Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sole Sister Sunday: Courtney's Closet

Courtney in her Shoe Closet

I love life and it's randomness; I never know where my next Sole Sister connection is going to come from.  Courtney and I connected first through her craftiness and coverups and NOW it's her closet ... her SHOE closet.

I had the fabulous opportunity to get a guided tour though her shelves and really see Courtney's kicks. 

"Just got these over the summer. My fav throw on loafers. Jimmy Choo. Super comfy and I always wear them with black to spice up any casual outfit, also great with leggings."

"My must have Hunter rain boots in blue. I like wearing these to garden too, they look super hot with shorts. Also great for outdoor concerts. Super popular in England and it brings out my inner London girl."

 "Just got these at Zara. I have been wearing them with everything, they were a bargain and are super cute and go with jeans, shorts and dresses. I LOVE THEM!"

"Major splurge. Chanel rain boots. When you want to look chic and sexy in the rain."

 "Jimmy Choo suede pumps. I live in these and these are my go to shoes. They compliment every outfit and always make your legs look great!"

"My favorite boots. YSL. These are a must for me during fall and winter, they give you some serious height too and are surprisingly easy to walk in too!"

 "Bought these in Park City, Utah during the Sundance Film Festival 2 years ago. These are my inspiration to go to the snow. I so wish I could get away with wearing these in Los Angeles!"

"I got these last weekend for the I Heart Radio concert in Vegas. I got them at Forever 21 for $30! I wore them all weekend and they looked so hot with every outfit and were super comfy! I have gotten so many compliments on them it's crazy. The best $30 I've ever spent!"

"Bought these at H&M in Tokyo last fall for $40. I wear them like crazy and they make any outfit instantly sexier. "

What are your FAV shoes from Courtney's Coveted closet?? I'm in love with the CHANEL rain boots!

Weigh in Sole Sisters  - Leave a Comment!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Emmy 2012 Red Carpet: My View

 I love watching the red carpet and throwing in my digital two cents into the sea of blogs and websites who are essentially judging the looks. I like to only highlights the looks I love, no need to diss for a difference in personal taste.

Heidi Klum in Sexy Sea Foam (Alexandre Vautheir)

 Jenna Malone in J. Mendel 

 Jessica Pare in Jason Wu ~ Classic Hollywood GLAM

 Leslie Mann in Naeem Kahn ~ LOVE the dress (w pockets) and the choice of turquoise jewelry!

 Hanna Simone in Mary Katrantzou Balalaika

Julie Bowen in Monique Lhullier ~ I loved the gown and colour but the hair was a miss for me.

Julianne Moore in Christian Dior COUTURE. Love the dress & Colour - Needed a Statement Necklace or a GIANT Cocktail Ring! 

 I Loved Julianne Hough's Georges Hobeika gown. I would have loved it more on the Oscar red carpet. The Retro-GLAM hair was a wonderful edition to this look.

Honourable Mentions
Something about this Marchesa  gown I LOVE - the mix of gold and teal is Divine!

We all know Sofia is GORGEOUS and the Zuhair Murad gown was beautiful .. just a little expected.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sole Sister Sunday: Why Shoes?

Shoes: Conde Nast Image. 1941

Why do women LOVE shoes so much? I have sat the entire day pondering this thought. With all of the fabulous fashion confections to choose from MANY still gravitate toward shoes and are forever on the hunt for the perfect shoe. When they find it ... they are onto the next and the hunt continues from season to season.

At the same time I have found women very polarized on the issue.  They either LOOOOVE shoes or could care less and require them only for functional purposes. Not much of a grey area. But during the course of my 'unofficial' Sole Sister Survey there are more LOVERS than functional fabs. I have to say functionality is at the bottom of my list when I am shoe shopping.

Joan Crawford ~ 1940's

After much reflection I came up with the following theory. Women love shoes because it is one "size" that rarely changes, if so the fluctuation is small. Shoe size is a constant when all other variables adjust as we age, have children or change lifestyles. Shoes also can make or break an otherwise fabulous look/outfit. Like the cherry a top the proverbial fashion Sunday.  

When you have that good "shoe experience" you never forget it and like any Sole Sister you keep coming back for more. To me they have transformative properties. You feel taller, adding instant glamour to your gait and of course they are another form of self expression which requires no words.

