Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sole Sister Sunday: Ruthie Davis

Ruthie Davis shoes are the epitome of Rock N Roll chic! The shoes are high in both stature and quality. Conceptualized in New York and manufactured in Italy. You see them on the feet of the biggest stars in the world and of course on Ruthie's.

Ruthie's heart is also as big as her talent for design. She graciously contributed one of her FABULOUS handbags to a NDSS (National Down Syndrome Society) charity auction to raise money for people with DS, a cause so very close to my heart. I Love You Ruthie!! xo

I had a chance to chat with Ruthie about her own Sole Sister Status and take a peek inside her fabulous closet.

LG:  What is your FAV pair for summer? 

RD: This summer I have been living in my Hudson strappy sandals in tanned veggie leather and python.  They’re a fabulous shoe for transitioning from day to night and are super comfortable. I’m also loving all of my new Ruthie Davis sneakers for running around town and casual weekends away.

LG: What are your "Go To" shoes? 

RD: Well, my "go-to" shoes change with every season, because I tend to build them to order, Lol!  But, they tend to be the highest heel possible with an equally large platform, as I like to be tall and comfortable.  Believe it or not, for myself, I prefer shoes to be black or nude.  I will always be a sucker for the highest, most dramatic black boot.  So, this season, I am obsessed with my new Spalding Boots in Black and Natural Wood (available now on They’re absolutely stunning.

LG: Your FAV Shoe Indulgence?

RD: I’m lucky because my shoe indulgences are considered part of my job!  I only wear my own designs, except for more functional shoes like Hunter boots and my Nikes for running.  I build my outfits around my shoes and view them as like the foundation of the house; the most critical architecture of a woman’s body and outfit.  I indulge in always making sure my feet and legs are well positioned and highlighted by fabulous Ruthies!

LG:  If you could give my readers one piece of advice as it applies to shoes (styling, purchasing, etc) What would it be?

RD: Well, for me, shoes are always an extension of the sexy, sophisticated woman who wears them. When you slip on a high heel, it should immediately fill you with confidence. That's how I design my collections, I feel it in my bones and that's how I recommend women shop. Always invest in what speaks to you and remember that the shoe is meant to be a part of the woman’s architecture. I don’t like seeing women hobbling around on shoes that look like little pieces of art, they should enhance the woman and almost become a part of her body.

MY FAV FALL STYLE: The "Monti" Buckle Front Bootie. I am PASSIONATE for a Platform AND a Peep Toe! I love the design and the colour combinations. 

Sharp lines and military-inspired coloring take this Ruthie Davis bootie to the front lines of fashion.

  • Calfskin and patent leather upper.
  • Low-cut banded vamp.
  • Rose golden buckle front.
  • V'd sides.
  • 5 3/4" covered heel; 1 1/2" platform; 4 1/4" equivalent.
  • "Monti" is made in Italy.
Price:  $998 (Until Aug 15th Use CODE: TRENDNM  for a free brooch with shoe purchase over $350)

I could not even image how amazing it would be to wear ONLY my own shoe designs, maybe one day! Until then my FAB soles would be proud to rock a pair of RD's around town!



  1. I would like her shoe/bag closet please. She rocks some FIERCE shoes, my goodness. Many of which LOOK fab, but wouldn't your dogs be barkin' after a few minutes of wearing them?! :) She wears them well... I will leave that up to her! Great blog, Lisa! Hugs, Yen

  2. good posting about Sole Sister Sunday: Ruthie Davis