Sunday, October 23, 2016

Wonka Vision: Candyland Christmas

Every year my family puts their faith in my imagination and willingly participates in the creation and execution of the family Christmas card and photo shoot. We live near the beach but we are not really khakis and white t-shirt type of family. Not that there is anything wrong with a themed photo shoot like this but it is just not our style. We have a blended family that is full of personality.  All my kids are game for whatever  is on tap for the theme and now enjoy giving input.

The last 3 years have been amazing, Alice in Wonderland's Mad Tea Party. Game Of Thrones Westeros Warriors and last years Wonka vision: Candyland Christmas.

Since 2016 card is knocking at the door I wanted to share the details of last years SWEET shoot.

Each year I choose a different photographer to give the images a unique perspective. Last year Debbie Markham of Cambria shot this Candyland Christmas.

I also DIY the costumes, props and this year the entire SET!

We shot in the Evolution Vintage showroom space that I converted into a Willy Wonka Dream. I borrowed the pre-lit, white tree and used Vintage petti-coats in an array of colors along with inflatable pool toys.

I used the petticoats to cover the eye sore that is the top of the door and I wasn't satisfied with the available backdrops so I used wrapping paper and wrapped the GIANT door. Purchased at the dollar store I used about 10 rolls ($10 plus tape cost). I had an acrylic art frame in mt studio that I decorated with the candyland board game and glass lolly pops. The cool rocking horse was borrowed from a crafty friend who runs a local B&B (Victoria's Last Resort
Blake Rocks the Set while under construction.

What a perfect monogrammed gift! (Ribbon and Monogram letter from the dollar store)

 I also made the tree topper with ribbon, colored pipe cleaners, sparkle foam "candy" from Michael's and our Monogram (from a Happy Birthday sign from the dollar store)

Blue Cotton Candy "Flower" in a colored Vintage glass and candy tree ornaments strung on silver sparkle twigs in a colored vase)

 Inflated Candy Balloon, Inflatable pool toy and candyland game board and costume
 A mix of candies and chocolate bars from Canada and the US
LOTS of real candy for the floor, props and inside the spinning ring case that I usually use for Evolution Rewind rings and other vintage jewelry. 

The construction of the set and acquisition of the props took weeks. I was inspired and excited so it was a total joy. I even made a "candy themed" CD of music for shoot day, The wardrobe was a pastel dream of tulle, Vintage bits and a real candy bra!
The confetti seen here was loaded up inside the cards for an extra burst of color to the recipients.

Even out little resident ginger bread man got real Smarties for buttons

I created custom Wonka Bars - download the Wonka Font (FREE) and make the labels in Word. Printed and wrapped a Dairy Milk Bar (purple foil) with our names. .. Even a Hergenroeder Holiday label was made for out candy machine.

 The Wardrobe was comprised of vintage Men's Tuxedo Shirts in a variety of colors ( that matched their Wonka Bars). The tulle skirt (Mint/Pink from Shabby Apple). We had a mix of vintage jewelry and the girls has real candy necklaces in their hair,

Have a peek at all the images, Behind the scenes videos and outtakes. I can't wait to share the 2016/17 Card!

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