Sunday, August 31, 2014

Songstress Style: Lisa Marie Presley

Backstage Wardrobe

I have been intrigued with Lisa Marie Presley since the early 1990's and her appearance in Gianni Versace's Rock N Royalty book (1996).
Images from Rock and Royalty Book/Richard Avedon.

I saw her in the audience of Gianni's shows (as seen with Elton John Below) and pictured with the designer. This coincides with the time I fell in love with fashion. I have watched her style evolve from the days of the monochromatic Versace looks in Lime and Cobalt,

to her being habitually converse clad

and now to a more chic and polished look.
It wasn't until I heard the first tracks from her debut album "To Whom This May Concern" that I was taken by her music and her obvious talent as a singer/songwriter. I have had the pleasure of briefly meeting Lisa a few times post-show and she was always incredibly gracious, kind and charming. I gave her a Vintage cocktail ring (pictured) and a Vintage DIOR Blazer from my eBoutique. I can't WAIT to see how she styles the blazer!
I also connect with her no nonsense, no bullshit attitude. From where I sit she has the same view on fashion. She wears what she wants and does not follow "trends" or adhere to the societal style conformist notions that we are all force fed via the media. She has an affinity for CHANEL, statement cocktail rings and is also part of one of the most stylish couples in my PROFashional opinion, a topic of a future blog.  I would describe her style as rock-chic with an air of romantic classic.

On her last tour she was on the maxi dress, blazer and statement belt program and I adored it.

I also loved her in this Gucci Floral frock from Pre-Fall 2012 that she wore in an appearance in Memphis.

This look reminded my of a Vintage frock with a similar floral print.
Available HERE

As a stylist I always consider how I would dress each woman I see, for Lisa I would select the following:

Vintage 1960s Lilli Diamond Cocktail Dress with Lettuce Edge Ruffle Trim (SHOP)

Vintage Stetson Fedora, Vintage Snake Print Shirt Dress & Vintage Stretch Belt.

Vintage 70's BoHo Hat and Vintage Jumpsuit. (SHOP)

 Vintage Sequin 'Animal Print' Top (SHOP)

Vintage Black & White Printed Top (SHOP)

Vintage 60's Floral Cocktail Dress with Rhinestone Detailed Bodice (SHOP)

 Vintage Mr. Blackwell Chiffon and Floral Maxi Dress (SHOP)

Vintage 70's Chiffon Dress with Copper Pleated Skirt Accent and Copper Tone Floral Applique

 Early 60's Black Velvet Wiggle Dress with Chiffon Bodice (SHOP)

Vintage Egyptian Winged Disc Cocktail Ring (SHOP)

What's your FAV LMP look?

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Back To School: Inclusion

In a few short days I will be taking my little man Blake to his first day of preschool with his 'typical' peers. When thinking of inclusion our minds tend to think only of the student that is being included in the classroom and the obvious benefits as opposed to a 'special' contained classroom. I was reminded by another parent that there are more who benefit from the inclusion of someone with special needs in a typical classroom setting.

I took Blake to the "open house" of his new preschool. My daughter attend the same program  but they have recently obtained a new site for the school. We went to show our support to the administrator and staff as well as introduce Blake to what will be his new environment. Of course he loved it and wasted no time exploring and playing.  I ran into another mother whom I had not seen since my daughter was in preschool with her daughter. We chatted and exchanged acquaintance pleasantries. She went on to rock my world and take ANY lingering doubts away about my choice to have Blake 100% included. She Thanked ME for choosing to include Blake and pointed out how good it is for her daughter and all the other students.
I remember reading research on the benefits to the children without disabilities when I was preparing my case for the School District but to hear it first hand was a whole other level for me. It just reinforced all that I fought for was worth it and will be a benefit to both Blake and others.

Some Benefits of Inclusion for Students Without Disabilities

The Creation of Meaningful friendships.

Increased appreciation and acceptance of individual differences. Tolerance is learned and Respect is earned. When a child is exposed to people with 'differences' the fear of the unknown is removed and replaced with respect.

Increased understanding and acceptance of diversity. Limiting children's exposure only restricts their social potential.

Respect for all people. This all starts with proper models. When children see respect equally distributed across the board, despite perceived differences they are more likely to follow suit.

Prepares all students for adult life in an inclusive society. We all must co-exist in the world, inclusion lays the foundation for children.

Builds the students knowledge of various disabilities. I would like his classmates to have the FACTS about Down Syndrome so they too can act as advocates and educators to people in their lives. Only through correct information can we dissolve stereotypes and myths.

Opportunities to master activities by practicing and teaching others. It also helps build self esteem and give a sense of self mastery when a child is able to improve their skill sets as well as act as a teacher/helper to the other student(s).

Greater academic outcomes for all. Creating a sense of inclusion, cooperation and helpfulness will help everyone succeed.

All students needs are better met, greater resources for everyone. Blake will have a 1-1 Aide to assist him with speech but it is my hope that a sense of community is promoted here regarding assistance. When the class works collectively as a community to help one another overall every one's needs are better met.

To me the benefits reach even further. All of the staff can benefit from having the opportunity to teach children of all abilities and take a sense of pride for being able to assist in someones success in accessing the curriculum, learning new skills and preparing them for their future. They are in essence the instrument through which their students learn the tolerance and respect for diversity that an inclusive classroom can bring. 

I am excited for Blake to start his new school adventure. If you need me at approximately 9:10AM on Wednesday August 27th I will be pulled over, in my car sobbing!

Every time a uniquely abled child/person is included in the classroom or an other facet of society means a societal step in the right direction has taken place. I am so thrilled Blake can be a part of this movement toward respect and equality in our culture.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Transitional Trench

Marlene Dietrich

We are at a seasonal crossroads as "Back to School" looms before us. The transition from Summer to Fall is here. Traditionally a trench coat is a staple for Spring but I get mine out during this season as the nights become cooler. 
Jackie Kennedy

The history of the trench is long, with origins from menswear. The first world wore saw British and French officers wearing this garment in the trenches, hence the name and it has evolved into the closets of fashionable women across the globe.  It's traditional color was Khaki but thankfully has also evolved into dozens of shades and colors. According to Wiki Invention of the trench coat is claimed by both Burberry and Aquascutum, with Aquascutum's claim dating back to the 1850s. Thomas Burberry, the inventor of gabardine fabric, submitted a design for an Army officer's raincoat to the United Kingdom War Office in 1901.

Jane Birkin - Burberry Trench

My personal go-to trench is a Black Michael Kors with a detachable hood and a liner that is also removable but I am intrigued with the trench trimmed in Grosgrain. Since the SJP Shoe Collection I have taken a second look at this fabrication, for those of you that don't know every shoe has a grosgrain detail or trim. The fabric 'gros grain' is characterized by its ribbed appearance and it is a firm, close-woven, fine-corded fabric with strength. You've seen it a lot as ribbon and headbands but trims for coats and shoes? I adore it.

The Greatest of the Grosgrain in the Trenches:

SJP Manhattan Trench Coat Trimmed in Grosgrain - Avail in: Khaki & Navy *SALE: Reg: $495 - ON SALE 60% off $198.90

Vince Camuto. Grosgrain Trimmed 'walking jacket' in Aqua  - SALE: Reg: $136 - $79.99

Ivanka Trump Grosgrain Trimmed Single Breasted Trench in RED  Was $190.00 / Sale: $104