Monday, January 30, 2017

Dalmatian Day: Christmas Card Edition

Every year my family and I produce a themed Christmas card which serves as our annual family photo. Thus far we have done Alice in Wonderland, Game of Thrones, A Willy Wonka Candyland Fantasy and this year our version of 101 Dalmatians

This year my daughter has been begging for a puppy .... for the entire year. I was not ready for a puppy and was teased about having some Cruella deVille moment's. Also anyone who know me knows how I adore a Disney Villain. Because of our children range in ages, and being parents of a child with exceptional needs we sometimes feel that there are 101 and not really just 4  in the house and the theme started to take shape. It seemed like a natural theme for this year.


  My husband has a male Cruella and dotted dalmation hybrid look. Creamy faux leather jacket (Forever 21 several seasons ago) and dalmation tee. Shop the dalmation wrap my step-daughter is wearing. the girls matching gowns are no longer available. Kaleigh wore dlamation ear headband that came in a set of headband/ears, bow tie and tail. She wore the ears and I incorporated the bow tie and tail into the set.
Vintage Jewles, SJP Collection FAWN 70MM in Poison (now soild out in this color), Red Opera Gloves. (Dress - Plain black wrap / Coat Forever 21)

I even had my own shoe wranger ....


I constructed and desgined the set in my Evolution Vintage showroom space. A red, black, white with a hint of creame color scape. I used photography backdrop frames and draped them with layered sheets, decked out a christmas tree complete with lace Minnie Mouse Ear toppers, and of couse 101 balloons ... 50 white, 50 black and one red.
Antique photo frames were used on either side of the set along with two antique chairs and a vintage steamer trunbk draped in black satin. 

 I even had a Cruella-esque stunt cigarette holder on set with a sparklet "flame" ornameltal piece up-cycled from a discarded  Chriustmas decoration.
 I used petticoats in black/white/red under the christmas tree to add volume and a costume dalmation tail in the tree as if a puppy had just dove in, can you see it? I live for details like this. A large, life size stuffed dalmation on loan from my friend Brenda Sue, from Brenda Sues consignment in Morro Bay and another stuffed pooch from the Disney dalmation film rounded out the crew.

We had a blast this year ... wishing everyone an amazing 2017! 

until next year .....

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