Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Presidential Pink

In my PROfashional opinion last night was a crucial turning point in this election year and for the campaign of the president (who I support 100%). Finally calling out his opponent with the facts and in a manner suiting a president. I also have to say from a Fashion perspective it looked like Michael Kors won last night.  Both of the candidates wives turned it out in the most fabulous shade of PINK. 

Who wore it better?
 My pick is Michelle Obama's Michael Kors Dress/Jacket for several reasons, non of which have to do with my support of the president! The suit is tailored perfectly for her body. The chic shift and jacket combo were a sophisticated choice.  The styling was also better; pairing the dress/jacket with a classic strand of pearls. 

I did not care for the textural fabric, fit or styling of Mrs. Romney's frock. The jacket she had on before the debate was awful too, but an A+ for the color choice and her attempt at styling with this turquoise contrast colour and polish.

I personally ADORE this shade of pink!

Evolution Vintage PINK Picks

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