Saturday, September 2, 2017


With a new project on the horizon the EVOLUTION VINTAGE closet needs to make some room. 

EVERYTHING is 50% off through Monday for our Labor Day Sale!

There is something for everyone, every size, budget and taste! 

Treat yourself to my selection of specially curated and selected Vintage pieces of clothing, jewelry and accessories!


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Color Your World

I live, work and dream in color. I exist and grow in rainbows. 

I am inspired by color, by vibrancy in the world, radiant energies, passionate people.

I am constantly in a state of bewilderment as I look around. I look in gratitude of course but also in awe of how and why people don't encourage each other to shine their light as bright as they can. I am astonished at why more people don't help each other grow and express their unique color pallet. I for one am so exhausted seeing every ones public armor painted and camouflaged beige.

Shoe Story: 
SJP Collection FAWN in Ochre and Pink Satin. Also "Louise" in Blue Satin.

I chose to use images of my favorite colorful shoes to illustrate my point. I am not paid, thanked, compensated, treated or encouraged to promote this shoe collection, this candy or anything I share in my physical or digital life. I share what I love for the sake of sharing it. I expose the world of my unique colors in hopes it will inspire you to do the same. It doesn't have to take the form of social media over sharing, but just authenticity to every person that you encounter. You are amazing and the world needs exactly who you are in this moment, colors, flaws and all.

"The universe is my palette. I paint a glorious picture and step into it" - Alan Cohen 

Today's color pallet of blues, pinks and yellows. All looks available via EVOLUTION VINTAGE

Monday, July 17, 2017

GOT Dinner For Two

GOT had to be the most used hashtag and/or acronym last night on social media. The highly anticipated  7th season of HBO's Game Of Thrones premiered to an astounding viewership record for HBO of 16.1 million according to entertainment weekly. 

My husband and I are fans of the show. You may remember our Game of Thrones themes Christmas Card. Read The Blog Here.

I created a GOT themed dinner for my husband and I, fit for a lord and his lady.


Riverrunn: House Tully Fish Taco's
Chips and Sansa
The Wall of Cheese Plate
Baked BriENNE of Tarth served with green apples
Castle Black Forest Cake
Red Wedding Velvet Cake

 This was the first time I made fish taco's at home. I made the chipotle sauce from scratch using the following easy recipe

1 cup Mayonnaise
2 Tbsp chopped fresh cilantro
1 Tbsp of honey
Juice of 1 lime
Pinch of salt
2 canned chipotle chilies in adoobo

The tacos were small flour tortilla's, cod, shaved cabbage and home made Pico de Gallo.

I printed House Tully and House Lannister flags and attached them to the large skewers I use for my chocolate candied apples. 

This was one of the best Cab's I've ever had, well worth the price point of almost $50 USD. They have a lower priced red blend and a chardonnay for $20 (also available in Canada)

I loved themed dinners and parties. Did you host or create a themed Game of Thrones dinner.
 Leave info and links in the comments!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tee For Two: Seanese

The t-shirt has made such an evolution over the years. According to Wiki 'The T-shirt evolved from undergarments used in the 19th century. First, the one-piece union suit underwear was cut into separate top and bottom garments, with the top long enough to tuck under the waistband of the bottoms. With and without buttons, they were adopted by miners and stevedores during the late 19th century as a convenient covering for hot environments.

As slip-on garments without buttons, the earliest T-shirt dates back to sometime between the 1898 Spanish–American War and 1913, when the U.S. Navy began issuing them as undergarments."

It's come a long way baby and now is popular for amazing graphics in both design (art) and phrases. 
Shoe; SJP Collection Daphne Pump
Bracelet: Betsy Johnson

The styling and context to which one wears a t-shirt has also changed and evolved. I wanted to share several ways to wear a T-shirt using two of my new FAV's from the SEANESE line. Sean's line is new and special to me because Sean has a giant personality and he has chosen graphic tees to express himself and his unique "sayings". Sean also has Down Syndrome and has struggled with speech and hearing issues for his entire life. Growing up his speech was only clear to those who spent a lot of time around him and some had joked that he had his own language. The name "Seanese" is a tongue in cheek and clever name for his collection of tees, caps, bags and other items that have his "sayings" on them.

Sean with my son Blake

You may recognize Sean from the Emmy award winning show Born This Way on AE

My two FAV's are "Don't Tell My Mother" and "No Spoilers".  I wanted to show you how I wear them and style them on a smaller model in hopes of expanding your view on the versatility of a t-shirt.

Shoes: SJP Collection Fawn 70MM in Candy Satin
Worn off the shoulder (tug to expand the neck)

Shown Here off the shoulder, rolled up sleeve with a side knot. Statement jewels and track pants.

Because everyone wears heels, fishnets and track pants. They don't but clearly should.

My XL Tee on my size SM model is the perfect shirt dress.

