Friday, June 24, 2011

EdiTORIal: Women UNITE

There is no stopping the creative multi-tasking MOMpreneur that is TORI SPELLING. I completely identify with Tori as we both are hard working mothers who are passionate, creative and always forward thinking. Further to this it is our ultimate goal to bring women together while empowering and inspiring them.

I have always believed that women should be allies and not competitors. Tori has created a digital space to bring women together via her new on-line community: EdiTORIal. The website is laid out in the form of a digi-mag but also includes a forum for women to share information, tips, tricks, stories and experiences.

The topic range is all encompassing and put together is a reflection of a full life; the life Tori herself is passionate about.

STYLE (Fashion & Beauty)
DWELL (Home: Decorating, Styling)
EAT (Food, Recipes & Tips)
ENTERTAIN (Party & Event Planning)
CRAFT (Ideas & DIY Projects)
RAISE (Parenting)
LOVE (Relationships)
LAUNCH (Promoting businesses & products)

There is something in the EdiTORIal community for everyone.

To her fabulous resume of mother, author, jewelry designer, reality show star, wedding planner, shop owner, business woman, children's clothing designer, and Style Maven; she can now add Digital magazine publisher/writer and champion of women!

I had the opportunity ot talk to Tori about her new venture EdiTORIal:

LISAG: Can you explain to my readers: what is EdiTORIal?

TORI: EdiTORIal is a online community where women can come together and bond. Together we will discuss how to elevate your life. I believe life is art and you should live and create accordingly. We discuss everything from crafting to fashion to relationships.

LISAG: What inspired Editorial?

TORI: My love for life and people inspired EdiTORIal. I loved talking to women over twitter. They all inspired me. So I decided to build a online community where women could come together to discuss the daily topics that interested them.

LISAG: Who is the Editorial reader?

TORI: The EdiTORIal reader is someone who loves life and wants to continually grow and create in all areas of their lives.

LISAG: Do you have a favourite section? or feature?

TORI: I created all the sections on EdiTORIal because they were all areas of life that I was passionate about. Although being pregnant EAT is resonating with me right now.

LISAG: How can my readers join or RSVP to the digital party?

TORI: Its simple to join EdiTORIal. Just go to the website and sign up! Come hang with us!

LISAG: When can we expect to go "Home Sweet Hollywood" again with you & Dean?

TORI: HSH will be returning this fall!

LISAG: If you could give all the Style Maven mamma's 1 Maternity Style Tip what would it be? What is your "must have" maternity piece?

TORI: Belts! Since we've lost our waist I like to create a new waist! I wear my belts right under boobland to create an empire waist. It gives us some shape and looks flattering. So I've been collecting lots of stretchy vintage belts!You can create an empire waist with a belt on dress,top, and tee too! So chic!

Evolution Vintage's pick for a Vintage stretch belt to Style Maternity-Chic:


Join the ediTORIal community and RSVP to the digital party here:

Follow Tori on Twitter:

Share the site with the ladies in your life! Supporting each other is essential to our successful evolution, ediTORIal being a new and fabulous resource!

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  1. This is so neat! Just signed up with the new ediTORIal community.Thanks for sharing whats new with this fabulous fashionista we all love ;-)