Monday, November 15, 2010

Stroller Derby

Pregnancy, childbirth and raising children is not what it used to be. I'm very happy to report that women and the human race as a whole have at least evolved to being to celebrate pregnancy, pregnant shapes and motherhood. We have come a long way baby from the smocked hidden days of the 1960's and before. It was a great cover up that has thankfully fallen by the wayside for bearing it all in a celebration of the baby bump. A BIG thank you to Demi Moore for bearing it all for the Cover of Vanity Fair (shot by Annie Leibovitz in 1991) magazine while pregnant with daughter Scout LaRue. It sparked controversy at the time but has since become a symbol (to me) of female empowerment.

In fact, pregnant with my first daughter Kaleigh Rain I had a nude maternity photo shoot done. I enjoyed every minute of it both in protest of conservative, generic maternity shoots and in pure celebration of my current state.

Since Demi many magazines have jumped on the baby bandwagon featuring both nude and non-nude celebrities mothers-to-be on their covers and in the pages of their magazines. I find the female form, while pregnant to be this beautiful juxtaposition of elements; so beautiful, strong, fragile, powerful and vulnerable. It is a wonderful state of being which ends in the "pain with a purpose" stage that would bring ANY MAN to his knees! BRAVO LADIES!

The great divide between celebrity and non-celebrity has been bridged via reproduction. We literally have common ground with the women that are idolized, revered and followed. Pregnancy and childbirth brings a human quality to these women that cannot be felt through the pages of a magazine or through the television. We all have the same struggles of morning sickness, weight gain, labor, delivery (in all it's forms), shitty diapers, barf and all of the other wonderful things that come with motherhood. I don’t drive a Bentley or carry a Birkin but I efficiently change diapers and could hold my own in a stroller derby with these women any day of the week!

The celebrity mothers are also inspirational as Chic mammas who have snubbed the track pant and make being pregnant a fashion statement all in its own.

Here are some of my favorite fashionable mammas in various states of motherhood. (CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE!!!)

An honorable mention must be made to the MAJOR MAMMA of 3 Kimora Lee Simmons Hounsou for keeping it real with her fans a posting a photo of her in the hospital in labor to her twitter account and announcing the following (Via @OfficialKimora)

"It's time !! No turning back! At hospital in labor right now!!"

"Having contractions now! Ooo- wee! It's like WHOA!"

She also documented the birth of her son Kenzo Lee in a Style Network special and in an episode of "Kimora Life in the Fab Lane" that chronicled her journey from hospital arrival in labor to his delivery. A very intimate look from the outside. Thank you Kimora for sharing that special time with the world.

The moral of my blog is that keeping in line with the trend setting mammas I am announcing my own reproductive news. My husband David and I are expecting our second child in the spring!!

My news comes on the heels of 2 of my favorite ladies: P!NK and Rachel Zoe who both announced this week that they are also expecting.

P!NK made her announcement on the Ellen show AND tweeted this to her followes: "ok tweethearts: here's my own personal official whatever...... Carey Hart knocked me up and i don't know how to tell my dad. what do i say?"

She also tweeted this WISH: "My wish for this pregnancy, besides a healthy happy baby, is for the paparazzi to LEAVE US ALONE and let me gain my weight in PEACE"

Rachel Zoe ROCKS a Gianfranco Ferre gown and a baby bump! She tweets this yesterday: "Hey everyone! I want to officially confirm to my loyal friends and followers that I am pregnant!..."

Bravo mamma’s to be! Hang on for the craziest, life transforming ride. A real motherhood metamorphosis.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Style Maven Series: Molly Sims

Molly Sims is what one could refer to as a "triple threat". She's a successful model, actress and now a jewelry designer. You may remember her from the Victoria's Secret runway or the pages of Sports Illustrated (where she wore the world's most expensive bikini valued at $30 Million dollars) Sorry Molly I had to post the photo ~ you are beautiful! I could not mention a 30M dollar bikini without letting the readers have a peek ;)

She has successfully launched a line of vintage-inspired jewelry called "Grayce" which is available on HSN a higher end line available directly from her web site: HERE

Here are some of the pieces I love (Cuffs, rings & statement necklaces):

In fact she is approaching her 1 year anniversary for the line which she will celebrate with a live appearance on HSN, Friday November 19th. See her and her jewels at 1:00AM-2:00AM & 2:00PM-3:00PM

What I love about Molly's style is her fearless approach to accessories and colors. She does not shy away from mixing it up; colors, prints, accessories. She is also a girl after my own heart, she loves herself a CLUTCH! I love how she will mix sequins and a blazer on a red carpet or try an over the top statement necklace with an otherwise conservative gown. Bravo style maven!

I had a chance to ask Molly my Style Maven Questions:

LISAG: Can you describe your personal Style aesthetic AND attitude about fashion?

MOLLY: My style is usually one of the four "Grayce girls": Gypsy/Bohemian, City Sophisticate, Glamour Girl, or All-American. I am always mixing and matching. I will never be too trendy, always classic. Fashion gives you the ability to play dress up.

LISAG: What are the key components / pieces in your closet?

MOLLY: Every girl should have a great pencil skirt, a great boyfriend blazer, a great pair of black pants, and a great white shirt. You only need to buy a few trendy pieces a season. This season it’s all about leopard, camel and motorcycle fun. And don’t forget to layer.

LISAG: How do you feel about Vintage Clothing and Accessories?