Or belted with a Vintage gold tone fish scale metallic belt and printed flats and fishnets.

I wear the tee with a colored blazer (Forever 21 a million seasons ago), Lucky Brand Denim & SJP TARTT Mary Jane

The shirts come in all sizes and several colorways, women's, men's, kids and babies too! 

What is your FAV way to wear a graphic t-shirt?

Monday, June 5, 2017

Gratitude Gifts

We are in the home stretch, the final week of school and summer is literally days away. At the end of another year I have time to take pause and reflect on everything that has happened. My son with Down Syndrome was included in a General Educational classroom setting with the proper behavioral and academic supports and my daughter spent an amazing year in the third grade, achieving countless awards and spreading her wings performing in the school talent show.

It was a great year of ups and downs and delightfully more ups! The end of the year is a great time for "Gratitude Gifts" for all of the teachers and staff who had a hand in my children's education this year.

This year I chose special, bright colored and delicate Orchids for my son's main teacher and his para educator or aide.

The homemade cards say "Thank You for helping me grow" - Love Blake 2016/17 with images. I created them on my computer, printed and laminated them.

For the service providers (Speech & Occupational Therapy) I purchased locally made bath bombs from Babylonian Soap Company in Morro Bay, CA. The bath bombs were freshly made this past Friday and ready for these ladies to relax in a well deserved hot bath. Self care as a woman in any occupation is so essential.

I also made their cards that say YOU ARE THE BOMB!

I also purchased a Japanese Plum Blossom VOLUSPA candle from the soap company as well for my daughters teacher.

Signed, SCENTcerely, Kaleigh. 

The VOLUSPA scented candles are my personal FAV now! (I purchased a Sugar Plum scent at Christmas from Babylonian soap company).

Sharing gratitude is something we should do everyday to everyone we encounter. At this time of year it is hard working teachers and support staff who deserve the recognition!  Don't restrict yourself to just a purchased gift if that is not what is available to you. There are so many amazing DIY crafts, homemade cards and more that you can tailor to your teachers!

Check out these Apple Themed Gifts from "Teacher Appreciation Week" that you could create for end of the year gratitude gifts! Tori Spelling share's some great ideas on EdiTORIal HERE (I love the tote bags and apple stamps)

How will you share your gratitude? 

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Feamle Power: Catwoman Style

After spending my day at a Visionary Women's conference yesterday I wanted to write about it. The power of women together. The power of women period when the universe gave me a sign. Waiting for me in my inbox was an e-mail from the gorgeous icon Julie Newmar.

Her thoughts on FEMALE POWER. I am compelled to pass her wisdom along to you dear reader.


Consider yourself lucky if you are a female, you plausibly have female

If you haven't developed it, I'll give you a push. Here we go.

To my notice, we females effort less. "It's Instinct," you may say. Yes,
knowing the right moment to ask, to get what you want. We make time useful,
not waste time. 

Women solve dilemmas more quickly than men. We don't over think. We feel the
answer coming. There is such a thing as higher or Infinite Intelligence. You
can access it. Breathing lets it in. Stop rushing and you'll hear it.

There is something egalitarian about female power. A quality female at the
center of an economic enterprise, business or home expands its success. She
lessens the dangers of too much macho folly. We bring equilibrium to any mob
scene, to the fractious political diaspora.

It is easier to be a woman, we take seriously the necessity of a home base.
We are the center, the centrifugal force, the confident vibes, where trust
earns its wings. Additionally, we value simplicity, its wisdom to make
things understood.

Men like to please us, have you noticed? They value themselves more in our
presence. We make them smarter, which balances nature to the benefit of all.

We get to dress up, then undress. We have the plumage, our very fuss and
frivolity is soothing, pacifying. The act of putting on makeup relaxes the
nerves, heightens the senses.

Catwoman always felt superior to Batman. She was smarter. Truthfully, she
had a finer mind. 

To me, it's not about who has first place. These days, I say to myself: You
have to eschew popularity if you want to be the best you can be.
Superiority over others is so yesterday. Would there be a Galileo without
his mother, her talents, cleverness and her unfulfilled dreams?

Females who are in the know will address themselves as beloved, as wholly
adored and loved in the eyes of their maker. This quintessential power to
know who you are dismisses the bankruptcy, the politics of friction paraded
by pseudo kingpins. Fake news is instantly recognized for what it is.

Women are natural engineers, we know how to get more for less. 

In moments of distress, I say to myself: Everything is energy. That leaves
me the choice of choosing solution over mayhem when under pressure. I know
the value of one foot, one brick at a time for building a life, a house or
relationship. Especially with family, I only react to words that reflect the
better intention or motive. Admonishment toward others waits, but is often
discarded. Everything is energy, so choose wisely.

