Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pedicure De Jour: Houndstooth

Vintage Houndstooth Print & Jewels

I love experimenting with new Mani & Pedi Prints and my Pedicure De Jour is a "Houndstooth" print courtesy of our friends at Sally Hansen. I'm a busy mom and on the go and with no dry time the Salon Effect "stickers" are my go to for both fingers and toes. I love the Salon Effects for nails and converted them for my toes but now they are available in pedicure form. #303 - Puppy Tooth.

My daughter loves them too.

Have you tried the Salon Effects line? What's your FAV print?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What's On: The Exes

In a sea of pseudo-scripted (and let's face it) not so "real" reality shows is this comedic gem on Tv Land; A cleverly scripted comedy called "The Exes"

Show Synopsis: Three divorced men sharing an apartment across the hall from their female divorce attorney, who is also their landlord. The "never been married" Holly (Kristen Johnston) introduces her newest single client Stuart (Basche) to his new roommates -- ladies' man Phil (Faison) and the sardonic homebody, Haskell (Knight). Things get off to a shaky start for Phil and Haskell when they begin to have reservations about living with clingy Stuart, but Holly is right across the hall to help them steer clear of any catastrophes. After all, it helps her to avoid her own relationship and commitment issues! To top it all off, Holly's hard-partying assistant Eden (Stables), doesn't let her professionalism get in the way of prying into her boss's personal life. Through the episodes, the guys begin to realize that the issues they have with each other are the same ones that they had with their ex-wives.

I had missed season one but thanks to technology I have been able to record the past episodes via my handy DVR. Every single episode I enjoy the witty and smart humor of the talented team of writers.

I have watched and belly laughed my way through season two and I had the fabulous opportunity a few weeks ago to go to the set for a taping as part of the LIVE audience; Yes the laughter is REAL.

I sat front and center with my fabulous friend Sydney and laughed the time away watching the amazing acting chops of the uber talented cast! 

Kristen Johnston (Holly), Donald Faison (Phil), Kelly Stables (Eden),Wayne Knight (Haskell), and David Alan Basche (Stuart)

And don't get me started on the brilliant writers and hard working crew. Overall I had an amazing time and I can describe the show in 1 word: HILARIOUS!

The Episode will air tomorrow night called "Sister Act". Check out an exclusive clip on their website

It was an amazing treat to be able to see the legendary Judith Light (as Holly's Mother Marjorie) and Actress Amanda Detmer (as Holly's Sister Jill). Both I had the pleasure of meeting afterward and they are as sweet as they are talented.

If you have never seen the show this is episode is NOT TO BE MISSEED! for all you digital darlings out there is it literally LOL funny! Don't take my word for it, tune in and see for yourself.

Set your DVR's for 10:30pm on TV Land.

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You can thank me later!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Sole Sister .. Monday: So Vendi

Sorry kids I'm a day late with my usual Summer Sole Sister Sunday post. Lot's going on. Because we are ALL always on the go and torn a million ways in our busy, fast paced lives it made me think about "convenience shoe shopping". Would you ever purchase shoes from a Vending Machine? 
What happens to our tired Soles after a night out or a long day of running around in heels? or a long night dancing your ass off in your 4" stiletto platforms?

Can you be Vendi and Trendy?

 Fabulous Sole Sisters on both sides of "the pond" have came up with an answer! 

AfterHeels offers a sexy slipper for the girl on the go, between gig's or just after a long night.

The AfterHeels Deal: "ultracompact ballet pumps to fit into your tiny clutch bag. Inside the clever packaging you’ll even find a duffle bag so you can carry home your beautiful heels"

They are made in England AND sole's with a SOUL for the environment. They are made from materials that are completely biodegradable, "The body of the shoe is made from natural, sustainable materials which biodegrade in the same time as an oak leaf." You can also re-use the duffle bag as a dust bag to store other shoes. Interesting concept! They are currently sold out on-line but they have vending machines at clubs across England - get the complete list on their website.

