Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Bloom Where You Are Planted

I love this notion of blooming where you are planted, in other words there is no geographical excuse for not being who you are in this exact moment. There is also no excuse for not being able to express yourself authentically, in essence wearing what you want.

This notion is a very powerful and empowering one. It disables you from handing away your power to the universe or external circumstances. You may wish to be in another place in your life, geographical or otherwise but really all we have is NOW. Dig into your life as well as your closet and bloom right where you are.  You feel like wearing a cocktail dress to a lunch? DO IT  you think you will be over dressed? SO WHAT. For the purpose of this blog I'm using fashion as part of the metaphor but truly dig your heel's into your life, in this very moment, exactly where you are, as you are. Enjoy the sun on your face and know the grass is greener where you water it, where you are planted, not way over there ...

Need some floral inspiration?

Vintage Floral Gown (available via Evolution Vintage

Pink 'Fawn' Vintage Glass Foil Pimps via SJP Collection (available via Nordstrom with black Grosgrain detail as pictured) or with Nude Grosgrain Detail at Neiman Marcus

Where will you bloom?

Michael Kors Floral-Print Cotton-Voilé Tunic (SALE: $595)

Vintage Floral Dress & Vintage Necklace
Both available via Evolution Vintage

Vintage BoHo Floral Dress, Vintage Hat & Belt
Both Available via Evolution Vintage

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