON this Holiday Season .... or everyday??