Monday, April 25, 2016

Cake a la CoCo

I love giving unique and custom gifts, throwing themed parties and dinners and expressing myself creatively in all that I do. Have you ever heard the saying that "your vibe attracts your tribe"? I certainly believe this to be true as my creative spirit has attracted some amazing complimentary creative energies over the years. I had the pleasure of recently assembling a team of creative women to help me create a custom gift for my sole sister CoCo.

CoCo and I share an affinity for fine footwear and I was so excited to learn she was to become a mother for the first time, a blessing I have had the pleasure of two times over. I wanted to celebrate this amazing event by creating a custom diaper cake for her and her daughter Chanel Nicole.

I enlisted the help of my favorite baby cake baker Erika of 'Erika's Kreations". We have worked together before when I commissioned her to co-design a custom cake for Tori Spelling's baby Hattie and she sent me a beautiful cake for my baby boy Blake.

This cake a-la-CoCo had to have specific elements (along with the traditional diapers).
Chanel Inspired Black and White Elements (faux pearls for example)
Sparkle / Bling
Custom Baby Accessories
LOTS of shoes!

I enlisted the creative team of Erika to "Bake" the cake masterpiece,

April of HairBowAPlenty for some custom baby headbands. I chose these for the cake creation.

 and Christina of Pink Sugar Crystals to create my cake topper, a white pair of baby booties with hand set Swarovski crystal elements bottoms.

and voila our Cake a la CoCo was "born"

All of Erika's Kreation's Diaper Cakes are baked with usable elements. Baby wash cloths rolled and attached to a baby feeding spoon with a dash of sparkle have the appearance of a lolly pop for example.

Chanel Nicole's Cake Ingredients

2 Custom Bloomers (Black & Pink) to cover diapers

3 Pairs of shoes

1 pair of baby boots

9 washcloths

9 baby spoons

2 Soothers/Binkies

5 Custom Hair Bands

and over 100 DIAPERS

We are so thrilled that CoCo and her baby girl Chanel Nicole are enjoying all of their goodies! I can't wait to see her in the crystal bottom shoes!

Thank you to Erika, April and Christina for helping my vision come to life.

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