Saturday, June 30, 2012

Red, White & Fabulous

Miu Miu - Resort 2012

On the eve of CANADA's BIRTHDAY I wanted to offer up some patriotic pairings in a celebration of my homeland (CAN) and my new home (USA). since the holiday's are so close together be sure to confidently a million mixes of the Red, White and Blue. There are thousands of ways to mix the colours into your look. I love mixing nautical and military themed pieces as well as prints for day and night.  Below are a few fun suggestions. The only limit to your patriotic paring possibilities is your imagination.


Miu Miu Gingham Sling Back's - Resort 2012

Charles David ~ Nautical

Nine West - Eastbound T-Strap Pumps


Red, White & Blue EVOLUTION REWIND Ring

Vintage Red/White Statement Necklace


 Vintage Navy/White Dress

Miu Miu Resort 2012


 Vintage RICHARD TYLER Read Silk Blazer

No matter what country you are celebrating in this week/weekend ENJOY and turn it out in STYLE. You can be patriotic AND pretty!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

GO Gingham: Styled

I'm obviously on the Gingham program for summer and wanted to share a few style tips for those who are unsure about rocking a head-to-toe gingham look.

This 3 piece set from EVOLUTION VINTAGE is fabulous on it's own, but with the right accessories and infusion of contemporary pieces it could also go a long way in your closet. My Sweet & chic intern Kylie was nice enough to help me show you how!

Utilizing Vintage accessories and some contemporary selections I transformed and RE-Styled THIS:


Contemporary TANK & JEANS (use any washes or colors to mix it up in your own closet)
Vintage accessories:

Vintage Purse (can be converted into a clutch) - $20

How can you Re-Style vintage Gingham this summer using what you have in your closet? or by adding contemporary accessories?

Flex those creative muscles and GO GINGHAM!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

GO Gingham: Summer Chic

Anyone who knows me is well aware that I have an affinity for PRINTS. When I think of a summer print my mind does not jump to the obvious; floral. I blogged recently about Fruits/Veggie prints for summer 2012 but I also LOVE Gingham. Not only does the print make for a fabulous table cloth or picknic spread, shabby chic style but it is a beautiful choice for summer in all of it's forms ~ Dresses, shoes, tops and MORE! 

FAV Swim: Navy/White Gingham by J. Crew (SALE: $55)

FAV Set: Vintage 1960's Navy/White 3 piece Gingham Set (Dress/Jacket/Belt)

TIP: Style with a POP of colour AND metallic accessories! I will show you how to Re-Style these 3 pieces into several contemporary looks using additional Vintage accessories in an upcoming blog. 

Gingham is a GO for summer!

B&W Gingham w embellishments

NOW: on Dita Von Teese

THEN: - Vintage Skirt by briannauk

Navy/White Mini

Summer Day Dress

NOW: by D&G

Black & White Chic Checks

TIP: Making minor alterations to ANY garment (tailoring or shortening skirts) makes a BIG difference. Don't let an amazing Vintage piece pass you by due to ill fitting or not being the right length. CALL A SEAMSTRESS!

Will you be Good To Go In GINGHAM this summer??

Monday, June 25, 2012

Lisa Marie Bring's Her Storm To SF

Image: Alex Washburn, San Fransisco Chronicle

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the musical storm that singer/songwriter Lisa Marie Presley brought to the intimate club setting of Slim's in San Francisco while on her promotional mini-tour for her new album "Storm & Grace". My first observation was the mixed crowd that Lisa draws. It was an eclectic mix of people there to hear good music, some to gawk, some LMP fans decked out in “pirate" gear and other randoms who are always drawn by the Presley name with their preconceived notions and personal expectations.

I have been enjoying Lisa's music since her debut album but I have to say the most attractive quality about this album is its authenticity.  I feel like Lisa's music has undergone a recent evolution where she has been able to shed the shroud of production and step forward in a vulnerable and authentic way. She has found her voice, one she should truly be proud of.  That came through to me last night from my approximate 6th row position in the crowd, cocktail in hand after my near 4 hour  pilgrimage from California's Central Coast to hear her perform. The nerves are visibly still there but subsequently begin to melt away one she feels the energy of the room/ She has this instinctual way to decipher the genuine from the junk. 

The set was sadly a short one but she assured the crowd that she and her talented band would be back in the fall with a full tour, including selections from albums past and of course the new material which is a musical fusion tribute to her past and her present.

Image: Alex Washburn, San Fransisco Chronicle

I was moved by the shows intro of what seemed like a southern, rustic, blues chanting which translated into a sensory foreshadowing that set the tone for the show.

