Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Eileen Kramer: 100 Years Of Creative Energy

Eileen Kramer in 'Indian Love Song', 1952.

I have recently become familiar with the name Eileen Kramer. She is a 100 year old dancer and creative artist who refuses let age or vision/health limitations stop her creative process or cease her creative energy. She is trying to get her newest show ("The Early Ones") to the stage and has started a crowd funding page to do so. With 6 days left and $14,072 dollars to raise to reach her goal of $26,000 she has totally inspired me to share her story and make a donation toward her dream.

I see so many women, myself included making excuses for things we did not do or won't do. Eileen is a shining example of someone who has let their passion fuel their life and not not let excuses, like age for example stand in the way of her creative process or her dreams. She is also a beautiful link to the history of dance, choreography and costuming in this genre.

Watch Eileen and learn about her project here:

At 100 years young she maintains creative control of her vision from the choreography to the costumes. The funds raised will go to pay the fee of the 9 dancers in her show, provide costumes, pay musicians and composer in charge of the music.

As an original member of the Australian Bodenwieser Dance Company, a pioneer in contemporary dance she has been performing for the past 75 years. She shows no sign or intention of stopping or even slowing down and and from her creative soul to mine I am left in awe in completely inspired. 

She has even written an autobiography about her journey of self realization as a creative artist.
Back ground image: Photo of Eileen Kramer and Jean Raymond in Bodenwieser's „Waterlilies“, around 1940.

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