Thursday, December 1, 2016


December is here and the countdown to Christmas is ON! There have been many versions of advent calendars over the years. Advent, which derives from the Latin word for coming, has been celebrated since the fourth century (source). As a child I used to receive an advent calendar on December 1st and each day I could open a tiny paper door and locate a chocolate treat as I eagerly anticipated Santa's arrival.

It has evolved since then and in my home it has took its form in Books. We are choosing 24 books that are holiday, Christmas, or winter season related. The books will be placed in a bag and one randomly selected each night to read with my children.  No candy and no wrapping paper (I have seen people with a similar idea but they are wrapping them individually and placing under the tree).  Thinking of the environment we will randomly select each title from a bag and avoid the paper.

I was able to pull 14 books from my daughters library to start us off. We will utilize the local library to borrow and access a few on her kindle, as part of our Prime subscription when we travel to Canada for holiday so we can still have our books on-the-go.

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