Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Style Scents

There are several components to personal style. It extends far beyond your closet and daily wardrobe but into home furnishings, accessories and scent. I am a moody dresser and just like I have several wardrobe items on rotation I also have a few fragrances. Scent, like clothing can leave an impression or make a statement without having to use language and it is a very powerful message. One that can be left behind long after you have physically departed.

Similar to those people who pair food and wines, I like to pair scent with style.

For this blog I have chosen the top 4 scents in my weekly rotation. They are also amazing for gift giving as they come in different sizes, creams, soaps and other fun vehicles to impart the fragrance like roller balls for easy travel.

If I was to explain my fragrance "type" I like "spicy", "woody" "musk" or "Citrus".

1) CHANEL CoCo Mademoiselle
Described as a modern Oriental Woody fragrance it is very romantic. I also have the body moisturizer and it is light and fabulous!

Top Notes: Orange, Bergamot, Grapefruit / Heart Notes: Lychee, Rose, Italian Jasmine / Base Notes: Indonesian Patchouli, Haitian Vetiver, Burbon Vanilla, White Musk

This is another woody fragrance that to me is both spicy and sensual.

Top Notes: Grapefruit Zest, Black Pepper, Sage / Heart Notes: Atlas cedarwood, Patchouli, Ginger lily, Pastachio / Base Notes: Olibanum, Massoia wood, Vetiver, Musk.

I also insist you purchase the roller ball for ease of travel so you can always have your STASH wherever you go.

3) Theirry Mugler - ALIEN

Alien is one of my favorite MUGLER fragrances, shown here is the Limited Edition Divine Collector bottle I am currently using. I really want to try the candle they have!

Top Notes: Sambac Jasmine / Heart Notes: Cashmere Wood / Base Notes: White Amber

    1. 4) Theirry Mugler - ANGEL

      Last but not least this has been as go-to fragrance for over a decade and is still in my rotation to this day. It is a very unique fragrance, a love it or hate it situation.

      No layered notes just fragrance: Chocolate, Vanilla, Caramel, Berries, Honey and Bergamot.

      Monday, December 5, 2016

      The Pussy Grabs Back

      It has been non-stop Pussy talk since the obnoxious president elect was exposed for the rude and vile misogynist "celebrity" that he is. His "lockeroom talk" tape created such a stir that I started using the hashtag #ThePussyGrabsBack any time I saw a news story of women standing up for themselves or the rights of their sisters.  Any time I shared a powerful image of a woman on my Instagram I used the tag as well. Then the Pussy grabbed back at the second presidential debate when Melania Trump chose to wear a pink GUCCI pussy bow blouse. I wasn't sure if the was trying to make a statement or if she is just that daft and oblivious to the name of the blouse? Gucci did a full collection of these blouses and the choice of pink even made it more ironic and hysterical since the name is a euphemism for female genitalia. It has also historically been referred to as a pussycat bow I should add. The universe has a great sense of humor sometimes. Regardless of the unfortunate connection I love these blouses and think they are timeless and eternally chic!

      Speaking of Political Pussy Bow's The British Prime Minister was in power pussy mode in her wardrobe from 1979-1990

      The history of the pussy bow or pussycat bow dates back to the 1930's.  In 1934, the St. Petersburg Times offered a pattern for an Anne Adams dress featuring a convertible collar which could be worn in four different ways, including as "an intriguingly feminine pussy cat bow tied high under your chin."(Wiki) 

      René Boivin 1940 Agnès (Millinery) 1940 Chameleon Brooch Bracelet Vintage advert Jewelry photography by André Durst

      The blouse style was seen in the 1960's/70's from fashion houses like CHANEL and YSL and made a resurgence in the business wardrobes of women of the 1980's. It was a great answer to a man's traditional "power" neck tie. The pussy grabs back in 2016! GUCCI had them all over the runway and you can also find a fabulous assortment at both high and low price points and my favorite, VINTAGE!
       GUCCI 2016


      Saturday, December 3, 2016


      The holiday season is so inspiring. I am always motivated to DIY décor, decorations, gifts and more. Last year's family photo and Christmas Card (See the BLOG here) was a trip to Candyland. I had the final images printed for the house on canvas from Canvas Print Factory.

      I wanted to create a real candy frame for the image and instead of spending a bundle on a framed portrait I decided to use the actual canvas frame. Use you imaginations, you don't have to have a candy themed image to create a fun DIY frame. Consider School photos, kids images, babies, parties and more.

      What you need:

      Various Candies (Dollar Store Acquisitions = $10)
      E600 Glue (Amazon $7.50)

      Each piece needs to be applied one at a time and held to the canvas for a little while. I propped up my pieces as I went with other candies. I did a side each day because it takes the E6000 24 hours to fully cure. When it does it has a solid hold so make sure your pieces are in the palaces you want!