On this side of the pond?

Check out Rollasole 

The 2 Sole Sister's behind the R met in a night club in Las Vegas with post dance-a-thon tender tootsies and came up with a Vendi solution.  There are currently 2 vending machines in Las Vegas: The Grand Canal shops at the Venetian and inside the Vanity Nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.  There is also one at the Colony in Hollywood. You can also purchase them on-line via their website. You can even buy them for your guests at your wedding.  How many weddings have you been too that everyone dances  in bare feet?? No longer. They come in metallic colours and fab prints. Prices: $19.95-$40.00

Heidi Klum & Hayden Panettiere Rockin Gold Rollasoles at the 
Golden Globes.


Are you Vendi?

I can't wait to try a pair! 

Genius idea Sole Sisters!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Joke's on you Wayne Brady

It is fabulous that we live in a free society where everyone has the right to their opinion's and feelings. I'm thrilled to have a medium to voice my utter disgust at a recent "joke" made by comedian Wayne Brady.

He was taking part in Comedy Central’s roast of Roseanne Barr this past Sunday. At one point in his routine he directed the following statement to Jeff Ross, another comedian taking part in the roast.
“Now the thing is Jeff, these are all jokes, and I really like you. I really, really like you. But a lot of people hate you, especially Sarah Palin because you remind her of what Trig is going to look like when he’s 40.” 
First let me say that I DO NOT agree with Sarah Palin's politics, religious beliefs or her conduct with respect to animals but I am disgusted as a mother that Mr. Brady felt the need to make a "joke" inferring that Trig (Sarah's son) would be ugly at 40 because he has Down Syndrome.

Seriously? He also did not take kindly to the Boo's that immediately rang out from the crowd.  The real JOKE is that if ANY comedian made fun of or derogatory remarks about the African American community you better believe that they would be forced to make a public apology.

That is exactly what Wayne should be giving the Down Syndrome community today. Starting with Trig Palin, an innocent boy in all of this who cannot read his hurtful words now but will one day be able to.

I know that I am personally excited to see what my beautiful boy Blake will look like when he is 40! I hope he will be a HAPPY man despite the clear prejudice, ignorance and lack of compassion this society still seems to have toward people with perceived differences. He will be a contributing member of society, the greatest teacher in my life and NOT reduced to the punchline of a game show hosts joke.

My Son Blake!

I wonder if Wayne would be laughing if someone made a joke about his daughter Maile? or about a group or community that Maile was connected too? As a parent it truly HURTS when someone has a laugh at your child's expense; directly or indirectly.

This is NOT a political issue it is a HUMAN one. My friend, father and Writer at Noah' wrote an amazing open letter to Wayne Brady which I hope he takes time out of his busy deal making and joke writing schedule to read.

Let's make a deal Wayne. I will personally give you a round of applause if you take the opportunity to apologize for your disrespectful, unfunny comments .. oh, I mean "JOKE". If not the joke is on YOU. Your comments say much more about YOU and YOUR character (or the lack thereof) than it does about people with Down Syndrome. Keeping in mind of course that one day your daughter may read your comments and see your conduct. Will you joke or laugh at the expense of others and perpetuate judgement, bullying and hate? or choose to stand up and take accountability for your actions and words inspired by kindness, compassion, inclusion and love?

I can't wait to see.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Get Your Sparkle On: Pink Sugar Crystals

Jeweled Phone Case - My new MUST HAVE Accessory!

Facebook has seriously been an invaluable Social Networking tool. I get to see the current lives of people past, keep in touch with family and meet amazing people like Christina Bias, of Pink Sugar Crystals. She became a fan of Evolution Vintage and this is how I found her. She is my Sparkle Sister who graciously gifted me with a custom creation, a jeweled iPhone case with my personal "L" monogram (exactly the way I sign it). She bedazzles her butt off on everything she can get her hands on; phone cases, lamp shades, lighter cases, jewelry, and MORE! She is a hard working MOMpreneur who's studio is in Portland, Oregon.

