Monday, February 16, 2015

Fashion? Who Cares?

John Galliano for DIOR 2007

I do.


Artistry: There is a serious level of skill, talent and creativity that goes in to creating garments. I am not referring to your $5 Walmart, sweatshop t-shirt but into real FASHION. Fashion to me has always been an amazing art form. It is the only art  that we actually get to live our lives in.  

Example, true Haute Couture. I could take centuries of examples of amazingly crafted Haute Couture but have a look at this current DIOR garment. 200 hours of work by hand later. The work that goes into creating this seemingly 'simple' skirt is amazing. Now you can appreciate the work and detail going into the true couture gowns and other garments of this nature. To me it is ART.

Language: Fashion to me is also a form of language and expression. I express my emotions and feelings through what I wear. I am what I call a moody dresser. I dress according to my mood and always follow my authentic style instincts. I think people can get a sense of who I am through my personal style. Your clothing can speak without you having to say a word.
This look is comprised of Fashions Past and Present. The Dress (70's) and rhinestone bracelet (60's) are both Vintage, the clutch from Forever 21 and shoes SJP Collection "Daphne".

Empowerment: Yes you read that right. You are probably thinking how could what seems to be a frivolous, materialistic, seemingly superficial industry possibly empower you? There are a few reasons. First, there is that shopping moment when you find something that you are instinctively drawn too, fits you and is in your budget. For me this is the equivalent to the stars aligning. Words cannot articulate the feeling I get. Its chemical, exciting and empowering. Fashion has also allowed me to take my power back and use clothing in a way to build my self concept. I FEEL good when I dress authentically and take the opportunity to put my best foot forward each day. I know a lot of women who feel frustrated and down on themselves when it comes to their wardrobes, they know what they like but somehow lack the courage to wear it. I on the other hand am so grateful for fashion giving me the opportunity to express what I want, my way during my daily life.
Linda Evengelista for Gianni Versace 1993 - Image: Richard Avedon

Inspiration: Between the imagery and the artistry of the clothing  I am always left inspired by fashion. I fell in love with this art form when I was around 8 years old and I've never stopped looking. I adore this medium and its association with music, culture, art, photography, etc. The theatrics and styling of the runway shows and the fashion editorials that have left me inspired and spawned several creative endeavours of my own. Fashion to me is a limitless source of inspiration. I like to look to the past a lot as the history of fashion tells a great story.

 VOGUE -  2003 by Annie Lebovitz (Model: Natalia Vodianova, Designer Christian Lacroix and Mad Hatter Millinar Stephen Jones)

Bazaar - April 2010 - Demi Moore

For some people clothing is simply a societal norm and necessity. Some individuals put very little thought into the process of dressing or if it means anything to them at all.

What do you think about fashion? 

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