Friday, June 24, 2011

EdiTORIal: Women UNITE

There is no stopping the creative multi-tasking MOMpreneur that is TORI SPELLING. I completely identify with Tori as we both are hard working mothers who are passionate, creative and always forward thinking. Further to this it is our ultimate goal to bring women together while empowering and inspiring them.

I have always believed that women should be allies and not competitors. Tori has created a digital space to bring women together via her new on-line community: EdiTORIal. The website is laid out in the form of a digi-mag but also includes a forum for women to share information, tips, tricks, stories and experiences.

The topic range is all encompassing and put together is a reflection of a full life; the life Tori herself is passionate about.

STYLE (Fashion & Beauty)
DWELL (Home: Decorating, Styling)
EAT (Food, Recipes & Tips)
ENTERTAIN (Party & Event Planning)
CRAFT (Ideas & DIY Projects)
RAISE (Parenting)
LOVE (Relationships)
LAUNCH (Promoting businesses & products)

There is something in the EdiTORIal community for everyone.

To her fabulous resume of mother, author, jewelry designer, reality show star, wedding planner, shop owner, business woman, children's clothing designer, and Style Maven; she can now add Digital magazine publisher/writer and champion of women!

I had the opportunity ot talk to Tori about her new venture EdiTORIal:

LISAG: Can you explain to my readers: what is EdiTORIal?

TORI: EdiTORIal is a online community where women can come together and bond. Together we will discuss how to elevate your life. I believe life is art and you should live and create accordingly. We discuss everything from crafting to fashion to relationships.

LISAG: What inspired Editorial?

TORI: My love for life and people inspired EdiTORIal. I loved talking to women over twitter. They all inspired me. So I decided to build a online community where women could come together to discuss the daily topics that interested them.

LISAG: Who is the Editorial reader?

TORI: The EdiTORIal reader is someone who loves life and wants to continually grow and create in all areas of their lives.

LISAG: Do you have a favourite section? or feature?

TORI: I created all the sections on EdiTORIal because they were all areas of life that I was passionate about. Although being pregnant EAT is resonating with me right now.

LISAG: How can my readers join or RSVP to the digital party?

TORI: Its simple to join EdiTORIal. Just go to the website and sign up! Come hang with us!

LISAG: When can we expect to go "Home Sweet Hollywood" again with you & Dean?

TORI: HSH will be returning this fall!

LISAG: If you could give all the Style Maven mamma's 1 Maternity Style Tip what would it be? What is your "must have" maternity piece?

TORI: Belts! Since we've lost our waist I like to create a new waist! I wear my belts right under boobland to create an empire waist. It gives us some shape and looks flattering. So I've been collecting lots of stretchy vintage belts!You can create an empire waist with a belt on dress,top, and tee too! So chic!

Evolution Vintage's pick for a Vintage stretch belt to Style Maternity-Chic:


Join the ediTORIal community and RSVP to the digital party here:

Follow Tori on Twitter:

Share the site with the ladies in your life! Supporting each other is essential to our successful evolution, ediTORIal being a new and fabulous resource!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Extraordinary Entertaining: Ed Libby & Co.

Ed Libby is a creative force in the event planning business. He is an entrepreneur, visionary and kind hearted guy. Ed has created fantasy's and visual displays that transport you to an alternate universe of flowers, crystals, luxe linens and lights. Whatever the client can conceive Ed and his team create.

The Vision

Ed's Reality

He is the party planner to the stars for their weddings, birthdays, corporate events and charity fundraisers. Ed's client base is a who's-who on both coasts and several continents. He's on speed dial for all of Kimora Lee Simmons events of Fabulosity proportions. Jennifer Lopez, P. Diddy, Usher, J Lo, La La and Fergie are among those on Ed's impressive client list.

Ed & Kimora

Ed & P. Diddy

Ed & Usher

He is extremely detailed oriented as many creative individuals are and there are no items too outlandish or too far away for Ed and his team to acquire to make your event more than a night to remember. Imported chargers, exotic linens and custom made items are all part of his creative process; bringing his clients vision and dreams to a reality. How about a chocolate stiletto? DONE:

I had the opportunity to ask the the guru of glamour a few questions regarding his business, creativity and inspiration.

LISAG: Where did Ed Libby & Co. Start?

ED: Already an illustrator, my first official job was as a driver in a flower shop at age 18. This job opened my eyes and many opportunities and before I knew it I was designing an elite fashion party attended by the "Who's Who" of New York City, and the rest as they say, is history!

J Lo Specialty Lounge Sketch

LISAG: I have read that flowers are a substantial part of your design visions? What are your favorites to work with? explain?

ED: I don’t have a favorite necessarily, but I do enjoy using roses, primarily because they come in such a range of colors and have great texture; I love using flowers as sculptural components. Using florals to communicate with an audience via their color, texture and tone is paramount to the literal type of flower.