Carrie Bradshaw - Sex and the City

Shoes are the quickest way for women to achieve instant metamorphosis -Manolo Blahnik

 WHY SHOES? Tell me what you think!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Song Saturday: Storm of Nails

My Glammer AKA Glam Hammer and an Image of Frida Kahlo

It's ALWAYS something. If I had a penny for every time this statement rang true. Everyone's "storms", "shit", "stuff" comes in different forms and to various degrees but make no mistake it comes .. for EVERYONE. This is one of the reasons music, well good music, holds up a mirror to life and at times in universally applicable.  For instance the track "Storm of Nails" written and performed by Singer/Songwriter Lisa Marie Presley. I love this song because it is a witty verbal reflection and clever metaphor to life. What is it now, again if I had a damn penny ....

I wish life came complete with a forecast. I am equipped with an arsenal of "hammers" that I have gathered and earned over the years but it would be nice to know when to expect the nails.

Thanks again Lisa for putting it all out there and lyrically holding up that mirror in your organic, non contrived way.

I'm ready to throw my stylish hammer down at any moment ... got nails? bring 'em on.

It's been a long highway
Where do I get off and drive away
I'm looking for a sign that should say
When you've had enough, exit this way
If only I were a gopher now 
I'd dig a hole and not come out

And on the forecast for today
A storm of nails headed your way
Man it’s gonna rain, rain, rain
And on my forehead does it say
Unleash all hounds of hell this way
Bite until she’s lame, lame, lame

Too much on my plate
How much will it take before it breaks
I’m looking for a sign that should say
When you get fed up
Throw it this way
If only I were a cat right now meow
I‘d lick a claw 
And go lay back down


What is it now, oh you don’t say 
Better get the hammer out today
What is it now, oh you don’t say



Hear the song (Studio Version)

Lisa LIVE (Grand Ole Opry)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fruity Fun

PERFECT for a VEGAN Birthday Cake!! or a fun fruit party platter!

As we enter the last days of summer there is still time for some Fruity FUN! I have gathered my FAV fruit projects from all over the Internet.  Make one, Take one and enjoy that fact you don't have to Bake one!

The images are self explanatory and I share my sincere apologies that I cannot give credit to the culinary creators of these amazing dishes. Stun your friends by taking some fruity fun to your next party or make your guests jaw drop at your next event.  Each dish is a healthy alternative to an expected, standard, boring dessert.

All you need is some fresh fruit, toothpicks, good knives AND your imagination!

 Fruit Baby! A Fab edible centerpiece for a baby shower!

 Tropical Fruit Plate - Bring the Islands Home ANY time of year!

 Fruit POPS! A way for kids to get some natural sugar & vitamins

 Bunnylicious! Berry Perfect for a birthday party or Easter table scape.

AND ... Just in time for Halloween Party Planning!

 Apple*Mini-Marshmallows*Peanut Butter
Apple & Almond Slices!

Guess what I'm bringing to Kaleigh's Pre-School Class on Halloween??

What is your FAV Fruit dish??

Share links and thoughts in the comments!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NYFW: My FAV 2 Collections

I LOVE watching the shows live stream from New York Fashion Week (NYFW) in the comfort of my own home, coffee in hand quietly expressing my gratitude to technology from the central coast of California as I see each look make it's way down the catwalk LIVE from New York.

There had to be a few looks for almost every collection I liked. Bits and pieces that I could astoundingly style together from dozens of designers to suit my taste. My 2 stand out shows this year from NYFW were Michael Kors and Rachel Zoe. Are they the same caliber of "designers"? In my opinion, not really but there is something to be said about a stylist turned designer. MK has years of experience and a CFDA lifetime achievement award under his black blazer but Rachel has been able to successfully merge the worlds of styling and design together which does not always work.

What I LOVED: The bold and bright colours. I am obsessed with the primary and jewel tone colours and colour pairings. Fabulous separates (as always), jackets, shoes and BAGS! That yellow bag (see blow) I LOVED. The touches of gold hardware on the bags and belts I adore along side the bold hues. Then the mix of colours with with the crisp white. The stripes were fabulous too! WATCH THE SHOW HERE
I didn't really get the "glasses" that resembled PPE -  Personal Protective Equipment but I have to say they would ROCK any wood or metal shop.

The last look reminds me of this FAB Vintage jumpsuit set recently sold in my eBoutique:


 What I LOVED: I loved the mix of tones deep turquoise and robin egg blues ~ The rust and the oranges. The jumpsuits and the heavy Chanel influences with the black & white looks. The "Gilver" (mix of metallic gold/silver) with a hint of green. WATCH THE SHOW HERE

Her Accessories were my FAV! She's bringin' back the fanny pack in a chic way! A belted waist clutch was the focal point of several of her looks.

 AND the gold tassel chains I adore! 

Can't afford the RZ version? 

Try Vintage!

What were your FAV shows from NYFW?

Stay tuned for my picks from LONDON!