Friday, July 18, 2014


Kate Moss by Richard Avedon - Versace F/W 1996

I don't know about you but when I buy clothes I prefer that they serve more than one purpose or have the ability to create more than one look. I like garments that can be styled at least 2 different ways, but MORE is indeed better. We all have multi-faceted lives that are "on-the-go" and our clothing needs to be as versatile as we are. Each day that I Re-Style a garment from fashion's past with contemporary pieces I think of the women who I call CLOTHES MINDED, these are not the clothing obsessed but the polar opposite. 

These ladies have tunnel vision on the contemporary, fast fashion that saturates our current marketplace. The women who turn their nose up at Vintage pieces because to them they garner "less value" because they have had a previous life. I'm dedicating my professional time to educating these women on the value and relevance of fashions past as it applies to the current fashion landscape.  
The past of these garments are the actual ALLURE, not the deterrent.
CLOTHES MINDED (My personal definition) : A Closed Minded Person as it pertains to CLOTHING, particularly Vintage.

Imagine if we thought the same about people with a past? we ALL have a past. So does the shirt in Forever 21 that 5 women just tried on before you, Ooops! Should we be over looked then or our value lessened because of our previous life or past? Ridiculous right? the same goes for previously loved garments that via Evolution Vintage have been professionally cleaned, repaired when needed and sold ready for their new life. 

This post is for those CLOTHES-MINDED ladies who can't see how the past can apply to the future when it comes to clothing.

I have literally hundreds of examples in my current Evolution Vintage inventory but I will use this This Vintage Damask printed 2 piece dress and cape set as an example here. I have re-styled it current AND in more ways than one.

Shoes (JustFab "Celia" Shoe) $39.95

First it is styled as it was intended. The dress and the cape together. Adding a contemporary colored bag, shoe or jewelry would time warp this set into 2014. I think that it stands alone as current as-is but contemporary accessories you can re-style that are all ready in your wardrobe.

The printed dress can be worn alone. Enhance the look with a pop of color. ANY bold color bag or shoe would bring this black and white to life!
 Or by reversing the cape to expose the Damask Print it can be styled with contemporary distressed denim, a trouser, pencil skirt or shorts. The cape itself can we worn two ways. 

How could you re-style this set?

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