Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Drape that Cape: Transition to Fall

Burberry Prorsum F/W 2014 ($1395)

I love that capes are back and ready for FALL 2014. Don't even wait to get fall ready and start making the transition. This Burberry Prorsum "blanket" cape/poncho as seen on Olivia Polermo (below) is a PERFECT transitional piece. As the evenings get cooler no better time to drape the cape. It is also a versatile piece as shown on the runway draped over a sheer dress, on the street over shorts and a Vintage version in my studio with distressed denim.

 Olivia Palermo NYC pairing this wool/cashmere cape with shorts and thigh high boots

 My Vintage Version VIA Evolution Vintage in similar tones and a great drape. The cape has a cool scarf attached to wrap around your neck or shoulder. There are no closures or clasps on this piece, a true blanket cape, so get creative with your drape! Anything with fringe also has my vote for best transitional piece for fall. Available HERE. $80

Do you have capes in your closet for FALL?

Friday, July 18, 2014


Kate Moss by Richard Avedon - Versace F/W 1996

I don't know about you but when I buy clothes I prefer that they serve more than one purpose or have the ability to create more than one look. I like garments that can be styled at least 2 different ways, but MORE is indeed better. We all have multi-faceted lives that are "on-the-go" and our clothing needs to be as versatile as we are. Each day that I Re-Style a garment from fashion's past with contemporary pieces I think of the women who I call CLOTHES MINDED, these are not the clothing obsessed but the polar opposite. 

These ladies have tunnel vision on the contemporary, fast fashion that saturates our current marketplace. The women who turn their nose up at Vintage pieces because to them they garner "less value" because they have had a previous life. I'm dedicating my professional time to educating these women on the value and relevance of fashions past as it applies to the current fashion landscape.  
The past of these garments are the actual ALLURE, not the deterrent.
CLOTHES MINDED (My personal definition) : A Closed Minded Person as it pertains to CLOTHING, particularly Vintage.

Imagine if we thought the same about people with a past? we ALL have a past. So does the shirt in Forever 21 that 5 women just tried on before you, Ooops! Should we be over looked then or our value lessened because of our previous life or past? Ridiculous right? the same goes for previously loved garments that via Evolution Vintage have been professionally cleaned, repaired when needed and sold ready for their new life. 

This post is for those CLOTHES-MINDED ladies who can't see how the past can apply to the future when it comes to clothing.

I have literally hundreds of examples in my current Evolution Vintage inventory but I will use this This Vintage Damask printed 2 piece dress and cape set as an example here. I have re-styled it current AND in more ways than one.

Shoes (JustFab "Celia" Shoe) $39.95

First it is styled as it was intended. The dress and the cape together. Adding a contemporary colored bag, shoe or jewelry would time warp this set into 2014. I think that it stands alone as current as-is but contemporary accessories you can re-style that are all ready in your wardrobe.

The printed dress can be worn alone. Enhance the look with a pop of color. ANY bold color bag or shoe would bring this black and white to life!
 Or by reversing the cape to expose the Damask Print it can be styled with contemporary distressed denim, a trouser, pencil skirt or shorts. The cape itself can we worn two ways. 

How could you re-style this set?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Vintage Re-Style: Loving Lace

I adore lace of all kinds, especially Vintage! My love for this textile was previously explored in an earlier blog. It is my personal mission to Re-Style Fashion's Past in a current way by introducing timeless pieces from days gone by into contemporary wardrobes via my eBoutique Evolution Vintage.

Contemporary Black Tank Top
Contemporary Distressed Denim
Evolution Rewind Cocktail Ring: Vintage Carousel Horse created from a Vintage Brooch.
Shoes: Contemporary  - Chinese Laundry Brand

Get the 3 Vintage pieces for this look for under $125!

Fashion recycling is a great way to make your impact on the planet a little bit lighter and to express your individuality in a unique way with one-of-a-kind Vintage pieces.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Never Forgotten: Gianni Versace

Seventeen years ago today fashions brightest light was brutally extinguished. It was because of  Gianni Versace that I fell into my life long love affair with Fashion. What remains is an amazing legacy of bold, unique, designs and a giant gaping hole in the industry. He will always remain an inspiration to me.

I still remember where I was when I got the news. I didn't want to believe it and I still don't. Seventeen years later I look back at the child I was, so enamoured with this man's vision for women and liberating them through garments that were way ahead of their time. Garments that the house of Versace continues to make a gallant attempt at emulating but never quite hits the same mark. He was a genius, icon and will always be an muse to me. 

I can't help but believing that the style and fashion landscape would be a different place if Gianni were still here. I long for the day's where the supermodels reigned supreme and the celebrities only occupied the front rows at fashion shows, not the magazine covers. He created the supermodel, the spectacle that we now know as fashion shows and presentations with his over the top cast, music, orchestration and front row. From his mother's dress shop in Southern Italy (Reggio di Calabria) he was THE trailblazer to the celebrity, the supermodel, unique textiles and glamour that was so bad it was way too good.

Image: Helmut Newton

Gianni had an attitude in the business I wish more designers and successful people in general would replicate; There is room for everyone. He would give "unknown" creative's (like Brian Atwood, Todd Oldham, etc..) opportunities that they never otherwise would have received. His pursuit was beauty and expression. He never wanted to stop learning, experiencing and growing from all corners of the world and culture.

In the wise words of Mr. Versace, "Beauty will save the world"

And he is still right.


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Catwalk Contessa: Marpessa

Image:  Ferdinando Scianna/Magnum Photos. 

There are moments in life that one remembers forever. Those iconic times that live on and inspire you. The model Marpessa provided many model moments for me in the early 1990's. 
Marpessa as designer Gianfranco Ferre and team put on the final touches 90's

Many of these moments were associated with Gianni Versace and responsible for my falling in love with fashion. 

 Marpessa, pictured far right with Gianni and Models

 Marpessa pictured bottom left. I feel like I need to krimp my hair now.

Dubbed the Catwalk Contessa, she was a regular face on the  90's runways of other FAV designers of mine like Karl Lagerfeld for CHANEL
Chanel 1991

 Claude Montana for LANVIN

Dolce and Gabanna

 and MANY more. 

She is a mother, model and muse as well as an interior designer. She is VERY Stylish and Chic with great taste in clothing, including Vintage pieces. I often wonder if she still has any of that Vintage Versace in her closet.

Today I wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY and thank her for some of my fondest model moments in memory!!


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Gilver Gorgeous: Vegas Style

The Flamingo Casino, Las Vegas 1960's

Have you ever had or saw a garment that immediately transported you to another place, time, country or scenario? It happens to me all the time, especially with Vintage pieces. This piece in particular always makes me think of 1960's Las Vegas! 

This gilver (Gold/Silver) 1960's Metallic threaded, brocade mini is the essence of Vintage Vegas (see image below). It reminded me of something Sharon Stone's character in CASINO would have worn, or any lady about town in that time period. 

Sharon Stone, CASINO

1960's Riveara Casino, Las Vegas.

Women dressed for everything which included cocktails and time a the Vegas tables hoping lady luck was part of her chic entourage for the evening.

You can now have this moment and be 'Gilver Gorgeous' via Evolution Vintage.

Fabric close up

COTY Makeup Ad 1967 (Gold/Silver)

Jan VOGUE 1967 Hair/Makeup in Gilver