Friday, January 30, 2015

FBF: Last Year's FANGtastic Party!

My daughter's birthday is quickly approaching again and I realized that I need to re-inspire myself. I will accomplish this by sharing the party that I designed for her last year. We have moved onto a Disney Princess theme this year but last year was a CLAWsome Monster High party for her 6th Birthday. FBF - Fallback Friday is the perfect time to share with you all her party details.  Maybe your little ghoul wants a Monster High Themed party .. Here's what I did.


There was some FANGtastic food at the party. Each item was themed and corresponded alphabetically to each ghoul. You can easily create character themed food stations at your event.
 iCoffin Cake (A regular cake I baked just cut into shape) complete with plastic wearable fangs.

 PB & J Hand with Almonds

A great theme party depends largely on the decor and details. I also feel a great guest "thank you" is key to the parties success. The guests can continue enjoying the party for days to come.

 CLAW Painting Station! (Thanks Jensine for the Monster Mani's!!)

 Dolls on Display all over the house

 Thank you's and Gift Bags!

Costumes are the cornerstone to the theme party. My daughter, step-daughter and I each chose characters.

Birthday girl was Jinafire Long and I Skelita Calaveras

DIY My Costume (Cut and pinned a Mexican fiesta banner on to a skirt I had to create character skirt, gloves/socks online, vintage necklace and wig.)
I also did my own makeup and makeup for the girls.
Kaleigh's costume and wig came from the Monster High Collection.
I used gold metallic makeup to achieve Jinafire's skin look. I did the rest of her makeup a-la-Jinafire

Danica was Catty Noir
Costume DIY from an existing costume we had, adding silver top,  accessories, wig ponytail and ears/tail.
I also did her makeup and sprayed the remainder of her hair pink!

Jensine as Normie Monster Hunter Lilith Van Hellscream

Kaia as Clawdeen Wolf

 Lola As Catrine DeMew

 Ruby as Draculara
 Daisy as Frankie Stein
Sydney as Howleen Wolf
(A completely DIY dress!)

An amazing time was had by all and we ended the part off with a drop-dead-gorgeous fashion show and ghoul parade. A well deserved glass of bubbly for the big ghouls ended the day in celebration of a fabulous party!

Do you throw theme parties? Tell me about your FAV in the comments below.

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