Sunday, October 23, 2011

Style ME: Waisted

Many women frequently come to me with Style questions, advice and help. I wanted to create a new series for EVOLUTION REVOLUTION that has styling tips, tricks, ideas and DIY projects to help make the most of your wardrobe and your looks.

I wanted to start with utilizing random accessories that are usually left in the back of the closet (belts & ties), or tucked away in what's perceived to be "Granny's Drawer" (brooches & scarves).

We all have a LBD or day dress that borders on blah or requires a little infusion of life to make it acceptable to re-wear over-and-over again. Easily done; through styling.

Break out your belts and brooches and let me show you a few ways to get WAiSTED!

My super stylish friend and Evolution Vintage client Sydney helped me demonstrate a few easy looks you can put together using belts, brooches, men's neck ties and scarves.

Some of you may be a little shy about mixing pattern and print but just have fun! Try something new and take a risk. There are no "RULES" when it comes to fashion; it is all about an individuals perception and perspective... and a little courage!


Try a tribal print scarf with a statement brooch. HOW? Fold and pin the scarf at the desired width (depending on garment). Not a size 5? no problem! Pin the scarf at the side seams of your dress - It is not required to wrap all the way around and meet at the back to get the look.

Try the scarf thick or thin with a pearl belt
(or any belt you have with jewels or beading again depending on the dress)

Use a POP of color! Vintage Anne Klein Silk Scarf with Belt. Accessorize w a Vintage clutch!<


Mix a Metallic and a color - Vintage Gold Metal Mesh Belt & Red Moshino Printed Silk Scarf

A cream vintage printed scarf paired with a gold tone metal adjustable belt (this belt also doubles as an AMAZING statement piece necklace). A printed scarf mixed with metal is CHIC!

TIE ONE ON: Utilize all the men's ties in your man's closet or the one's you had left over from the 90210 days of Brenda Walsh workin it at West Beverly High
I know you ALL watched it!

T&B - Vintage men's tie and Vintage Gold Tone Brooch Combo

Mixing a floral colored Vintage tie with a Vintage crystal brooch - A different way to wrap the tie exposing the under color.

Use a tie in the place of the scarf - it will create a cool angle and choose a statement belt. Vintage Christian Dior pritned tie and Vintage Asian metal belt.

I Applaud Animal Prints & Textures:

Use an animal print scarf with a plain or textured belt in a solid OR opt for a solid colored scarf and a printed belt.

Animal Print scarf with a textured belt - Snake Skin print in a black patent belt.

Vintage DVF scarf paired with a faux snake skin skinny belt. Try mixing color with animal prints.
Sydney was styled 10 different ways that made her little dotted dress all DRAMA! She now has 10 different looks by just digging through her closet and utilizing accessories for a variety of purposes.

Moral of the story: Take a page out of the Sex and the City Character Carrie Bradshaw's book; Taking a fashion risk, pushing your boundaries and trying something new may serve to surprise you, in a really CHIC way!!

Want to get WAISTED?

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  1. Oh I LOVE this! Never thought of the tie trick..gotta try it this week! Thanks, this was so much fun to read and muse over new look ideas!