Thursday, March 12, 2015

Screen To Life: Cinderella Inspiration

Two days ago I wrote gushing over the costumes for the upcoming release of the Cinderella Film.  I wanted to share a few inspired images and pieces that would be able to capture the spirit of the characters of the film, if they were you, here and now in real life. Pieces I have curated from the Vintage realm, with  a few high end contemporary accessories.

Are you  ...

 Lady Tremaine: 

Similar to something I wore last year to Hearst Castle's Fundraising Event acquired from 55,000 Dresses

A Step-Sister?



Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cinderella: It's Time

The clock is about to strike twelve making it almost time for the biopic Cinderella! Even though I'm not a little girl anymore there will always be a part of me that believes in a 'Happily Ever After', the rest of me believes in fabulous costumes and the artistry of fashion as a medium to tell a story. The cast looks amazing, I adore the director  Kenneth Branagh, who's seen his EPIC Hamlet c. 1996?
Helena Bonham Carter and Cate Blanchette are both fabulous actors but the character I cannot wait to see on a giant screen is the costumes!

Three time Oscar winning costume designer, Sandy Powell is behind all of the stunning looks of the film, as told to Miss Vogue UK:

"Cinderella's ball gown is always what everyone wants to know about and it's difficult because it isn't supposed to be the most extravagant gown of the ball, but it needs to have that certain magical something. I went over it again and again but it was well worth it to see the end result - Lily looked magnificent," she revealed. "I looked at all of the other versions of Cinderella that have been done and then thought 'I'm not going to do the costumes like any of them!", she laughs. "I wanted to combine eras - for instance, by melding the tradition of 18th century gowns with the glamour of Forties-style dresses." Source

I adore ANY period films for the costumes and this is no exception. The thoughtfulness and consideration that goes into each garment is really on another level. Sandy Powell also partnered with Swarovski on Cinderella's crystal slippers and costumes, which according to the Hollywood Reporter incorporate more than 1.7 million crystals.

I have a soft spot for both Step Mothers and Disney Villains. Since they insist on portraying all step mothers as evil or wicked it is about time they portray them as stylish, sophisticated, polished and gorgeous! Lady Tremaine is all that and then some. Want to get the look of the most wickedly stylish step mother? First go for 1940's inspiration with hair, Vintage gold tone statement jewelry and a red lip. I love her primary color palette of deep, envious green's. Hat's cage veils and gloves are all accessories that are wickedly fabulous!

Also the leopard print / red/berry lip combo

If you want to get some 'replica jewels' inspired by the film directly, Cinderella costume designer Sandy Powell has partnered with Atelier Swarovski for her first jewelry collection inspired by the film. The eight-piece Tremaine collection — including a necklace ($1,690), cuff ($599), earrings ($349) and ring ($299) is reminiscent of the jewels seen on Cinderella's wicked stepmother, Lady Tremaine (played by Cate Blanchett), in the movie.

Sandy say's "Despite her evil role in the story, Lady Tremaine has such an elegant look in the movie, and, let’s face it, the baddie is always the best-dressed!"

Will you see the film in theatres?

Shop this gorgeous Vintage Leaf Cocktail Ring a-la Lady Tremaine  VIA Evolution Rewind