Sunday, March 20, 2016

You Say You Want A Revolution? Start With Sanders

I have been wanting to write here about the current election for some time. I needed to mentally strip away and process all the BS, corporate media bias and all other forms of propaganda and spend time researching the candidates.As my husband can attest I have had my eye on Bernie Sander's from the beginning of the Primary coverage. Anyone who reads this digital space should know that the things I value are authenticity, equality, service to others, the environment, and disability advocacy. Today I want to digitally give my endorsement to the Democratic candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders for president.

The primary election is at what people have been referring to as "half time". Half of the states have voted and now it is time for the other half to stand UP! I hear the non stop complaining of the people around me about the current climate of about every sector in this country. If you want CHANGE you have to facilitate CHANGE, get out and vote, educate your neighbors and declare your support. Sen. Sanders is ready to make the changes that I would love to see in this country. I have never been inspired about politics in my entire life and the Sanders campaign has inspired me to stand up!

This campaign has been the most authentic and dynamic grass roots campaign calling for accountability, supported by solid plans and experience. Sen. Sanders has spent  the last decade in the senate and the previous 16 as Vermont's sole congressman in the House of Representatives. He has spent a career devoted to public service and a life devoted to social justice (red more about his accomplishments HERE). He has also never been afraid to stand up for the MANY and not just the privileged few. It is a campaign paid for by the VOTERS, THE PEOPLE, YOU and NOT the wealthy establishment. Sen. Sanders has only the agenda of the American people to push and not that of the rich campaign contributors in exchange for their money to fund this election. I have made several contributions and have joined nearly 2 million people who have made over 5.7 million individual contributions to date.

There IS power when we STAND TOGETHER.

These video's capture the essence of why my household will vote Sanders (but we have to wait until the California JUNE primary which is also Closed. be sure to register Democrat by May). Please take 6 minutes to watch.

#FeelTheBern from Chris Lockett on Vimeo.

"What We Can Be" By Chris Lockett

I spent 27 years of my life living in a socialist nation north of the American border. I have first hand experience with a nation built on community, service to others and sharing what we have, universal health care for all and paid maternity/paternity leave. Nothing was FREE, we all paid into a system that when we needed it it was available for us and our families. Sen. Sander's knows the benefit of such a system and I wish all American's did too. 

Arizona, Utah, and Idaho are next ... are you ready for a revolution?

What can you do?