Monday, August 4, 2014

FASHcraft: Time Traveling Fashionista

Two of my life's greatest pleasures are spending time with my children and creation of any kind. The other night the girls and I spent some time crafting. This was not the run of the mill DIY project either, it was FASHION. As you can see from the image below serious decisions about silhouette, fabrics and adornments had to be made. We talks a lot about trusting your own taste and gut instincts! 

We each got to play fashion designer by using real fabrics, trims and adornments thanks to Author Bianca Turetsky and her book series The Time Traveling Fashionista. (TTF). I have written about these sweet stories before (catch up HERE).  She has expanded her brand to now make available for sale the FASHCraft Kits she uses when she does live readings and book signings for kids.  Bianca told me, "When I visit schools & libraries, I do this craft with the kids after my book talk and they seemed to really love it, so I wanted to find a way for it to happen even if I wasn't there to facilitate. The Time-Traveling Fashionista brand is becoming bigger than me, which is awesome. But I love being part of the process, so often Skype into the book clubs from Brooklyn if you buy a kit on etsy."
The Kit Includes:
Fabric - *There is enough excess fabric left over to do one or two more rounds of crafting!
2 Templates (Dress Shapes to Use as a "pattern") 
TTF Stickers
Card stock Pages with the TTF "Model"  (Ours had 3)
"Get to know me" Sheet.


We each took a turn as fashion designer and here are our creations.
Kaleigh - Age 6

Danica - Age 11

MOM - Of course I got in on the action! PS- I want the clutch I created! 
Bianca do you have any more of this fabric?

This is a great activity for kids of any age and a great creative way to spend time with your children. The "Get to know me" Page is a great way to have a conversation about style with your girls. Creative activities like this give kids a sense of self mastery and empowerment via the ability to make choices based on their taste. When the reinforcement and feedback is positive it also builds self esteem too! A Major WIN-WIN-WIN for any mom!

Kits will soon be available as a stand alone item to purchase but you can now get the kit with a signed book!  

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