On sexual harassment: short of physical violence, I didn't mind all the
things I was called. I've always enjoyed the underlying intention. In my
twenties, I was once referred to as a "brick shit house." Uh!... Hardly the
worst thing. I looked it up, it means curvaceous, muscular, stacked. Relax
girls, we are the ones who choose. 

I sometimes think I regret that I didn't sleep some of my way to the top.

Drama is a fool's game, stick with comedy. I like 96% comedy, 4% drama.
Laughter un-bottles tension. Better to watch Stephen Colbert than Donald
Trump. Colbert is smarter. 

I live like a cat, seeking where the expensive furniture is. The softest
pillows with the prettiest slip-coverings, the places in the house to curl
up where the sun warms my body all year long.

My kind of female power can't be owned. I may feign enslavement, but I never
let myself be unloved, even by myself, that would not do. 

I rarely argue - I consider. I wait till enough information is in and then
the answer, answers itself. My imagination does tolerate empty space.

Female power does not disagree with a compliment. Compliments shall be
relished, like rich chocolate, like an inside caress. I make time to feel
it, all the way up and down my body. 

Let the world please you. Use your female power. It was set up that way. 

Thank you Julie!

To read more ....

Visit her WEBSITE

Friday, April 7, 2017

Pluviophile Perspective

Evolution Vintage Grey Dress
Totes Umbrealla
Stylist/Image: LisaG

Our society is obsessed with labels, labels on clothing AND labels on people. I think everyone finds a strange comfort level to know that they have you figured out, categorized and have you labelled. There is one label that can be added to my list as I sit in the comfort of my home typing and listening to the rain outside do a tap dance on my back deck.

Pluviophile: (biology) Any organism that thrives in conditions of heavy rainfall
 and/or One who loves rain, a rain-lover.

I thrive, I create, I am comforted by and inspired by the RAIN. Any Rain, any time and the more consecutive days of precipitation the happier and busier you will find me. I have never been able to really explain my love and attraction to the rain and rainy days. There is a cleansing quality to rain, washing away all that was before and producing a fresh, clean slate or Tabula rasa as it were. 

Living in California has kept me rain starved through the recent drought years but sincerely grateful for even an hour of water. I am so thrilled to welcome back this extended "rainy" season.

What inspires you? 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Level Up: Personal Evolution

I adore this quote from writer Joan Didion, it inspired me to order her memoir and to think about how true this statement is, or should be. 

Recently I have been exploring the idea of letting go of versions of yourself as you move down your life road, destination unknown. Your past and previous versions of yourself only serve to slow you down. The natural progress you could be making is made that much harder by the past 'people' you are "carrying" around, past versions of yourself included. Think about yourself running under water carrying a large rock and the pace you make carrying all of that weight. Now think about your increase in speed if you leave the rock behind.

Lately I am feeling like Alice in Wonderland in a new world of Alternative Facts, "It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then."

Evolution in all facets of your life is essential, giving yourself permission to change, let go of people ideas and beliefs that no longer serve you and anything else that may be blocking progress. Celebrate the next time someone says they don't know you anymore! each level of life requires a different version of you so it is time to level up and show up for this moment.

A style evolution is also in order. Try tapping into your authentic self through your personal style. Ignore the outside noise, current trends and your geographical location and wear what represents who you are ... for today at least!

 Vintage Poppy Dress - SHOP

Friday, March 17, 2017

Irish Inspo

The Holiday Season has come and gone but I wasn't ready to let my tree go. This year we were away for Christmas so I didn't get to enjoy my chic new white tree for very long. I decided my Christmas decor of Magenta and Silver should stay through January and then was inspired to decorate the tree with LOVE for Valentine's Day which remained up through Feb!  

March knocked at the door and it was time for some Irish decor. My maternal relatives are all McGee's, real Irishmen and women from the town of Antrim, Ireland (my great, great, great maternal grandfather) but my Great, Great Grandparents were married and buried in Kilcooley, Ireland. So my roots give reason to this tree and it's decor. A little Irish inspo:

Tree topper was created from green gift ribbon ($2, shamrock decoration ($1) and festive headband complete with Irish flags ($2.99). Total topper: $6

The decor was inexpensive with the exception of the priceless Leprechaun created by my husbands grandmother in the 1970's

I used Green and gold garlands with shamrocks from the dollar store ($4), I purchased paper desert plates to fill the gaps inside the tree ($3) and used a plastic witched prop 8" cauldron to double as my pot of gold complete with plastic gold coins ($6.50). The cauldron can be re-used again at Halloween ($8) I purchased the ceramic Irish symbol Trinity Knot ornament separate online for $5.

the white faux flowers with silver glitter trim and gold coins also came from the dollar store. I scattered these throughout the tree along with green ones ($5).

The tree has been the focal point of our living room and a great themed conversation throughout the month. Total decor cost: $37.50

Cheers to celebrating around your themed tree all year long. Next up Spring/Easter!