Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Baroque Bling

The term/adjective 'baroque' has 4 meanings but as it pertains to jewelry it refers to an irregularly shaped object, and is most often used to describe a pearl that is not symmetrical. It also been defined as something that is extravagantly ornate in character or style, which I think applies to jewelry as well.

I love accessories and respect the style sensibility of Marie Clair Magazine's Fashion director Nina Garcia and of course follow her on Twitter. The other day she tweeted her latest "must have" from the collection she curated for BaubleBar based on current trends in fashion. In this case: Baroque! 

These earrings would be an amazing edition for any look for Fall/Winter 2012, the price point you can't beat AND the holidays are just around the corner.

The Ruby Triple Drop Earring $28 (Also Available in Purple, Blue & Amber)

As soon as I saw these earrings I thought of this Fabulous piece from Fashion's past.  

Vintage Napier statement necklace

Will you wear Baroque Baubles this fall/winter?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Creative Images with Hayley Marie

Since my images for my NEW Evolution Rewind Ring Collection have hit the net I have had several inquiries, not only about the rings but the person who shot my images.
Ring & Earring Set

I work with a local Central Coast photographer; Hayley, of Hayley Marie Photography.  I featured her work along with a Q&A almost a year ago, read it HERE 
On Set for my REWIND Shoot  

Photographer Self Portrait

Over the past year her work and creative eye have evolved.  We have since collaborated for both of my Evolution Rewind Ring shoots and others I have styled; bringing Vintage clothing and vibe from fashion's past into the contemporary realm.

 "Alice in Wonderland 2012" Styled By LisaG - Images: HMP - Buy the DRESS

Hayley is located on the beautiful Central Coast of California, but this Australian native is not opposed to travel for her work. She often travels back to her homeland down under or brings her camera to Los Angeles, San Fransisco and all California locations in between (inquire here for travel pricing).

She most recently shot my family portrait, where with some clever styling the past and present could collide.

Looking for someone to turn your generic "family portrait" into something creative and fun?

 or ready to treat yourself to some glamorous images that will last a lifetime? 
give the gift of a photo book, enlargement or calender for someone who has everything? 
Styled by LisaG - Evolution Vintage Sheer Jacket (BUY it w dress)

Take advantage of her KILLER pre-holiday deal of a "mini shoot"  ~ $175

*45 min shoot at a beautiful outdoor/indoor location (Central Coast Only - Inquire for travel pricing for other California locations)
*Top 10 images fully edited
*On-line gallery to share with friends & family
*1 8X10
*3 5X7

BOOK NOW! You MUST be booked and shot BEFORE November 18th!

Connect with Hayley

Friday, October 26, 2012

Mouthy Treats

I recently was pressed to find an easy but fabulous treat for my daughters Pre-School class with a Halloween theme since we are so close to the day of costumes and sugar coma's. I decided on these mouthy treats I saw on-line somewhere and gave them a shot. Fear not mom's there are also 2 healthy alternative's to this mouthy masterpiece with just fruits and nuts you can see pictured HERE

What you need:
*Mini Marshmallows
*Almond Slivers
*Red Icing

What I Did:
 1) Lay the cookies out on a piece of wax paper and cut in the center

2) Line the edges with red icing as well as a small dot on the opposite side (this will secure the marshmallow that will hold the mouth up - see image below)

 3) Add your marshmallow teeth - you can fill the line or leave gaps for an extra spooky effect.

4) Mount the top cookie on pressing gently so it adheres to the red icing.

 *Optional - Helper!

5) Add the Almond "fangs" - I stuck them in the icing on the top of the "bloody gums"

6) EAT & Enjoy your SPOOKtacular treat!

Thursday, October 25, 2012


I have recently fell in LOVE with JUSTFAB.com 
I am a busy working mother who LOVES to shop and I style myself every day but who has the time to drive from store to store looking for the perfect shoe? or time to drown in a sea of online search results on the hunt for the chic clutch of the season? Do you shop on a budget like me?  

Fear not fashionista's JustFab stylists to the rescue. 

Just Fabulous is the HOTTEST on-line monthly shoe and bag destination (A Chic Club). You can also snag amazing jeans and jewelry too! A team of stylists are led by Style Maven Kimora Lee Simmons; Creative Director and the Queen of Fabulosity!

What do you have to do?

1) Take a fashion personality quiz
2) Let the Stylists send you selections based on your personal style

There is no obligation to shop or even stay a VIP member, cancel at ANY TIME and take a pass on styles you don't like! Save 20% off your first item AND you get FREE Shipping/Returns in the US. They Also ship to CANADA!

It is really that simple. Once a month you say YAY or NAY on the styles selected for you. At the price point of $39.95 who could say no?

