Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dresscue 911: From Dress to Tunic Top

Remember the seamstress? The lady who has mad skills in the sewing department. She can hem, she can mend she can RE-STYLE and RE-PURPOSE your wardrobe... or your potential wardrobe at your direction. The only limit is your creativity and imagination.

I know we are all desensitized by the mass made and mass marketed fashion already available in a wide range of styles, but what ever happened to alterations?

The seamstress I use for Evolution Vintage; YONG is a whiz at helping me make the old new again and bringing new life to old threads.

Case in point. I dresscued a 1980's dress in a shade of Emerald Green because the color is FAB, the neckline reminds me of the Theirry Mugler suits of the 80's and overall the dress can be re-styled current (the premise of EV).
I noticed that it needed some TLC and FAST (due to 2 tears in both the back and front of the skirt)! I was at a fashion crossroads. I could have the dress altered to a smaller size (original size was 10) or I could have the dress cut into a Tunic Top. I thought there is a shortage of Vintage in sizes larger than 6 so I opted for a Dresscue RE-DO. A tunic top it was - saving the little peplum/pleating in the front.

The Result:
Now it can be styled with jeans, leggings or a skirt!

The deets:

Vintage 80's Emerald jewel tone green top. Adele Simpson New York label, Sz 10. Metal back zipper. Shoulder pads. Amazing neck cut out! ~ $48

L= 27"

What do you have in your closet to be RE-STYLED or RE-PURPOSED? Did you loose or gain some weight? are you ready to make a chance from MAXI to MINI? Get creative and Call on a local seamstress to DRESScue YOU!


  1. Ahh...this is so what is consuming me these days! I love the dresscued word!! I have a post I just put up showing my 2nd wedding dress re-purpose gown! Its not complete yet, on way to seamstress now!

  2. I want to inspire others to think about how they can re-purpose a garment that they love ... instead of passing it up because it is too long, or to big, etc ... Creativity is KEY! I LOVE what you are doing. You will be the go-to lady for re-purposed wedding dresses! ;) you are finding your unique niche! xo keep DIY-ing. I ALWAYS look at your stuff!