MOLLY: I love vintage clothing and accessories. Grayce was inspired by my own vintage jewelry pieces that I have from my mother. My design style infuses my love of mixing vintage pieces with tradition aesthetic that allows me to create timeless pieces that can be worn from season to season. The key to buying vintage clothing is to invest in a good tailor. Find one, make friends and you’re good to go.

LISAG: What are your favorite Vintage pieces (Clothing and/or Accessories)?

MOLLY: An amazing old Pucci Dress, a gold vintage Rolex, vintage pearls my mother gave me, a leopard jacket I got 15 years ago, and a vintage croc bag.

LISAG: Do you only wear designer vintage?

MOLLY: No. When I was younger my mother and I would go to yard sales and buy boxes of jewelry for ten dollars and sort through them to find amazing pieces. A flea market find can be just as eclectic and chic as a fancy diamond! Do not feel like you have to pay a lot for vintage.

LISAG: What are you wearing this fall? Tell our readers the key elements for your Fall/Winter wardrobe

MOLLY: I think three key elements for your Fall/Winter wardrobe should be a great motorcycle jacket, deco jewelry and a fringe bag. I’m also obsessed with tights under bohemian dresses!

There were so many wonderful looks to choose from with Molly ~ here are some of my Fav's


Follow Molly on Twitter @MollyBSims


Vintage Striped Day Dress

60's Chocolate Metallic mini dress
70's Clutch

Vintage 3 strand necklace with fopal (faux opal) crown

Late 40's/Early 50's Whiting and Davis gold metal mesh clutch


Monday, November 8, 2010

Style Maven Series: Cindy Crawford

Cindy Crawford is (in my humble opinion) one of the most beautiful women in the world. Since my early days of thumbing through Vogue and other various fashion publications her face was everywhere. Imagine my wonderment at the tender age of 10 years old watching her on the runways of Paris, New York and Milan. The Gianni Versace runway shows were ALWAYS my favourite where she seemed to be a permanent fixture. I remember her being articulate in interviews and versatile in photographs; and she still is. She was one of the ORIGINAL SUPER MODELS. Never has their been such a more beautiful or versatile group of models in the history of fashion.

Her beautiful face and iconic mole has graced hundreds of magazine covers all over the world. This collage is just the tip of the publication ice burg, there are literally HUNDREDS from over the years.

My personal FAV cover (for the late John F Kennedy Jr.'s George 1st magazine):

and too many ad campaigns to possibly count. I wonder if Cindy even knows. My favourites were the Versace ad's over the years primarily shot by famed fashion photographer Richard Avedon.

Her beauty even reached tv commercials (pepsi) and music videos, My fav being the video of George Michael's "Freedom 90" it takes singing in the shower/tub to a whole new level:

Cindy is still a successful model and the face of OMEGA watches for over a decade but she is also an actress, business woman, wife and mother of 2.

Her business ventures include:

* Cindy has a line home furnishings and accessories called "Cindy Crawford STYLE"
available at JC Penny (

* A line of jewelry called "One Kiss: By Cindy Crawford" also available at JC Pennys

* A skin care line called Meaningful Beauty partnering with Paris DR. Dr. Jean Louis Sebagh (

When she has some spare time (HA HA) she supports a multitude of charitable organizations.


What I love about Cindy's style is her effortless approach. She has a casual chic look with t-shirts, motorcycle jackets or blazers and a great pair of jeans, worn with either heels or flip flops and she ALWAYS ROCKS it!

I had a chance to ask Cindy my 5 Style Maven questions:

LISA: Can you describe your personal Style aesthetic AND attitude about fashion?

CINDY: My personal style aesthetic has evolved over the years. One of the things I love about living in Malibu and west coast style is how relaxed it all is and how jeans and flip flops are the staple. I think I am less concerned about what the latest trend is and am more confident in my own style. I like mixing different designers and pieces. My attitude about fashion is that you should only wear something that gives you more confidence. Second guessing if you can pull off a "look" is stressful and makes me feel insecure!

LISA: What are the key components / pieces in your closet?

CINDY: Key wardrobe pieces for me are jeans (current favs are Paige and J Brand,) leather jackets and heels. I feel like I can go just about everywhere in that!

LISA: How do you feel about Vintage Clothing and Accessories?

CINDY: I love vintage clothing although I don't wear a lot of it in real life. We use amazing vintage pieces on shoots often and I'm always interested in the fabric and construction. I have some old Chanel, Versace and Alaia that are probably considered vintage by now!

LISA: What are your favorite Vintage pieces (Clothing and/or Accessories)? Do you only wear designer vintage?

CINDY: I have a beautiful vintage caramel colored leather Hermes trench coat and an amazing Alaia belt.

LISA: What are you wearing this fall? Tell our readers the key elements for your Fall/Winter wardrobe.

CINDY: Favorite pieces for fall---I bought a beautiful khaki Cavalli leather military jacket that looks cool with jeans or thrown over a khaki knit dress for that monochromatic military look. Fall is also all about great boots. I just bought some Henry Begulin brown shoe boots that I can't wait to wear. I'm also getting more and more into accessories--more interesting necklaces and earrings.

A small collection of Cindy's red carpet and casual looks (CLICK ON IMAGES TO ENLARGE):

Thank you Cindy for your ageless and timeless beauty. It gives every woman the hope that aging beyond gracefully is a real possibility!


EVOLUTION VINTAGE ~ Vintage style burnout T-shirt

Vintage beaded/sheer top

Vintage Stuart Weitzman - mesh heels

Armani Blazer