I have an exclusive 24 hour promotion to share - START: 10/26 12PM EST - END: 10/26 11:59PM EST

* Use CODE: HH15
* Add a flat or clutch for $15 (with the purchase of any regular priced item)
* Discount eligible on multiple items; 1 discounted item per regular priced item purchased!
*While Supplies Last; No Rainchecks


This jeweled clutch is perfection as we approach the holiday season! It also comes in RED!

Are you a FAB member? post in the comments and enjoy the 24 hour PROMO.

Not a member yet? Sign up NOW and share your fashion personality below!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Words: Choose Wisely Ann

This election has been a very passionate one from both sides. I read every one's comments, listen to the opinions, especially those that don't agree with mine. I hope to learn something from 'the other side' in an attempt to understand who they are and what they stand for. To say the least it has been an eye opener for me regarding my family and friends as many have revealed their true selves; which beg's the question 'why are we friends again?'  Anyway,  I wanted to mention the recent comments of political pseudo-celebrity Ann Coulter.

In the past I have done my best to quickly channel change when I hear her being "interviewed" or "debating" AKA shouting over the opposing side and sounding like the unreasonable, belligerent drunk we ALL try to avoid when we see them coming our way.  I personally find her demeanor to be abrasive, her tone condescending and her words not wisely selected, not to mention loud. Which all is counterproductive to her arguments and views I feel.

Ann likes to use the words "retard" and "retarded" to describe our President's actions and words which are not in line with her politics or opinions.  What she needs to realize is that such choice of words from someone in a professional position or otherwise actually has the opposite effect than intended. She is holding up the proverbial mirror to herself and her words reflect much more regarding HER level of intellect, her clearly limited vocabulary and her level of compassion much more than it does the presidents actions.

(Thanks to Global Grind for the above 2 tweets)

There are ways to express one's opposition, disdain or passion for a position, theory, thought or comment. There are also ways to  distract from one's creditability, Ann being a great example. You are not doing your position or party any good Ann by your public performance or ignorant comments overall in my opinion. If I were an undecided and if you are what "republican" looks like, I would swiftly get on the Obama program and cast my vote for 4 more years.

I wonder who hurt her so bad in her life and in turn ended up shaping the woman we see today? A woman who is so desperate to be a'celebrity' or public figure that they find it necessary to do so at the expense of others feelings and in a really unprofessional way.

I have a son who has Down Syndrome and I fear for the challenges that lie ahead of him, not from his perceived disability but by people like Ann who find it challenging to choose her words wisely and reflect on what impact they have on others.

Fear not Ann, I have an extra thesaurus if you need one.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

So Handy

Salma Hayek wearing 2L Hand Bracelet

I love ALL kinds of jewelry, high/low end, costume and fine. I do have to say I have an affinity for Vintage and Unique pieces.

I LOVE the hand bracelet's from GAYDAMAK Jewellery! They are both unique and unexpected. Sisters Katia and Sonia Gaydamak are the duo behind this palm perfection. This is not grandma's costume jewels either; each piece is crafted from precious metals and various types of diamonds. Prices range from $2,500 to north of $17,000 USD for these pieces. Pure Luxury!

Salma Hayek wearing "Plume" hand bracelet on David Letterman 

Fashion Director for Marie Claire Magazine - Nina Garcia (Project Runway)

Alicia Keys ROCKED one at the 2012 MTV Awards

My Picks:

Yellow Gold KARPE Hand Bracelet

Black Gold Plume

White Gold Snake

Give the Gaydamak girls a hand!

Until you can throw down for these exquisite pieces. You can get this handy look:

Monday, October 22, 2012

Inspired: Chanel S/S 1994

It is no secret that I am in LOVE with the house of CHANEL. I have always loved the classic CoCo LBD, Suits and costume jewelry. I personally think Karl Lagerfeld is a BEYOND a fashion icon and is a creative genius.

I could really flash back to EVERY collection and site elements to become inspired by.  Yes it is fall but I'm looking at Spring/Summer .. 1994.

I adore the colours and textures of this collection, the nude/black shoes, the short skirt suits, the suspenders and of course the roller skates. The brooches are amazing as usual and nice to see the pops of colour styled on the runway in the models hair. It looks like people's love today for the contemporary coloured coiffure's, hair pieces and dipped ends.

The handbags and accessories took a really interesting direction as well; bold colours, plastic colourful chains replacing the traditional gold tone hardware on both belt and bags and whip stitching and trims in bright contrasting hues. 

Editorial from American VOGUE, MARCH 1994 - Photographer: Steven Meisel

Want a piece from this adorable collection???
Pieces like this are becoming more rare to find. If you are a CHANEL collector this is a fabulous piece!

Watch the entire show and take a stroll down catwalk memory lane.