      I smashed the large lollipops on the counter and used the pieces (2 including the stick) along with sour gumballs, small gumballs, lifesavers, starburst, gingerbread cookies and a candy cane we had leftover from Kaleigh's Frozen themed birthday party.

      A fabulous way to make a plain canvas custom!

      Friday, December 2, 2016

      Cambria Christmas Market

      For the last four years our family has visited the Cambria Christmas Market to ignite the Christmas spirit for the season. Last night
      we walked away in awe, full of Christmas cheer and inspired for the season. This is a destination for all ages!

      There is a market with vendors in a 'Vintage German Style', Food/Drink, A spectacular light display, Santa Visit, Creative photo opportunities,

      Amazing Christmas décor for purchase and unique gifts.

      Every year they are adding to the market and I have to say the gorgeous shadow boxes/décor installations were my favorite addition.

      I am in love with the themed décor rooms in the Nursery area of the display. We always get an ornament when we visit.

      This is a MUST VISIT when coming to the Central Coast and if you love Christmas it is worth a trip here just to enjoy the market.

      VISIT the WEBISTE for more info on pricing, calendar, buy tickets and more.

      Tip: Try the Hot chocolate, it has a hint of cinnamon, available with or without whipped cream. AND get the roasted almonds too! You're Welcome!

      Thursday, December 1, 2016

      A New ADVENTure

      December is here and the countdown to Christmas is ON! There have been many versions of advent calendars over the years. Advent, which derives from the Latin word for coming, has been celebrated since the fourth century (source). As a child I used to receive an advent calendar on December 1st and each day I could open a tiny paper door and locate a chocolate treat as I eagerly anticipated Santa's arrival.

      It has evolved since then and in my home it has took its form in Books. We are choosing 24 books that are holiday, Christmas, or winter season related. The books will be placed in a bag and one randomly selected each night to read with my children.  No candy and no wrapping paper (I have seen people with a similar idea but they are wrapping them individually and placing under the tree).  Thinking of the environment we will randomly select each title from a bag and avoid the paper.

      I was able to pull 14 books from my daughters library to start us off. We will utilize the local library to borrow and access a few on her kindle, as part of our Prime subscription when we travel to Canada for holiday so we can still have our books on-the-go.

      Tuesday, November 22, 2016

      Lisa's Gift Guide: 2016

      Winter Scene Skirt: Unique Vintage (Reg) (Plus)

      I can't even believe it is that time again. Time to deck the halls, cherish your moments with family and friends and celebrate the year behind you. It is a busy time for everyone so each year I like to offer my suggestions for gift giving to make shopping a little easier.

      I do the majority of my shopping online and locally via small businesses. Here are my 2016 picks:


      To Inspire:

      For the writer in your life:

      Your Inner Stylist:

      Children's Books:

      For the unique woman in your life:

      EVOLUTION VINTAGE has a wide range of one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces and Vintage Clothing for every occasion (Shop this silver cocktail ring & SJP Collection "Carrie" Pumps -available in several colors and heel heights - White Satin )

      PINK SUGAR CRYSTALS - This is a hand made iPhone case with my monogram but you can custom order ANY design and color combinations. She also has a wide range of pre-designed sparkly gifts! 
      SJP Collection Shoes! There is literally something for EVERYONE in this collection. It is my personal favorite footwear brand as it is so diverse, modern and classic at the same time. Made in ITALY and a real investment shoe! Shop this BLUE TARTT SHOE

      House Of Kat Swank - Chokers, Headdresses, Capelets, headbands and more! All Hand made and comprised primarily of vintage materials. (Styled here with Evolution Rewind Ring)


      Got old photo negatives lying around? Scan them into your phone! 
      This one is also on my Santa list! 

      The "Polaroid" returns in this colorful Fiji Instax mini camera and accessories. Available in several colors. BUY

      Sound of the Season: 

      We all know and love the traditional classics. 
      I always like to select something new each season. This year I chose Rita!


      Inspiring words each day of the year from Dr. Wayne Dyer!

      Ashley Longshore does the most amazing, unique and one-of-a-kind pop art jeweled paintings available in all sizes!
      (Inquire for pricing)

      Rhonna Dra
      BUY (Use code: EvolutionGifts and save 15%)
      Love, Gratitude and Abundance

      Obviously it is the thought that counts this and all days. If you are on a budget a hand made item, letter, or piece of art/holiday ornament is more special than any gift you can purchase. Stay tuned for future DIY Holiday Gift Ideas and Step-By-Step guides!
      Time is ticking ...... We are just over a month away!