Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Words: Choose Wisely Ann

This election has been a very passionate one from both sides. I read every one's comments, listen to the opinions, especially those that don't agree with mine. I hope to learn something from 'the other side' in an attempt to understand who they are and what they stand for. To say the least it has been an eye opener for me regarding my family and friends as many have revealed their true selves; which beg's the question 'why are we friends again?'  Anyway,  I wanted to mention the recent comments of political pseudo-celebrity Ann Coulter.

In the past I have done my best to quickly channel change when I hear her being "interviewed" or "debating" AKA shouting over the opposing side and sounding like the unreasonable, belligerent drunk we ALL try to avoid when we see them coming our way.  I personally find her demeanor to be abrasive, her tone condescending and her words not wisely selected, not to mention loud. Which all is counterproductive to her arguments and views I feel.

Ann likes to use the words "retard" and "retarded" to describe our President's actions and words which are not in line with her politics or opinions.  What she needs to realize is that such choice of words from someone in a professional position or otherwise actually has the opposite effect than intended. She is holding up the proverbial mirror to herself and her words reflect much more regarding HER level of intellect, her clearly limited vocabulary and her level of compassion much more than it does the presidents actions.

(Thanks to Global Grind for the above 2 tweets)

There are ways to express one's opposition, disdain or passion for a position, theory, thought or comment. There are also ways to  distract from one's creditability, Ann being a great example. You are not doing your position or party any good Ann by your public performance or ignorant comments overall in my opinion. If I were an undecided and if you are what "republican" looks like, I would swiftly get on the Obama program and cast my vote for 4 more years.

I wonder who hurt her so bad in her life and in turn ended up shaping the woman we see today? A woman who is so desperate to be a'celebrity' or public figure that they find it necessary to do so at the expense of others feelings and in a really unprofessional way.

I have a son who has Down Syndrome and I fear for the challenges that lie ahead of him, not from his perceived disability but by people like Ann who find it challenging to choose her words wisely and reflect on what impact they have on others.

Fear not Ann, I have an extra thesaurus if you need one.

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