The Bling Beauty: Christina Bias

I caught up with Christina taking a break from painstakingly creating my FAB phone case to chat about Pink Sugar Crystals. 

LG: Tell my readers about Pink Sugar Crystals and what inspired you to start your business?

CB: An esthetician by trade, I've always had a love for fashion and beauty. Have all ways been artsy and crafty. When I became a stay at home mom, I thought of a way to raise my child and work from home. After designing my first cellular phone case I became addicted and Pink Sugar Crystals was born. Going strong 2 years and I fall more and more in love everyday with what I do. My amazing customers keep my creativity going and I love them all. 

LG: Where does your love for sparkle and shine come from?

CB: Every since I was a little girl, I would wear all my mother's jewelry. The more sparkles the better.

LG:  What products do you add sparkle too? Is there anything you won't bling?

CB: There is no accessory or item that I wont try to adorn with crystals or charms. I am always open for a challenge.

LG: Can you explain the quality of crystals/stones that you use? 

CB: custom designed pieces are created with only Swarovski Crystals as they have the most brilliance. What makes Swarovski Crystals so brilliant as they are considered "fully leaded" at 32% unlike Czech fired-glass and acrylic rhinestones. 

British Standard for crystal: 
Fine crystal - 6% to 10% lead oxide 
Lead crystal - 10% to 24% lead oxide 
Fully leaded crystal - 24% or more lead oxide 

Precision cut and polished, Swarovski crystals are faceted in the same way that diamonds are faceted or cut. The absolute best in man made glass-lead oxide crystals. 

LG: Do you take custom orders? who would a reader go about submitting one?

CB: Custom orders are the most exciting because, much like an architech designing a custom home, I take pride in working with the customer to create a piece of art made not only by me, but also by the customer. E-mail custom requests.

I'm Obsessed with my case!!

LG: Tell us about your process. What goes into making a "Pink Sugar Crystals" Item? What is your turn around time for orders?

CB: Trade secret of Pink Sugar Crystals and my own personal mantra: Lots of Love, Passion And Patience. Turn around time can vary depending on the type of item being customized. Cellular phone cases usually require, on average, 3 weeks or less to complete.

LG: Please share a DIY TIP For my readers.

CB: If your are working with hard surfaces, I would highly recommend E6000 as an industrial strength adhesive. 

I have to say I am personally OBSESSED with my custom case and suggest EVERYONE get their sparkle on!

A Fab phone case ranges from $75.00-$360.00 depending on the size/type of crystals and custom design.

CONNECT with Christina via

Fabulous! Shout out to my girl Jensine for the RAD manicure XXO

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sole Sister Sunday: Ruthie Davis

Ruthie Davis shoes are the epitome of Rock N Roll chic! The shoes are high in both stature and quality. Conceptualized in New York and manufactured in Italy. You see them on the feet of the biggest stars in the world and of course on Ruthie's.

Ruthie's heart is also as big as her talent for design. She graciously contributed one of her FABULOUS handbags to a NDSS (National Down Syndrome Society) charity auction to raise money for people with DS, a cause so very close to my heart. I Love You Ruthie!! xo

I had a chance to chat with Ruthie about her own Sole Sister Status and take a peek inside her fabulous closet.

LG:  What is your FAV pair for summer? 

RD: This summer I have been living in my Hudson strappy sandals in tanned veggie leather and python.  They’re a fabulous shoe for transitioning from day to night and are super comfortable. I’m also loving all of my new Ruthie Davis sneakers for running around town and casual weekends away.

LG: What are your "Go To" shoes? 

RD: Well, my "go-to" shoes change with every season, because I tend to build them to order, Lol!  But, they tend to be the highest heel possible with an equally large platform, as I like to be tall and comfortable.  Believe it or not, for myself, I prefer shoes to be black or nude.  I will always be a sucker for the highest, most dramatic black boot.  So, this season, I am obsessed with my new Spalding Boots in Black and Natural Wood (available now on They’re absolutely stunning.

