Monday, October 1, 2012

Mail Bag: Brooch The Subject

For every negative message or tweet I receive 100 positive ones. The haters are out there and I never usually respond to them but this time (for me) I wanted to.

I received a few tweets recently regarding my Evolution Rewind Ring collection. The woman accused me of "destroying vintage jewelry" and ranted on and on until I had to block her. I rarely block people either because I'm always open to a healthy debate or growth through constructive criticism. This person just didn't get it.

It is hard in 140 character or less to define WHY I created my ring line and HOW the pieces are chosen. Thankfully I have a blog.

WHY? The brooch over the years has been an accessory or a piece of jewelry that was widely worn and styled by women of all age ranges and classes. I have read that it is one of the oldest pieces of jewelry, dated back to the Bronze Age when pins were a popular adornment for clothing.
In recent years it has not garnered a lot of attention. From where I sit "modern day" women sparsely style these pieces. Fashion and trends are cyclical in nature; what was old always comes back around in a new form. For some reason, I have yet to see a contemporary spin on Re-Styling the brooch in a modern way with any consistency.
People do wear them, like myself, the odd celeb and fashionista but it is not a style staple, like a cuff or cocktail ring. When discussing the topic with other women the words "matronly" or dowdy" have been thrown around. I personally think they are a chic accessory with styling possibilities only limited by your imagination!

I wanted to bring back the brooch in a contemporary way via unique cocktail rings.
In my travels I found it difficult to find the authentic Vintage cocktail rings that I liked so I thought merging the two elements would be fabulous: Evolution Rewind was born. The rings are also reaching a new demographic of women who may not otherwise brooched the subject.

HOW:  Each brooch is hand selected by myself and all of the REWIND pieces are one of a kind. Some of the brooches have broken pins/backs and otherwise would not be functional. I have rescued these pieces from flea markets, old auntie's drawers as well as amazing Vintage jewelry collectors/dealers. Some are procured and created using amazing pieces from ladies personal collections.

I personally feel that Re-Styling these pieces is RESPECTING fashion's past and Vintage jewelry. A modern nod to the craftsmen and designers of days gone by. The pieces are too beautiful to sit in a thrift store or a drawer. The metals, stones and designs should be worn and given a new life. 

I still style brooches as they were intended (turbans, hats, lapel, bags, scarves, etc) but I have also made them Eco-Chic and Re-Styled them on the fingers of Fab fashionistas all over the world.

Bring the brooch back and Re-Style them in these ways: 


A Large Modern Scarf

At the waist for evening (or day)

Double Duty: Oscar de la Renta brooches the band & sweater!

DIY Brooch belt - using a large brooch and vintage printed scarf. Adds a new look to the plain dotted dress. See more HERE

The lapel X 2

The Brooch Bouquet

 On a hat or beret

 Worn at the neckline for Day or Night

 Multiple Brooch Details at neckline of a dress or blazer.

Trim out a neckline on a solid color

An Evolution Vintage Brooch on a clutch!
(Thanks the Creative CjBlue for this)

Even the men can get in on this. A Fabulous brooch adds an extra something to a
traditional necktie.

How do YOU brooch the subject and style this accessory?


  1. Great blog! There's a place for brooches everywhere! Let's embrace all the possibilities! And do I mind being the model between the Oscar DeLaRenta and SJP? Why no, I don't! Ha!

  2. So very well illustrated, in words and photos, LisaG!!! I love brooches every way I find/get them. And I adore them in Evolution Rewind ring form, most of all. I wear one or the other of my Evolution Rewind rings every day! We they brooches instead, I'd not get as much use out of these gorgeous and unique fashion pieces. You are bringing the brooch back to fashion's forefront! Ignore those who disagree, since we're not all clones, not everyone will always agree with everything everyone else, ever does. The things they choose to fuss about, will always baffle me! I shall wear my Evolution Rewind styles with a smile every time I slide one over my finger. They never cease to light up my fashion day! THANK YOU!

  3. Great post! I collect them and wear them!!

  4. Love your Blog!!! Thank you so much!!!