Monday, August 20, 2012

Sole Sister .. Monday: So Vendi

Sorry kids I'm a day late with my usual Summer Sole Sister Sunday post. Lot's going on. Because we are ALL always on the go and torn a million ways in our busy, fast paced lives it made me think about "convenience shoe shopping". Would you ever purchase shoes from a Vending Machine? 
What happens to our tired Soles after a night out or a long day of running around in heels? or a long night dancing your ass off in your 4" stiletto platforms?

Can you be Vendi and Trendy?

 Fabulous Sole Sisters on both sides of "the pond" have came up with an answer! 

AfterHeels offers a sexy slipper for the girl on the go, between gig's or just after a long night.

The AfterHeels Deal: "ultracompact ballet pumps to fit into your tiny clutch bag. Inside the clever packaging you’ll even find a duffle bag so you can carry home your beautiful heels"

They are made in England AND sole's with a SOUL for the environment. They are made from materials that are completely biodegradable, "The body of the shoe is made from natural, sustainable materials which biodegrade in the same time as an oak leaf." You can also re-use the duffle bag as a dust bag to store other shoes. Interesting concept! They are currently sold out on-line but they have vending machines at clubs across England - get the complete list on their website.

On this side of the pond?

Check out Rollasole 

The 2 Sole Sister's behind the R met in a night club in Las Vegas with post dance-a-thon tender tootsies and came up with a Vendi solution.  There are currently 2 vending machines in Las Vegas: The Grand Canal shops at the Venetian and inside the Vanity Nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.  There is also one at the Colony in Hollywood. You can also purchase them on-line via their website. You can even buy them for your guests at your wedding.  How many weddings have you been too that everyone dances  in bare feet?? No longer. They come in metallic colours and fab prints. Prices: $19.95-$40.00

Heidi Klum & Hayden Panettiere Rockin Gold Rollasoles at the 
Golden Globes.


Are you Vendi?

I can't wait to try a pair! 

Genius idea Sole Sisters!

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