LG: Your FAV Shoe Indulgence?

RD: I’m lucky because my shoe indulgences are considered part of my job!  I only wear my own designs, except for more functional shoes like Hunter boots and my Nikes for running.  I build my outfits around my shoes and view them as like the foundation of the house; the most critical architecture of a woman’s body and outfit.  I indulge in always making sure my feet and legs are well positioned and highlighted by fabulous Ruthies!

LG:  If you could give my readers one piece of advice as it applies to shoes (styling, purchasing, etc) What would it be?

RD: Well, for me, shoes are always an extension of the sexy, sophisticated woman who wears them. When you slip on a high heel, it should immediately fill you with confidence. That's how I design my collections, I feel it in my bones and that's how I recommend women shop. Always invest in what speaks to you and remember that the shoe is meant to be a part of the woman’s architecture. I don’t like seeing women hobbling around on shoes that look like little pieces of art, they should enhance the woman and almost become a part of her body.

MY FAV FALL STYLE: The "Monti" Buckle Front Bootie. I am PASSIONATE for a Platform AND a Peep Toe! I love the design and the colour combinations. 

Sharp lines and military-inspired coloring take this Ruthie Davis bootie to the front lines of fashion.

  • Calfskin and patent leather upper.
  • Low-cut banded vamp.
  • Rose golden buckle front.
  • V'd sides.
  • 5 3/4" covered heel; 1 1/2" platform; 4 1/4" equivalent.
  • "Monti" is made in Italy.
Price:  $998 (Until Aug 15th Use CODE: TRENDNM  for a free brooch with shoe purchase over $350)

I could not even image how amazing it would be to wear ONLY my own shoe designs, maybe one day! Until then my FAB soles would be proud to rock a pair of RD's around town!


Saturday, August 11, 2012

Dita's Dresses: Her Capsule Collection

Dita Von Teese is hands down one of my living Style Icons. I love how she mixes fashion's past and future, makes her own style rules and care's not what mainstream trend everyone is buzzing about.

She has designed and released a Capsule Collection (MUSE) of select Vintage inspired items, sold exclusively at DECADES. (World Wide Shipping)

For those of you who are unaware in the fashion industry a "capsule collection" is defined as a mini-collection consisting of a few important representative items from the designer.

The collection is composed of 6 pieces, predominantly classic black, one pop of red and a printed piece. Dita used her own closet as her Muse for creating this collection.

This is a classic case of QUALITY vs QUANTITY.

Dita addressed the issue of her quality clothing via her Facebook: "I've launched several brands recently, and I've had to make a lot of choices that weren't always black & white. It is true that my dress collection is a little bit more expensive, and that is because I wanted the linings to be silk and I wanted all the details to be up to par with my vintage pieces with things like embroidered grosgrain waistbands, silk velvet and all the things that make a differ
ence upon close inspection. Unfortunately, those details come with a higher cost to make, especially in this era of manufacturing. I would like to offer a more affordable line too, and perhaps I will, but this first one is a very limited edition collection based on my vintage wardrobe treasures. This line is for those that see the benefit of obtaining one forever piece rather than a bunch of clothes that go unworn. This is one of the lessons I have personally learned over the years, so I decided this would be my first approach. I also felt that in light of my perfume, makeup and lingerie collections being in the more accessible price range, that this was the right approach for this first clothing collection. Lastly, of course no matter what the price point is, someone is going to be unhappy with it. So thank you for understanding my choices. I would love nothing more than to wave a magic wand and offer you full blown haute couture for free. That would be a neat trick, no?"

