Sunday, September 18, 2011

Obsessed: Vestige Jewelry

For those of you who know me and/or read this blog know that lately I have been obsessed with jewels; costume, fine, contemporary, vintage, antique. I LOVE it all and I am an equal opportunity fashion offender. In my hunt for the most amazing an unique pieces I stumbled upon VESTIGE JEWELRY.

It is the passion of Tracy Glantz who designs AND makes each piece by hand using recycled metals, vintage crystals and unique mixing of the past and present. The contrast of her creations are STUNNING! and I immediately fell in love.

She is into all of the things I love and respect. She is a creative entrepreneur who is recycling and using elements of the past to style into the future. She has a unique perspective offering her clients custom, one-of-a-kind pieces with a "something for everyone" attitude. She is also inspired and ready to use her creations to make women feel beautiful AND pushes her creative boundaries with every piece! BRAVO! It is creative people like you that make my crazy world go round!

I spoke to Tracy about her Vestige Venture recently;

LISA: What inspired you to start your business and use Recycled/Vintage materials?

TRACY: I started my business, because of my love of jewelry. It makes sense to be responsible this day in time and use recycled, re purposed, and vintage materials. It makes a WOW statement, and adds dramatic elements that are unique and timeless to wear.

LISA: What inspires your pieces?

TRACY: My jewelry is inspired by many things I create, but to name a few; Old Hollywood Glamour, Art Deco, Baroque, Victorian, and Steampunk.

LISA: What is your favorite piece and why?

TRACY: My favorite piece is my first design creation which is a charm necklace. It’s derived from an older piece I have had for many years. It’s as simple as having one piece to inspire you. I just kept pushing my creative boundaries.

LISA: Where can my readers purchase your items?

TRACY: They can purchase the items on my web site

LISA: Do you design AND make each piece?

TRACY: Yes, I design and make each piece by hand.

LISA: Tell our readers about you. Who is the woman behind Vestige Jewelry.

TRACY: I am currently living in Austin, Texas and a proud pet parent to my little adopted dog named Ozzy. I moved here from Dallas, Texas 2 years ago where I am originally from. I have worked as a network engineer in the telecommunications industry for 14 years. I started working from home two years ago, and it wasn’t until then I tapped into my creative ability. I had more time to pursue my passion for jewelry. I was grateful to have an opportunity to work from home, because not having those structured stresses freed my creative thought process and I was much more relaxed. I just keep striving to achieve more, and proud how my designs make people feel.

I am excited to make my first purchase from VJ; the issue is choosing which one that I NEED first!! reptile bracelet perhaps???

Stay tuned for Tracy to add more pieces to her already amazing collection!! Follow her on TWITTER read her BLOG & LIKE her FACEBOOK page.