Monday, June 18, 2012

Line Up

Linda Evangelista - Photog: Steven Meisel

I LOVE to Line Up when creating the perfect eye. In recent years I have gotten into the use of eyeliner. There is nothing sexier to me than a BLACK "Cat's Eye" or "Wing". After all these years it remains a make-up staple.

A lot of women have told me they love the lined look but are unable to do it. Just like everything else in life ladies it takes practice, trial and error and a little bit of experimentation.  DO NOT try liner until perfected on the day of an event. Start your practice in advance.

Here is a photographic step-by-step Vintage liner "PicTorial"

It's fun to play with different liners, and then pair with various eye shadow colours and techniques. The only limit id your imagination.

I use M.A.C. Angle Brush # 208 (It is technically for Eye Brows but I love it for my lash line)

The Result - My mix of Pink Shadow (Kat Von D: Mi Vida Loca) & Wing Liner

Image: Hayley Marie Photography

TIP: I pull my eye lid FLAT to get the perfect line. Then fill in.

Need a step-by-step guide??


Ekaterina Ulyanoff Make Up Artist

Are you ready to LINE UP? Post your comments, tips and photos below.

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