The price points range from $595-$895 but it is all a matter of perspective.  For quality, high end clothing this is not a lot to ask. If you are looking for investment pieces that you can style a million ways or hang onto for years then this collection is for you.  If you want clothing you trend and trash, shop at Forever 21. You could also meet in the middle and purchase authentic Vintage pieces for a price point slightly lower than Dita's.  It is also about priority. I have seen women who shop at Old Navy and never really update their wardrobe and have no problem throwing down $1600+ for a luxury handbag.

The most amazing part of fashion is you have the opportunity to purchase and style according to your budget, imagination, creativity and style. It is all up to you!

MY FAV pieces from the collection

Images & Commentary from Dita's Website)

The Follow Me Dress
"This is designed after a dress from the 1950s that I have worn over and over for about eleven years, and I always get compliments on it. It is timeless and always chic, which makes it a perfect wardrobe staple. I like to wear it with different vintage brooches from my collection on the shoulder. I have worn this dress over the years on red carpets, to events, parties and for many a romantic rendezvous. We remade this dress with a beautiful silk lining and silk chiffon, and I'm especially happy to have an improved version of the original dress in my wardrobe!"

The VIP Coat
"I've always said that the key to achieving glamour on the go is to have a very chic coat. I collect coats from the 1950s, because the hourglass fit and flare silhouette is so flattering. I wanted to bring this shape to the classic black trench coat, and this one has wonderful details like a hidden pocket, a tulle lining for a bit of volume, and the lovely grosgrain waist ribbon, which is a tribute to vintage couture. I might add that one of my favorite tools of seduction is a sexy coat, which I wear with nothing but black stockings and lingerie underneath!"

What are your FAV Pieces? Are you going to shop Dita's Collection?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Style Maven Series: Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa is a Model Maven who's heart is as big as her talent and beauty.  She is an Animal Activist, Actress, Model, International Sex Symbol and Reality Star. 
She has appeared on countless covers of international magazines, on both big and small screen and is an outspoken advocate for animals and NOT wearing FUR!

She has publicly voiced her disdain for the Kardashian's promotion, wearing and sales of FUR via their DASH stores.

I LOVE that Joanna uses her public platform to help the plight of animals who cannot speak for themselves. 

  She gave me her take on how we can help animals "Stop buying fur and educate people on how animals get skinned alive for their fur. There is no reason to put animals through so much pain for fashion. Stop buying products that are tested on animals, don't support horse racing, only eat cruelty free meat if u have to eat it but its not healthy even if u are not an animal lover. Adopt don't buy. If u see someone on the street abusing their pet call an authority and have the pet taken away from them." 

Joanna, being born in Warsaw, Poland was a perfect host/judge for the show "Poland's Next Top Model". She also danced her way across the Screen in 2009 with partner Derek Hough on"Dancing With The Stars" 

She has recently joined the cast of the BRAVO reality show"The Real Housewives of Miami" 

She has a busy schedule and splits her time between LA and Miami but took the time to answer my Style Maven Questions

LG: Can you describe your personal Style aesthetic AND attitude about fashion?

JK: Wear what looks good not what the price tag says . I am a jean s and dress girl...I don't have a specific style but I love to find bargains and not over pay on designer clothes as I ll wear it once and then its a waste of money. I like to buy clothes that I can have for years and I focus on buying expensive shoes and handbags cause those accessories can last forever.

LG: What are the key components / pieces in your closet?
JK: Shoes and handbags 

LG:  How do you feel about Vintage Clothing and Accessories?

JK: I have never bought any but stylists have used pieces on me for shoots and I loved them. As long as it is not fur.

LG: What are you wearing this Summer? What will be the the key elements for your Fall 2012 wardrobe?

JK: This summer a bunch of summer dresses because you can wear them casual with flip flops or dress them up with jewelry and heels and they are so comfy.

LG: If you could give women 1 piece of STYLE advice, what would it be?

JK: Always wear heels with a dress because heels will make your legs look good. Flats are not flattering if u wanna impress someone :)

They are made for comfort only.

Here's a look at Joanna's STYLE
(Click on collage to Enlarge)

CONNECT with Joanna
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