Saturday, December 3, 2016


The holiday season is so inspiring. I am always motivated to DIY décor, decorations, gifts and more. Last year's family photo and Christmas Card (See the BLOG here) was a trip to Candyland. I had the final images printed for the house on canvas from Canvas Print Factory.

I wanted to create a real candy frame for the image and instead of spending a bundle on a framed portrait I decided to use the actual canvas frame. Use you imaginations, you don't have to have a candy themed image to create a fun DIY frame. Consider School photos, kids images, babies, parties and more.

What you need:

Various Candies (Dollar Store Acquisitions = $10)
E600 Glue (Amazon $7.50)

Each piece needs to be applied one at a time and held to the canvas for a little while. I propped up my pieces as I went with other candies. I did a side each day because it takes the E6000 24 hours to fully cure. When it does it has a solid hold so make sure your pieces are in the palaces you want!

I smashed the large lollipops on the counter and used the pieces (2 including the stick) along with sour gumballs, small gumballs, lifesavers, starburst, gingerbread cookies and a candy cane we had leftover from Kaleigh's Frozen themed birthday party.

A fabulous way to make a plain canvas custom!

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  1. Such a cute idea!! So fabulously festive! Way to be crafty!🙌🏻