Monday, August 13, 2012

Get Your Sparkle On: Pink Sugar Crystals

Jeweled Phone Case - My new MUST HAVE Accessory!

Facebook has seriously been an invaluable Social Networking tool. I get to see the current lives of people past, keep in touch with family and meet amazing people like Christina Bias, of Pink Sugar Crystals. She became a fan of Evolution Vintage and this is how I found her. She is my Sparkle Sister who graciously gifted me with a custom creation, a jeweled iPhone case with my personal "L" monogram (exactly the way I sign it). She bedazzles her butt off on everything she can get her hands on; phone cases, lamp shades, lighter cases, jewelry, and MORE! She is a hard working MOMpreneur who's studio is in Portland, Oregon.

The Bling Beauty: Christina Bias

I caught up with Christina taking a break from painstakingly creating my FAB phone case to chat about Pink Sugar Crystals. 

LG: Tell my readers about Pink Sugar Crystals and what inspired you to start your business?

CB: An esthetician by trade, I've always had a love for fashion and beauty. Have all ways been artsy and crafty. When I became a stay at home mom, I thought of a way to raise my child and work from home. After designing my first cellular phone case I became addicted and Pink Sugar Crystals was born. Going strong 2 years and I fall more and more in love everyday with what I do. My amazing customers keep my creativity going and I love them all. 

LG: Where does your love for sparkle and shine come from?

CB: Every since I was a little girl, I would wear all my mother's jewelry. The more sparkles the better.

LG:  What products do you add sparkle too? Is there anything you won't bling?

CB: There is no accessory or item that I wont try to adorn with crystals or charms. I am always open for a challenge.

LG: Can you explain the quality of crystals/stones that you use? 

CB: custom designed pieces are created with only Swarovski Crystals as they have the most brilliance. What makes Swarovski Crystals so brilliant as they are considered "fully leaded" at 32% unlike Czech fired-glass and acrylic rhinestones. 

British Standard for crystal: 
Fine crystal - 6% to 10% lead oxide 
Lead crystal - 10% to 24% lead oxide 
Fully leaded crystal - 24% or more lead oxide 

Precision cut and polished, Swarovski crystals are faceted in the same way that diamonds are faceted or cut. The absolute best in man made glass-lead oxide crystals. 

LG: Do you take custom orders? who would a reader go about submitting one?

CB: Custom orders are the most exciting because, much like an architech designing a custom home, I take pride in working with the customer to create a piece of art made not only by me, but also by the customer. E-mail custom requests.

I'm Obsessed with my case!!

LG: Tell us about your process. What goes into making a "Pink Sugar Crystals" Item? What is your turn around time for orders?

CB: Trade secret of Pink Sugar Crystals and my own personal mantra: Lots of Love, Passion And Patience. Turn around time can vary depending on the type of item being customized. Cellular phone cases usually require, on average, 3 weeks or less to complete.

LG: Please share a DIY TIP For my readers.

CB: If your are working with hard surfaces, I would highly recommend E6000 as an industrial strength adhesive. 

I have to say I am personally OBSESSED with my custom case and suggest EVERYONE get their sparkle on!

A Fab phone case ranges from $75.00-$360.00 depending on the size/type of crystals and custom design.

CONNECT with Christina via

Fabulous! Shout out to my girl Jensine for the RAD manicure XXO


  1. Even more stunning and fabulous in person! My only dilemma? What I want on my case! Hmmm... ;-)

  2. Gorgeous bling, girl! Pink Sugar rocks. Love the mani on you...sooo ROCK n'ROLL. Muah! Hugs, Jensine

  3. Awesome! Pink Sugar is the sweetest! LOVE what you do and love your stunning custom case, Lisa (and the nails are superb too!)

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