Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I Love Strippers!

Image from 1943 New Orleans Strip Club

I love strippers!! A statement you probably don't hear too often from a married mother of two. I'm sure it got your attention though and now that I have your eyes I want to elaborate.

The type of stripper I am referring too isn't the "traditional" kind you might be thinking of. The type I refer to are individuals who strip down their outer walls, facade's, fronts, masks and all other socially approved protection from the truth of what lies both outside and inside.

I had a visit recently with a man who used to be our neighbour. He was always delightful, articulate and kind but this time he was different.  He has been through serious trauma as a soldier who spent time in Iraq compounded by several other personal issues. We have not seen him since 2011 and in the interim he has spent time travelling across the USA, essentially stripping.
It was uniquely refreshing spending an afternoon with a person who was stripped down, open, genuine, honest. His honesty was not just for the good things as did furnish us with wonderful stories of travel, spirit and truth but also shared the dark, real things that most of us shy away from. He has and is facing himself and working toward being the best HE can be, leaving the traditional, cookie-cutter expectations of the world behind as he travels HIS journey. We had an amazing exchange of truth, energy and love from a stripped down place. There we were, all of us, authentic and facing one another with full accountability of our choices, acceptance of our feelings and thoughts on our improvement.

This visit sparked my thinking internally about the appreciation I have for those I deem "strippers", and more importantly my motivation to become one 100% of the time. Let me preface this by saying there are very FEW people that I would give this lovely title too but I hope there will be more after this post is shared. It is indeed a difficult task to remove ones clothes in front of strangers and to stand there completely physically exposed and open to criticism, judging, stigma and negative energy as a traditional stripper.  It is equally, and I would submit exponentially more difficult to literally be stripped down and be openly and authentically facing the world. No masks, no facade's or socially acceptable phrases or expectations. Nothing, just who YOU really are living and operating in your space the way YOU want.
The truth is, we are all the same at our source and are all connected. We somehow loose sight of this fact during the haze of a fast-paced, socially acceptable life.

Take a moment today to visualize what your life would be life as a 'stripper'. You could face the world with 100% authenticity, love and positive intention. All your walls are gone, no protection from the outside but a pathway for your energy to flow and exchange with others. You could and would be living the life YOU want, on your terms, on your clock and in the manner that best serves your positive intentions and brings you back to the source, whatever that looks like for you.
 You WILL be judged but it would no longer matter.

Would you consider becoming a 'stripper' an option for your life? or is the safety of the conventional, protective space better for you?

I would love to hear your thoughts and continue the conversation in the comments.

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