Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday: Dance With Life

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During a recent "music therapy" session I had with my husband I re-discovered my LOVE for the song "Dance with Life (The Brilliant Light)" by Bryan Ferry. I love the lyrics, vibe and overall message. Oh and Yes, I said music therapy. My definition: Cocktails and a full exploration or journey through my iTunes library and CD collection, memory lane walk and wine infused sing-a-long time which is completely FUN and CATHARTIC at the same time. Try it with your spouse or friends. Go song for song in a fabulous musical journey. There is no reason that the therapy session has to be booze infused either but I fear the sober version would be a little scary with my singing voice!

Listen to the track above - I did not make this video but some of the images are BEAUTIFUL!

I LOVE this lyric: "Breathe the sweet fresh air
And make every second your last
And I'll touch you from the world I wake in
Make the most of the present and the past
I need to dance with life"

Back to the point. It made me think about life and our daily grind as a dance, where YOU need to LEAD, not let it lead you. Imagine waking each day and you have a choice of the music (soundtrack), the dance type/style, wardrobe, pace and partner. Your life and how you experience your daily dance is ultimately up to YOU. Let's see; today seems like a Viennese Waltz type day, I'm a little bit slower paced, close in hold with my chosen partner (my fabulous husband David), not sure of the soundtrack yet but perhaps the Bryan Ferry song?
Some people are overwhelmed by life and need to take a breath and maybe use this metaphor, on a day-by-day basis. Ask yourself when you rise to face the day ahead, based on your feelings, energy level and obligations "what will my dance be today?" Freestlye? Argentine Tango? Waltz? Belly Dance? Strip Tease? Solo? Partnered? there are so many different dance types and styles you are bound to find one that metaphorically suits your life. What a fun approach to your daily grind - where you take the LEAD! All of our lives and circumstances differ greatly but I feel the Dance with Life metaphor to be universal.

What will your dance be today? from the ballroom to the boardroom it is ultimately your choice! will you let someone else lead? or will YOU take the lead and leave your brilliant light behind?

Kelly Osbourne & Dace Pro Louis VanAmstel - Dancing with the Stars

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