Many faces in the crowd were singing along to the new songs, including one of my FAV's from the album - "Un Break".  I loved when she took her turn on the double floor toms and following my sheer delight at this unexpected treat, some guy behind me screeched in my ear "I didn't see that coming". I laughed  quietly to myself and thought "you ain't seen nothing yet" .The toms and tambourine added another layer to her performance for sure.

The styling of the band is very cohesive yet each player brings something unique to the table. Lisa was in head to toe black, with a tailored blazer and statement necklace. Her husband, the always fashionable Michael Lockwood presented as a stylish mix of English gent meets military steam punk. The rest of the band each had their own look, with cohesive elements like top hats, feathers and suits. From my PROFashional opinion I LOVED it. Never before has her band had a "look" or "vibe" about them in this way.

I look forward to the long version of what I saw last night. Her grace post show was personally appreciated as she took the time to meet with fans, sign autographs and take photos. I enjoyed my warm reception and look forward to seeing her again on the road in the fall. I'll bring the champagne ;)

Lisa musically seem's on her natural path. A path that can not be compared to anyone else. I am excited to see where this one will lead her.

Lisa G & LMP

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sole Sister Sunday: Adriano Diamante

Every day I awake to new followers on Twitter and marvel at how it has made our world a whole lot smaller and has brought forth some of my most amazing connections.  This is the case with Shoe Designer Adriano Diamante. I noticed her following me on Twitter and I immediately had to check out her site! and to my pure delight it was full of amazing shoes and handbags.  All dripping in Swarovski crystals, sparkle and GLAM.

She is a New York based shoe designer and the Diamante collection is definitely one to behold.  The collection has all the elements I love; the pieces are unique, can be customized, vibrant, bold and STUNNING!

In her own words "In a world where it's easy to shine while walking among the many bright lights, It only those who find a way to shine in the dark, that truly make an everlasting impression. This is my inspiration"

I had an opportunity to chat with Adriano recently about her collection.

The Designer

LG:   Where did your inspiration come from to start designing shoes with Swarovski elements?

AD: I always tell people my inspiration came from the simple desire to have something that did not already exist.  I was in need of a sapphire blue stiletto for an event I was attending last summer. I wanted something that sparkled! After an extensive search for the perfect shoe, with absolutely no luck; I decided to design my own. I went through a lot of sketches before I decided on the British Beauty design.  The first British Beauty was done in Australian crystals, I still have that pair for keepsakes…lol, but the crystals did not quite catch the light as I had envisioned. After visiting the Swarovski in London, I quickly knew the shoe had to be done with Swarovski.

LG: What was your first design? When did you start your creative journey?

AD: My first design was the British Beauty which I designed in April of 2011. Once each one of my designs is sketched; I then digitally create the stone placement on a computer program. A lot goes in to creating an Adriano Diamante shoe. Each sketched is scanned, and then I break it down into Swarovski stones. Each stone placement is extremely important in creating the design. I put a lot of thought into where each stone should be placed to assure the shoe has a continuous flow when the light hits it.

LG: Are the majority of your designs platform heels? Why did you choose this style?

AD: A majority of my designs are done on the closed toe platform because this is a very popular shoe shape. I chose this design because the shoe style gives me plenty of room for my creativity to flow with the Swarovski stones. However, I do offer sport shoes, low wedges and some peep toes when custom ordered. I love love the higher heels. I even offer a 7 inch platform in my collection. However the lower heels are just as fun to design.

LG: Are your shoes made to order? what is the availability?

AD: Yes, my shoes are made to order. Mainly because most of my shoes are purchased for a specific event or dress, so I get a lot of request to change colors in the design. I love for women to feel they have something made specifically with them and their event in mind. I communicate back and forth with each customer assuring the perfect fit and color for their shoe. I carry them through the whole process until the piece is complete. I keep different shoe molds stocked, so once ordered it is just a matter of sketching and digitally creating the stone placement. Once that is done the shoe can be completed in 7 days.

Bridal Collection: The One

LG: Who / What inspires you?

AD:   I take inspiration from everything around me, but mainly nature. I love the mixture of earth tones. A scenic view such as a Dubai sunrise can set off my creativity.  Even smells can inspire me, for example when I smell lavender I run to sketch a design using different tones of purples.

LG: If you could give women one piece of style advice , when it comes to shoes what would it be?

AD: When it comes to picking a shoe always dare to be bold. I love shoes that make a statement. A bold shoe can completely change the look of an outfit, but it can also change the attitude of a person as well.

My 2 FAV's from the collection: The Enchanted Peacock  & British Beauty  (Size 9 please)

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