Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Take The Pledge

Today we bring awareness of the R word.Yes people still say it. Stop. It is offensive, hurtful and reflects only your lack of intelligence. I will happily distribute thesauruses to those who need assistance in choosing another word to express dislike over something. To those who say it to hurt another person or to insult them I will happily dispense my disgust. The R word is as unacceptable as the N word and other rude words. Keep your BS excuse about your First Amendment rights to free speech to yourself also. I have my rights too as a mother, advocate and human being, hence this post. Show compassion, respect and love to others. Show yourself respect by expanding your vocabulary and eliminating this word. People first language in ANY situation is always a more appropriate alternative. Many people say "It's only a word" as if it is no big deal. If that is the case it should not be a big deal to stop or refrain from using it either.

Blake and I Thank You.

Will you take the pledge to put an end to the R word?

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