Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tuesday's Thought: Customization

Within out society we can customize ANYTHING we want .. for a price. You can customize your car, your home, even down to your napkins and dinnerware. We customize clothing, phones, laptops, towels, robes; you can place your custom monogram on almost every conceivable object. What about your LIFE? I wonder why people do not work on customizing their lives more.

Like everything else it will come at a price; judgement of others, hard work, choice, sacrifice, perhaps money but the most precious commodity of all TIME.

Let me be clear about what I mean. To customize one's life is to choose the things/activities that make you authentically happy, the things you honestly WANT. On a small scale, you know you SHOULD clean your house but you WANT to read your new book. It is about making YOUR desires and dreams your PRIORITY. It could be on a small or grand scale. A large scale example could be that you know you should leave your current relationship because it is unhealthy in some way or making you unhappy, but you choose to stay to maintain status quo and take the path of least resistance; low cost.

We all have responsibilities that we perceive precludes the option of choice to do what we truly want in our lives. I think we can have it ALL. After all my chosen responsibilities are complete in a day, I ALWAYS take time to do something that I WANT. I choose to make myself a priority in my own life. This is where the cost comes in. I may have to sacrifice sleep but it is well worth it. Self Time and Self Care is not Self-ish! I have always wanted to be a mother and have the opportunity to be present while raising my children. As equally important to me was being able to have a career and make a contribution to society. I therefore had to customize my life to make what is important to me a reality. I created and chose a home based business/occupation so I could work, build my future and be here for my children. I could have easily put my children in day care and went to work but why? I want my life, in all facets to be tailored to my wants, dreams and goals. Customization is what makes my life come to life!

Let's face it we all have the same 24 hours in each day. YOU are the only one responsible for how your time is spent.

Make your Tuesdays thought about a way that YOU can customize your life to get the most of of the time you have been given. Consider what you are willing to "pay" to have the life you have always imagined. It IS possible, but up to YOU.

"Everyday in every way I create my own reality. So what is it that I choose to create today"? - Gabriella Goddard.

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