La La & Melo's Wedding

LISAG: What inspires you?

ED: Most recently, The Alexander McQueen exhibit at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. One visit left me with enough inspiration for ten new event designs; I have been back five times since. This type of inspiration is typical for me, our design sensibility is certainly influenced by what's going down the fashion runways - we design in seasons and take inspiration as to what’s on the forefront. Our clients are on the cutting edge and their events are reflections of their style.

LISAG: Do you have design or creative influences?

ED: Having offices on both the East and West coasts keeps me constantly traveling, and I always have my camera. I snap shots of window displays, architecture, things as simple as a gracious napkin fold at a restaurant or the heel of a woman's shoe - any one of these things can provide inspiration for an entire event.

LISAG: What was your favorite party or event to plan? and why?

ED: Whichever event im working on at the moment is my favorite. We are lucky that so many of our clients are from the fashion, music or entertainment industries so we are always working on something amazing and innovative.

J Lo Lounge Sketch

LISAG: Are you bi-costal? Where is your base?

ED: After 25 years of being based in New York City and being involved in events all over the country and abroad, we opened a West Coast division with the help of long time celebrity clients such as Kimora Lee Simmons and Jennifer Lopez. Our West Coast division is now a significant focus for our new business and has opened us up to new opportunities, new clients and exciting new events!

J Lo & Marc Anthony ~ Cake Delivery

LISAG: Can you tell us the price ranges for one of your Extravaganzas ?

ED: Part of our job is being able to read the client and understand their level of entertaining and expectations for their event. Whether it be a simple first birthday party for their child or an elaborate over the top wedding celebration- we can produce a range of events, keeping quality and style at the forefront. Clients are very important to us and we look forward to working with them over a lifetime of entertaining on all levels.

Aoki Lee Simmons Black & White CHANEL Birthday (Make a Wish Event)

LISAG: Any interesting projects on your horizon you can tell my readers about?

ED: I'm sure you will be reading about them soon! Despite our commitment to utter discretion, we create some phenomenal parties for some very high-profile clients which are guaranteed to make the headlines.

Ed with Sara the Dutchess of York (Fergie), Miss USA & Miss Universe

LISAG: What advice would you give any creative entrepreneurs? What does it REALLY take to reach the level you have?

ED: Unwavering commitment to your vision and yourself. Do not be discouraged and never, EVER give up!

A DIY tip for Evolution Revolution readers to plan a fast and fabulous party ....

ED Says: Go shopping in your own home - pull out your vintage china pieces, platters and bowls and combine them with fresh fruits and flowers from the local grocery store or your own backyard to create a stunning and glamorous tablescape. Create a menu around one or two dishes you can prepare yourself and complement with a few select take out dishes from your favorite restaurant to create a lavish and impressive buffet. Celebrate life and every moment with glamour and style!

No matter what your vision, budget or event ~ Ed is a wonderful example that hard work and creativity never goes out of style AND anything is possible!

Take a peek into Ed's world and plan your next event:

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Style Maven Series: Nina Garcia

Nina Garcia is a multi-tasking maven; Shes a mother, an author, Fashion Director for Marie Claire magazine, Judge of the hit reality series Project Runway and STYLE MAVEN.

Nina's career in fashion began the in 1980's. She got her start in fashion press in the PR department at Perry Ellis (when Marc Jacobs was head designer). She moved onto the Fashion publication Mirabella as a Stylist and then to ELLE magazine where she held the place as fashion director for over a decade. She has been Marie Claire's fashion director since fall of 2008 as well as one of the judges (along side Designer Michael Kors and Model Heidi Klum) of the hit reality show : Project Runway. She has been there since the inception of the show which is now filming it's 9th season set to air in summer of 2011.

When she is not in her role as fashion director or judge she is a mom to two boys and author 4 times over. She has penned the following books in an effort to help women navigate the sometimes overwhelming maze of trend and personal style:

The Style Strategy: A Less-Is-More Approach to Staying Chic and Shopping Smart

The Little Black Book of Style

Nina Garcia's Look Book: What to Wear for Every Occasion

The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own

She is not only a fashion and style authority in print but in practice. She is a genuine Style Maven who LOVES all things FASHION.

I had the opportunity to ask Nina my Style Maven questions.

LISA: Can you describe your personal Style aesthetic AND attitude about fashion?

NINA: Style always comes from knowing who you are or who/what do you want to be. As I described in some of my books, there's nothing wrong on taking ideas / imitate when trying to establish your own sense of style. We all need fashion / style icons. I got inspired not only by movies, paintings or looks I've seen on the runway but also by looks seen in the streets of New York. One piece of advice that I can give you: always keep your eyes wide open... the unexpected can happen in front of your eyes.

LISA: What are the key components / pieces in your closet?

