Friday, January 30, 2015

FBF: Last Year's FANGtastic Party!

My daughter's birthday is quickly approaching again and I realized that I need to re-inspire myself. I will accomplish this by sharing the party that I designed for her last year. We have moved onto a Disney Princess theme this year but last year was a CLAWsome Monster High party for her 6th Birthday. FBF - Fallback Friday is the perfect time to share with you all her party details.  Maybe your little ghoul wants a Monster High Themed party .. Here's what I did.


There was some FANGtastic food at the party. Each item was themed and corresponded alphabetically to each ghoul. You can easily create character themed food stations at your event.
 iCoffin Cake (A regular cake I baked just cut into shape) complete with plastic wearable fangs.

 PB & J Hand with Almonds

A great theme party depends largely on the decor and details. I also feel a great guest "thank you" is key to the parties success. The guests can continue enjoying the party for days to come.

 CLAW Painting Station! (Thanks Jensine for the Monster Mani's!!)

 Dolls on Display all over the house

 Thank you's and Gift Bags!

Costumes are the cornerstone to the theme party. My daughter, step-daughter and I each chose characters.

Birthday girl was Jinafire Long and I Skelita Calaveras

DIY My Costume (Cut and pinned a Mexican fiesta banner on to a skirt I had to create character skirt, gloves/socks online, vintage necklace and wig.)
I also did my own makeup and makeup for the girls.
Kaleigh's costume and wig came from the Monster High Collection.
I used gold metallic makeup to achieve Jinafire's skin look. I did the rest of her makeup a-la-Jinafire

Danica was Catty Noir
Costume DIY from an existing costume we had, adding silver top,  accessories, wig ponytail and ears/tail.
I also did her makeup and sprayed the remainder of her hair pink!

Jensine as Normie Monster Hunter Lilith Van Hellscream

Kaia as Clawdeen Wolf

 Lola As Catrine DeMew

 Ruby as Draculara
 Daisy as Frankie Stein
Sydney as Howleen Wolf
(A completely DIY dress!)

An amazing time was had by all and we ended the part off with a drop-dead-gorgeous fashion show and ghoul parade. A well deserved glass of bubbly for the big ghouls ended the day in celebration of a fabulous party!

Do you throw theme parties? Tell me about your FAV in the comments below.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

NDSS Gala Auction: Gratitude

Each year the NDSS (National Down Syndrome Society) Hosts a Gala evening in New York with an associated auction to raise money for this organization and essentially people with Down Syndrome and their families.
The wonderful people from NDSS reached out to me following a post they read about beginning my journey with my son Blake. During a time of emotional confusion and hormone overload post partum they were so kind and welcoming me to the fabulous Down Syndrome Advocacy community. I have been helping to give back each moment since.

I wanted to publicly express my gratitude to the people who took the time and resources to contribute at my request to this year's gala auction.

Sarah Jessica Parker and the SJP Collection. The gorgeous, high-end shoe brand (Sold exclusively at Nordstrom & Neiman Marcus in the US) had graciously donated TWO autographed pairs of shoes complete with autographed dust bags. Thank you Sarah Jessica for stepping up for this cause so near and dear to my heart. 

(as seen on SJP above)
in a US size 10) - EURO 40, blue foil.

"Marlene, ah! The perfect foil. So to speak. Powerful, feminine and sexy. The colors are a wonderful new neutral and the metallic gives the flash I have been wanting to add to the collection. Marlene Dietrich, known for toying with gender, was the inspiration behind the name for this shoe. The spectator is typically thought to be a man's shoe. I can see this pump even paired with a women's tuxedo!" —Sarah Jessica 

Coral Grosgrain
US Size 7 - EURO 37
SJP Wearing Daphne in Purple - Harpers Bazaar Arabia 2014

"I'm in love with this shoe! What more can I say? She's gorgeous. I'll sleep in them. And evening! At last!" —Sarah Jessica Parker

Ruthie Davis - The luxury shoe and bag designer has donated a gorgeous clutch bag for the event. Ruthie has been a generous donor to the NDSS for the past 3 years. She does so with love in honor of her Nephew Michael. Retail: $1,025.00

Johanna Ely: Good Girls Studio kindheartedly donated this vintage re-vamped necklace (retail $220). This is her second year donating one of her hand made creations to the NDSS auction.

Eileen Davidson: Emmy Award Winning Daytime Actress (Days of our Lives & Young & The Restless) as well as newest cast member of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has graciously donated a pair of earrings worn on Days of our Lives as her popular character Kristen DiMera, along with an Autographed image.

Tori Spelling: This is also the third year Tori has lovingly donated items for the NDSS auction. She has been instrumental also in sharing my story over the years through her blog EdiTORIal (read the latest HERE) and supporting the Down Syndrome Community and all children with special needs (Did you see her ad campaign featuring Blake and kids of all abilities? See it HERE). This is your chance to get an autographed copy of her entertaining book CelebraTORI. She is known for being a creative, crafty hostess and its a gorgeous edition to any soiree sister's library!

Natasha Mrkovich - Portraits of Legends Has kindly donated a print of her famous 1950's Elvis Presley drawing. She is one of a handful of  artists who are licenced to reproduce Elvis Presley's image and this drawing is an official Elvis Product. She is a talented artist and friend who produces gorgeous images of the legends of the entertainment industry. There is no bigger legend than ELVIS. She supports this charity as an artist and a member of the uniquely abled community.

Lori Graystone - Lori is a Pole Fitness instructor: Owner/Operator of RockNPole as well as an Artist. Lori is also  my sister who lovingly donated this gorgeous painting and tribute "Viva Frida" of my favourite artist Frida Kahlo. The painting is 28" x 22" Acrylic on Canvas. Frida was also part of the disability community who because of polio was left with a physical disability in childhood and at the hands of an accident in her teens suffered from chronic pain, being wheelchair bound and eventually leg amputation. Lori has captured the essence and spirit of Frida beautifully. She donated this piece on behalf of her Nephew Blake!

Marty Parker - Marty Parker Art  has kindly donated two GiclĂ©e Prints of the legendary musician John Lennon. Marty is a sweet friend who has been very supportive on my journey with Blake. He is a sibling of a person with unique abilities and loves to give back to this community. He is an amazing pin-up artist too!

 “John I” 
Signed print
Pencil on paper
“John II”
Signed print
Pencil on bristol board

Last, I never ask people do do anything that I would not do myself so my business, Evolution Vintage  donated a one-of-a-kind Vintage cuff  (Evolution Rewind) and a Vintage burnout t-shirt to the auction.

From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU to all who have donated and all who will bid! There are many more exciting auction items and it is open for bidding until 9:30Pm EST JANUARY 29th.

Blake and I are so grateful for your kindness ....

"Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love." - 

Lao Tzu