Saturday, February 28, 2015

Party Like A Princess

I love theme parties. I love to plan them, host them and attend them. When my children have birthdays I always ask them to choose a theme. For my daughter last years was Monster High, the year before that Mermaid/Under The Sea, this year it was Disney Princess as she turned 7.

I was thrilled and immediately knew costumes were in order. She chose Princess Tiana from "The Princess and the Frog" and, Sister as Queen Aurora a-la live action Maleficent film.

 Snow White was my choice and Daddy threw down as Prince Charming. 
Snow White's Princess Magical Slippers
SJP Collection - Ursula in Aqua Foil (also avail in Silver for Cinderella)
(Ursula was the appropriate choice for the theme and Snow White's look)

Big brother as Aladdin (and his girlfriend a Rapunzel/Jasmin Hybrid) 

and little Blake was a mini-Prince, as seen here being crowned by "Elsa". 

This sweet Prince Charming Shirt I had made on ETSY


4-Step DIY Invitations:
Foam Wands from the Dollar Sore (3/pk) = $2
Created and printed the info in Word
Hot Glue

Be Our Guest
Each guest was asked to dress as their favourite princess. I was thrilled to see all of Kaleigh's sweet friends in costume.

All of my friends came in costume too ... Cinderella, Tink, Ursula and The Queen of Hearts.

Even the villains turned it out. Ariel & Ursula!

Guest Favors
I purchased pastel colored paper bags from the dollar store (2/pk) = $6
1 Roll of Pastel Ribbon = $1
Tulle = $4/roll
Print Photos of Princesses, Cut & Glue

 I loaded the bags with items the guests could use that worked with out theme. Disney Large Plastic Cups, Disney Kleenex, Princess Mini-Chalk Boards, Coloring Pages, Princess Lip Gloss, Feathered Snap Bracelets, Frames, Hair Bands and ONE princess themed candy; edible jewelry of course (bracelets and rings)

I layered the tulle piece over the skirt and glues down the ribbon bow at the waist for a 3-d effect.


DIY Rapunzel Braid in honor of her 7th year!

Yellow Yarn: $2
Faux-Flowers: $1/bunch
Elastics, Scissors, Hot Glue
Printed Cut Outs

 Covered in Princess plastic table cloth is my Antique barn table with colored mis-matched chairs. Mylar balloons and plastic back drop set the scene for the Royal Celebration.

The white mesh canopy (intended for a bed) was a perfect place for photos and to host our special guest (MORE about Belle's visit in tomorrow's blog)
I used costumes that we had on-hand and hung them around the house. I also purchased a Disney Princess 2015 Calendar ($1) and used the large portrait squares as decor around the interior/exterior of the house. This Pink princess dress and DIY sign greeted guests as they arrived.

Pink Princess Lemonade, Cinderella's Chips, Princess Pop Corn, Plastic Horse Drawn Coaches filled with candies (Ex: Ariel's Swedish Fish). We sued Princess books and figurines as decor. I had small metal Princess Coaches as place card holders for food labels.

 These Snow White chocolate Foil Apples were served at the end of the party and sent home with each guest.
 Princess Flavoured Water - 0 sugar. Displayed in an Ariel Clam Shell.
Snow White takes a break while Prince Charming serves the Princess Pizza
 Princess glove removal. Every princess needs an assistant.

 I served Royal Fruit Wands instead of ice cream when it was time for cake.

 I baked 6 cakes.
Each Princess dress required 2.5 (2 for the skirt using a mold and 1 cake = 2 x 9" rounds for the bottom)

The center slab cake was one cake for a grand total of 6!

 ~ Make A Wish ~ 


We Crafted Crowns which really kept the girls busy until the enchanted entrance of our special guest Belle! 

She was escorted in by Prince Charming naturally ...

She greeted the girls, Danced, Read them a story, taught them Princess Etiquette and officially crowned Princess Kaleigh. Kaleigh also took her for a tour inside before she had to get back to the castle. 

MORE about Belle and Magic Moment's Princess Parties in the "Be Our Guest" Blog coming tomorrow!

Everyone had an enchanted time fit for a princess!

Do you throw theme or costume parties? 

Post a link below in the comments. I would LOVE to see and/or hear about them.

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  1. Amanda in TorontoMarch 1, 2015 at 6:02 PM

    Absolutely incredible! Every detail was just amazing, creative and full of love... from the crafts. to the décor, to the costumes (um, bonus points for David for being the greatest Dad!) ... all of it was so thoughtful. You did an amazing job and what a party that will be for her to remember. A truly beautiful family.

  2. You have the best parties AND the absolute best yearly family photos!!!