NINA: I think is key to have some classic pieces of clothing: a little black dress, a pair of well-fitted trousers, a trench coat, jackets... I also like to have fun with the accessories: vintage jewelry, handbags, etc... and the most important element of all: don't forget to always own the outfit.

LISA: How do you feel about Vintage Clothing and Accessories?

I LOVE (capital letters) vintage. There's nothing more rewarding than finding THE vintage dress you have always dreamt about it. When I go vintage shopping I always have a clear idea of what I'm looking for. As you can also imagine, I love shopping for accessories... Accessories make a look, they add the perfect note/mood to your outfit.

LISA: What are your favorite Vintage pieces (Clothing and/or Accessories)? Do you only wear designer vintage?

NINA: Vintage jackets are a must. I have some Chanel ones and trust me, they age beautifully. This is one of the best investments you can ever do.

LISA: What are you wearing this Spring/Summer? Tell our readers the key elements for your S/S 2011 wardrobe

NINA: This spring is all about colors, prints, florals. I love a good Emilio Pucci, Cavalli, Missoni, Dries Van Noten print. Also Jill Sander & Prada presented a very fresh collection that we have seen in tons of magazines covers. I also recommend to take a look at Calypso for Target, they presented a wonderful collection for this summer.

LISA: If you could give women 1 piece of STYLE advice, what would it be?

NINA: Be confident in what you wear… confidence is one of the best styles to have!



1970 Kenneth Jay Lane Statement Necklace

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Gratitude. An emotion often felt but not expressed often enough in words and even less in gesture or action. I have just celebrated one of the most joyous and suffered one of the most traumatic moments in my life. The birth of my son Blake. I had a very fast and traumatic natural delivery which left my new born son blue, virtually lifeless and fighting to breath in the NICU. What was anticipated by me to be one of the happiest days of my life ended up being one of the most stressful and horrifying quite frankly.

Now that the initial shock has worn off, oxygen tubes removed and Blake has been safely delivered to his new home I have had time to reflect on my personal gratitude, blessings and gifts.

My gratitude extends beyond the delivering midwife, nurses at French Hospital and those in the special care nursery who cared for Blake 24/7 (literally). My eternal gratitude goes to my chosen family of Central Coast Sisters who unselfishly sprung into action to help me start picking up the pieces and ensuring that structure that surrounded me stayed strong. I did not have the strength from my little mini-alcatraz a.k.a. hospital bed to express my gratitude, until now.

THANK YOU - for the visits, lunches, laughs, gifts and TIME. For cleaning my home, doing my laundry and grocery shopping. For the food in the freezer, flowers and hugs. The Half Black/Half passion, no sugar. For the available ear to listen, the shoulder to cry and the warm arms I needed to hold me when my husbands were too exhausted. For the positive energy, prayer and vibes sent to me every moment of every day. For all this and more I am sincerely GRATEFUL.

I raise my glass to the following special ladies in my life

who each in their own fabulous ways have helped me through this time and enriched my life in general.

Thank you Maggie (Hair Stylist extraordinaire) for making a house call, reviving my locks, bringing dinner, clothes for Blake and so much support and LOVE! xo I now feel like a human being again ... one with fabulous hair ;) xo

A shout out to my digital support team! Thank you for all the lovely messages, texts, BBM's, Tweets and Facebook messages during the dark days and beyond. Even though we were geographically separated your love and support was felt each day; JESSIE, CHELSA, CINDY, LAURA, NICOLE, KERRY, My cousins/brothers: CHRIS & COLIN, JO JO, KRISTEN, MARIE, .. and my Facebook and Twitter Family. I can honestly say that your wishes, prayers and positive energy helped and reached us.

To My Sister Lori; My gratitude can never really be expressed in words for your grand gesture of love to our family. Jumping on a plane and flying 2,700 miles at first word that Blake's situation was less than ideal is amazing! You left your busy life that is full of responsibly to your job(s), kids and derby team to come and help with Kaleigh, tend to my household, make me laugh and cheer me. Most of all unselfishly lending your ear and heart to my feelings and struggle. I will be eternally thankful for both your actions and words during this time.

To my Mother; I can never properly articulate my gratitude for all your help during this time and over my entire life. You have always been there for me and I am FOREVER thankful to you and your generous heart and soul. You have been an amazing mother to me and Lori and an even more amazing grandmother (Nanny) to Kaleigh and Blake. I love you.

Special Thanks to TORI and KIMORA who have taken the time to inquire about Blake, provide words of support and encouragement and illustrate through words and action what amazing women they are.


Start a gratitude journal today. Each day write at least one thing you are grateful for. At the end of the year you will have at least 365 reasons to celebrate your life and the people in it!


There is no such thing as gratitude unexpressed. If it is unexpressed, it is plain, old-fashioned ingratitude. ~Robert Brault